Bournemouth Bay Run Paddock Wood HM and Parkruns (100!) with some BAC winners!

Jacek Cieluszecki, winner of Bournemouth Bay HM 2014
Jacek Cieluszecki, winner of Bournemouth Bay HM 2014

Along with Jacek Cieluszecki, who won the Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon on Sunday 30 March 2014, BAC winners were Emma Dews, who won the Bournemouth Bay 10k ladies’ race, and Nikki Sandell, who was first lady at the Bournemouth Parkrun the day before.

At the Bournemouth Parkrun, on Saturday 29 March, Duncan Wells was 3rd overall with, as mentioned, Nikki finishing third lady.  Also competing at Kings Park were Jud Kirk, Paula Kirk and Steve Cox.  Particular congratulations to Steve, as this was his 100th Parkrun, thus qualifying him for the special ‘100 Parkruns’ Jacket – a close-run affair as presentation of these jackets is discontinued as from 1 April!  Paula and Jud are also members of the ‘100 Parkruns’ club.  Meanwhile, in Poole Park, Simon Way, the sole BAC competitor in the Poole Parkrun, was 2nd of a total of 461, 183 having finished at Bournemouth.

The next day was a good one for BAC with winners in both the Mens’ and Ladies’ race in the Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon, as mentioned, Jacek winning the race overall and Emma the first lady by a considerable margin – nine minutes before the 2nd lady.  There were three BAC athletes in the top 10, and five in the top 15 as the results set out below show.  30 minutes before the Half Marathon the Bay 10k set off, and, at the end, as already noted, Gemma was third lady, and 2nd overall was Karl Welch.  On the same day Simon Hearn was flying the BAC flag in Kent completing the Paddock Wood Half Marathon in 1.33.20, 273rd of a total of 2073.

Bay Run Half Marathon results (BAC):

1. Jacek Cieluszecki 1.10.59;  5. Peter Thompson 1.15.40;  8. Toby Chapman 1.17.14;  12. Jez Bragg 1.20.06;  13. Manol Dimotrov 1.21.00;  29. Emma Dews 1.24.26;  30. Billy McGreevy 1.24.31. There were 1328 finishers.

Bay Run 10k results (BAC):

2. Karl Welch 35.15;  37. Gemma Bragg 41.15;  65. Steve Cox 43.04;  40. Simon Hunt 41.23. There were 1225 finishers.

Apologies if anyone has been missed – it would be appreciated if any omissions could be notified to Ian Graham.

Jacek Cieluszecki about to win the Half Marathon
Jacek Cieluszecki about to win the Half Marathon
Gemma Bragg displays her third lady trophy
Gemma Bragg displays her third lady trophy
Simon Hunt, Steve Cox and Gemma Bragg celebrate finishing the 10k
Simon Hunt, Steve Cox and Gemma Bragg celebrate finishing the 10k
Peter Thompson finishes the Half Marathon
Peter Thompson finishes the Half Marathon
Manol Dimitrov finishes the Half Marathon
Manol Dimitrov finishes the Half Marathon
Billy McGreevy finishes the Half Marathon
Billy McGreevy finishes the Half Marathon

Dorset County Track & Field Championships on 24/25 May

The Dorset County Track & Field Championships are being held at Kings Park, Bournemouth on Saturday 24th May and Sunday 25th May. Attached are more details together with entry forms. Please note that the closing date for entries is Friday 9th May.

1 T & F Champs 2014 – Clubs

2 T&F Champs Entry Form 20144 DCAA Champs Poster 2014

3 Multi-entry Form 2014

4 DCAA Champs Poster 2014

50k, 20 mile, 3 x 10k and Parkruns including some winners!

Antonio Ruiz (661) finishes Ciudad Real 10k
Antonio Ruiz (661) finishes Ciudad Real 10k

And the winners are – Steve Way (50k), Caroline Rowley (10k), Jacek Cieluszecki and Rob McTaggart (Parkruns)! And one 2nd (Peter Thompson – 20 miles).

16 March 2014 saw BAC athletes in action around the country and abroad.  At Dunsfold Aerodrome Peter Thompson and Manol Dimitrov competed in the Surrey Spitfire, with Peter finishing 2nd in 2.00.42 and Manol 19th (of a total of 765) in 2.11.53.  Nearer home, Caroline Rowley was the first of 94 ladies to complete the (off-road)Ringwood Rabbit 10k run in a time of 48.39, and in the mens’ race Will Price was 88th of 118 men in 57.56.  On the same day, in Spain, Antonio Ruiz completed the Ciudad Real 10k, 61st of 1800 finishers, with a time of 36.34.

The following Saturday, 22 March, Steve Way continued his build-up to his 100k international in May by winning the New Forest 50k (off-road) in 3.20.47, over 32 minutes before the second athlete to finish.  Steve then went on a 9 mile warm-down!  The fact that 74 completed this race shows that ultra running can’t be considered a minority sport.  Earlier that day Jacek Cieluszecki and Rob McTaggart won the Poole and Bournemouth Parkruns respectively, with Billy McGreevy 3rd at Bournemouth in which Jud Kirk, Simon Hunt, Paula Kirk and Steve Cox also ran.  511 finished at Poole and 191 at Bournemouth.

The next day, 23 March, BAC was represented at the Eastleigh 10k by David Long and Robin Copestick, both of whom had excellent runs.  Of a complete field of 2335, David was a magnificient 26th in 32.28, with Robin not far behind, 62nd in 34.10.

Spring Open – Track timetable

10:00 300mH U17W
10:10 400mH U17M/U20W/U20M/SW/SM
10:15 75m U11
11:00 200m VM/SM/U20M/U17M
11:40 U15B
12:00 U13B
12:20 1500m Graded – 3 races
12:50 100m VM/SM/U20M/U17M
13:10 U15B
13:35 U13B
13:50 400m VM/SM/U20M/U17M
14:05 300m U17W
14:20 600m U11
14:50 110mH U20M
100mH U17M
15:05 3000m All
15:25 80mH U15B
15:30 75mH U15G
15:45 70mH U13G
16:00 800m Graded –

Spring Open Field Timetable

Spring Open – 2014 Timetable

Please read the note below for equipment weight changes for female competitors


Age Group

1000 Hammer


1000 LJ

U13 Boys and Girls

1000 HJ

U15G, U17W, U20W, SW

1100 Triple   Jump


1130 Discus

U13 and U15 Boys and Girls

1130 HJ

U13 Boys and Girls

1130 Shot

U17M, U20M,  SM

1200 LJ

Quad Kids

1215 Javelin

U13 Boys and Girls

1245 Shot

U17W, U20W, SW

1245 LJ

U17M, U20M, SM

1315 Discus

U17M, U20M, SM

1330 HJ

U15B, U17M, U20M, SM

1400 LJ

U17W, U20W, SW

1400 Javelin

U15 Boys and Girls

1430 Discus

U17W, U20W, SW

1430 Shot

U15 Boys and Girls

1500 Javelin

U17, U20 & Senior M & W

1515 LJ

U15 Boys and Girls

1515 Shot

U13 Boys and Girls

1515 Vortex

Quad Kids

Some field event weights are changing in 2014. The following new weights will be used for the age groups specified below. All other weights will be as per 2013 UKA Rule Book.


  • Under 17 Women – 3kg
  • Under 15 Girls – 3kg


  • U17 Women – 3kg


  • U17 Women – 500gm
  • U15 Girls – 500gm

Jez Bragg (Endurance Runner) talks on his Te Araroa Expedition

In February 2013, Jez Bragg, ultra endurance runner and Bournemouth AC athlete, completed the 3,054 km Te Araroa Trail. His journey on foot covered from end to end of both the North and South Islands and included a sea kayak across the notoriously unpredictable Cook Strait. This phenomenal effort only took him 53 days, setting a new record and despite suffering illness part way through.

Photos and video were professionally captured throughout his journey and these will be presented along with his story of the challenge he faced on Friday 2nd May 7:30PM at the Allendale Centre, Wimborne.

See this flyer for ticket information: Allendale_Talk_Flyer_FINAL

Inter-Counties XC, Parkruns, Winter Series, Weymouth Bay 10k – and Two Woman Bobsleigh!

A bit of catching up to do – going back to Saturday 8 March Dorset was well represented at the Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships held at Crofton Park, Birmingham, with BAC athletes contributing to team results in three age categories. In the Senior Mens’ competition Steve Way, Richard Horton and Rob McTaggart were part of the six man team which finished 20th of 32 complete teams – not bad for tiny Dorset competing against, for example, Yorkshire, Scotland West and Scotland East. The Dorset U20 Mens’ team achieved an excellent result, scoring 4th of 27 teams, helped by David Long and Jo Arundel, with Brendan Kirkton also running in this race. The U15 Boys Dorset Team was 24th of 40 complete teams, and running in this race was Seb Hearn.  The U15 Girls Dorset team received a substantial boost from Bridget Dence, finishing 39th of a total of 277, well before any other Dorset runner, whose efforts are nevertheless to be commended, ensuring there was a complete Dorset team, finishing 21st of 40. Well done to everyone who made the long journey to Birmingham to represent their County!
The Bournemouth Parkruns continue to be well supported by BAC athletes, with Robin Copestick winning on 8 March at Kings Park, with Billy McGreevy second and Emma Dews fourth (first lady). Also running were Jud Kirk, Nikki Sandell, Steve Cox, Joe Price, Caroline Rowley and Will Price. The Bournemouth Parkrun is approaching a regular field of 200, with 192 competing on 8 March, and 219 the following week, 15th March, when Emma Dews was again fourth and first lady, closely followed by David Long, with Ian White (very pleased with a Parkrun PB!), Jud and Paula Kirk, Steve Cox and Will Price also running. Meanwhile in Poole Park, BAC had a winner on 8th March, namely Jacek Cieluszecki, with Karl Welch fourth, followed by Simon Munro (14th) and Gemma Bragg (47th). There were 550 finishers, the same number who finished on 15th March, when Simon Way was second with a “massive PB”!                                    The last of the Poole Runners’ Boscombe Pier 5k Series took place on the evening of Friday 14 March and, of a total of 153, 21st was Lawrence Down (18.25), 32nd Jud Kirk (19.07), 48th Steve Cox (20.05), both Jud and Steve running their fastest 5Ks for some time, 64th Joe Price (21.06), rapidly improving after return from injury, and 132nd Will Price in a time of 25.43.
The Weymouth Bay 10k took place on 16th March, with Billy McGreevy reported to be fourth, despite stopping to help another competitor who’d fallen which probably prevented a PB, as Billy’s time was 30 seconds outside his PB. This race appears to be one of a series of 10Ks organised by a promotions company, and may not qualify for inclusion in the Championship Table, but once the results are published this can be clarified, and we’ll know if there were any other BAC athletes taking part.
Finally, not athletics as such but worth a mention – congratulations to Anya Kay who won a Bronze Medal at the British Two-Woman Bobsleigh Championships held at Igls, Austria on 8th March. Anya will be competing at the BAC Open Meeting at Kings Park on 29 March so it will be possible to offer personal congratulations then!

Parkruns home and abroad, Reading and Bath HMs and Marathon abroad (Seville)

Antonio Ruiz wears his BAC vest, with team-mates before running Seville Marathon
Antonio Ruiz wears his BAC vest, with team-mates before running Seville Marathon

572 souls ran the Poole Parkrun on Saturday 1 March, of whom one, Karl Welch, who was fourth, was a BAC athlete. In Bournemouth, the total completing the Parkrun exceeded 200, and in second place the ‘unknown’ is thought to be Emma Dews – perhaps there was a scanning problem at the finish.  (Update about Emma – the results have been amended to show that Emma WAS the second finisher and first lady, running a Parkrun PB and breaking her own course record.  Furthermore Emma was Parkrunner of the Week and there is an article about Emma on the Parkrun website – see and click on ‘News’.)  Also running in Kings Park were Duncan Wells, Roy Long, Ian White, Jud Kirk, Steve Cox, Joe Price, Ian Graham (1st V65 and Parkrun PB!), Paula Kirk and Will Price. Meanwhile, in Denmark, Billy McGreevy was running one of three Parkruns in Copenhagen, finishing 3rd in 17.59 – an appropriate way to celebrate his 50th Parkrun! A Facebook photo of Billy shows him (in his BAC vest) running totally alone, causing some sceptic to query whether there were only four competing! However it can be reported that a total of 67 completed the run.  A Parkrun result missed earlier was the Weymouth Parkrun on Saturday 22 February in which Club Captain Simon Munro was 2nd of 89 competitors.

Nearer to home, the next day, Steve Way continued his 100k training by running the Reading Half Marathon in a time of 1.08.35, consolidating his position at the top of the Championship Table. Steve was 27th of a total field of 14,261.  Also running at Reading were Rob McTaggart, 82nd in 1.13.20, Manol Dimitrov, 250th in 1.20.27 and Toby Chapman, 279th in 1.21.22.  On the same day, Sunday 2 March, three BAC athletes completed the Bath Half Marathon, namely Ian Habgood, 27th of a field of 11,176, in 1.13.23, Simon Way, 69th in 1.17.17 and Graeme Miller, 80th in 1.17.52. Simon‘s time was a PB by over a minute, and propels him to second in the Championship Table.
A week earlier, 23 February, Antonio Ruiz, who contributed so much to BAC last year, competing and coaching, during a stay in Bournemouth from his native Spain, ran an excellent debut marathon in Seville in 2.54.10, quite an achievement.  Antonio wore his BAC vest and says “when I wear this vest I feel full of beans and bring me really nice memories”.