Reports from Hampshire, Canada, Dorset and various Parkruns

News travels slowly from Hampshire! On Sunday 12 July Tony Hunt flew the BAC flag in the Stansted Half Marathon in the Rowlands Castle area of Hampshire, not far north of Portsmouth. This event is a ‘Trail Race’, off-road, and Tony‘s time of 1.44.35 brought him over the line in 23rd position of 133 finishers.

The following week, 19 July, the BAC flag was again being flown, this time much further afield in Canada, where Steve Cox was once again running in the ‘Moose is Loose’ Half Marathon near Edmonton.  Like the Stansted HM, this is a ‘Trail Race’, but there the comparison ends.  Steve was running in temperatures of 20 – 22 degrees over a slow, twisting, lumpy course involving 2500 feet of altitude.  Steve was 2nd in his age group, and 15th overall (of a total of 266), in a time of 1.35.55.  Steve says that his consistent pacing (he went through 5k in 22.39, and halfway in 48 mins) has “raised confidence to beat last year’s 1hr 42 min in the Stur Half“.  Steve‘s Mum also competed in the event, in the 10k walk, and her achievement in winning her age group was only slightly marred by the fact that, due to a computer error, she didn’t receive her award on the day.  Never mind – well done to both Steve and his Mum!

Much nearer to home, Sunday 26 July saw the now annual D’Urberville Dash, another ‘Trail Race’, 10k, starting and finishing at Wool.  Two BAC athletes competed, Paul Hill, 7th (of a total of 220) in 38.35, and Simon Hunt, 23rd (and 1st M60) in 43.15.  Simon‘s wife, Marilyn, also took part, finishing 176th in 59.37.  Another Dorset race, previously overlooked, was the 20k Puddletown Plod on 14 June, which Steve Way comfortably won in 1.09.03.

Numbers finishing the Bournemouth Parkruns are now consistently well over 300, reaching 400+ from time to time.  On 18 July, of 361 finishers, Damian Boyle was 6th, 19th was Jud Kirk and, in a PB time, Joe Price finished 28th.  There was a strong BAC contingent amongst the 322 who finished at Bournemouth on 25 July, a race which was won by Roy Long with a PB time.  Simon Munro, Paul Hill and Damian Boyle finished 4th, 5th and 8th respectively, followed by Jud Kirk, Joe Price, who improved on his PB time of the previous week, Steve Cox and Alison Humphrey.  Meanwhile, over at Poole, of the 597 who finished the Poole Parkrun on 18 July, Graeme Miller was 14th, and of the 631 finishers at Poole on 25 July, Chris O’Brien was 13th.  Andy Gillespie is becoming a regular at the recently launched Salisbury Parkrun, finishing 38th of 177 on 18 July, and 27th of 185 on 25 July.

Upton 2006

The photograph shows the start of a race at Upton (Half Marathon?) in 2006 or 2007.  Number 87 is Andy‘s son, who, at the time, was running 18 minutes for 5k and 38 minutes for 10k, before, unfortunately for athletics, in Andy‘s words, “discovering girls”!  Recognise anyone else in the photo?



SAL (Kingston), YDL (Lower) (Portsmouth and Perrivale) and Wessex YAL (Portsmouth and Aldershot) Updated 25/7/15

13 BAC athletes competed in the SAL Round 4 at Kingston on 4 July, resulting in a 3rd place out of 5 teams on the day.  Taking earlier results into account, when less strong teams have been fielded, BAC now lies, overall, in 16th position of the 20 teams in Division 3SW.  All of our athletes pulled their weight, competing in a number of events, in some cases of completely different disciplines.  Particular congratulations to our winners at Kingston,  namely Jamie Williamson, Cameron Hale, Madeleine Smith, Josh Nevin, Rob McTaggart, Danielle Marshall and Sarah Kearsey, but that is not in any way to take away from the 100% contribution of, and the valuable points earned by, each and every athlete.  Full results can be found at, but here are more details of the events covered by BAC’s athletes:  Jamie Williamson HJ A string (1st – ‘Man of the Match’ award); TJ A  (4): Cameron Hale HJ B (1); DT B (3); JT B (3): Madeleine Smith HJ A (4); LJ A (3); TJ A (1): David Flicos PV A (5); LJ B (4); TJ B (4); SP B (3); HT B (4); 100m B (5): Peter Briant  SP A (3); DT A (3); HT A (3); JT A (5):  Anya Kay SP A (3); DT B (2); 100m A (3): Janet Dickinson SP B (2); DT A (2); HT A (3); JT A (2): Sarah Kearsey JT B (3); 200m A (3); 400mH A (1 – ‘Man of the Match’ award): Dan Gaymor 100m A (3); 200m A (3): Glenn Balfour 200m B (4): Josh Nevin 800m A (1); 1500m A (1): Rob McTaggart 800m B (1); 1500m B (1): Danielle Marshall 100m B (2); 200m B (1); 400m A (3); 400mH B (1).  

The YDL (Lower) fixture, in which BAC competes as a composite team in South/West 1 with Poole Runners and New Forest, was moved on Saturday 18 July to Perrivale as a result of problems with the throwing cage at Hammersmith.   Results are now available at – please see below (after the Portsmouth results) for more information.  The results from the previous round at Portsmouth on 21 June are also available, and show that the composite team, at the end of that fixture, lay in 8th position of the 8 teams in the division. Remember – it’s the taking part which matters, not the winning!!The BAC athletes who competed at Portsmouth were: Harry Grubb U15B 300m A string (7th); 800m A (8); 4 x 100m (3): Jim Dence U15B 80mH A (8); LJ B (5); HJ A (8); 4 x 100m (3); Fraser Spall U15B DT A (2); HT A (7); JT B (4):Tom Farwell U13B 1500m A (4); SP B (5); 4 x 100m (8): Oliver Hassan U13B 75mH A (5); HJ B (4): Connor Leclerq U13B 800m B (5); Lewis Leclerq U13B 1500m B (5): Laureen Sheerin U15G 200m B (8); SP A (8); 4 x 100m (5); 4 x 300m (7): Gemma Kennard U15G 100m A (2); HJ A (3): Isabelle Franklin  U13G 150m B (8); JT B (3); LJ B (3); 4 x 100m (4): Louise Galloway U13G JT A (4); SP B (2): Yasmin Bridet 75m A (4); 70mH A (2); SP A (4); 4 x 100m (4): Poly Yule U13G 70mH B (3); LJ A (4); HJ A (2); 4 x 100 (4): Holly Lowther U13G 4 x 100m (4).  Returning to the fixture at Perrivale, on 18 July the BAC athletes who competed as part of the composite team were: U15B – Fraser Spall DT B (3); HT A (6); JT B (2): U15G – Gemma Kenard 100m A (3): Izzy Wedderburn 100m B (3); LJ B (2); 4x100m (5):  Rebecca Hannibal 200m B (5); SP B (6); 4x100m (5): Holly Lowther 75mH A (1); 4x100m (5): Lauren Sheerin 4x100m (5); 4x300m – according to results Lauren ran legs 1 AND 4 (6): U13G – Poly Yule 70mH A (1); LJ A (3); HJ A (3).  In the match, the composite team was 8th of 8 teams, and, at the end of the season, lies in 8th and last position of the Division.  But it doesn’t matter!!  Hopefully, those young athletes, from BAC and the other clubs enjoyed the competition, which is the main aim, and, as already mentioned, it’s the taking part which counts!

Similarly, the results for the Wessex Young Athletes League fixture at Aldershot on Sunday 19 July are now available at – please see below, after the Portsmouth results, for more details.  The results for the fixture at Portsmouth on 28 June are available, and particular congratulations to Yasmin Bridet, whose 11.3s 70mH equals the League U13G Record – very well done!  There were many wins, from some athletes in a number of events, particularly at the lower age groups, which is very encouraging.  The BAC athletes who competed at Portsmouth on 28 June were: U13 Girls – Yasmin Bridet 100m A string (1st); 70mH A (1 = league record); 4 x 100m (1); SP A (2): Ellie Ward 100m B (1); 200m A (1); 4 x 100 (1); JT B (3): Katie Fry 200m B (2); 4 x 100m (1):  Ruby Bowden 70mH B (1):  Polly Yule 70mH B (1); LJ A (1); HJ A (1): Isabelle Franklin 4 x 100m (1); LJ B (1); HJ B (2); SP B (1); JT A (4): Ria Hartigan DT A (2): Hannah Saunders DT B (2): U15 Girls – Rebecca Hannibal 100m A (1); 200m A (2); 4 x 100m (1); Holly Lowther 100m B (2); 75mH A (1); 4 x 100m (1): Abi Richardson 300m A (2); 800m A (2); HJ A (2); Maeve Bailey 300m A (1); 800m B (1): Laureen Sheerin 4 x 100m (1); LJ B (1); SP A (4); JT B (3): Stephanie Batcheller 4 x 100m (1): Charlotte Quantick LJ A (3): Matilda Simpson SP B (4); DT A (4); JT A (3): U17 Women – Chloe Burrows 100m A (2); 200m A (1): Charlie Sidaway 100m B (1); 200m B (1); 80mH A (1): U13 Boys – Louis Buron 100m A (5); 200m A (5); 4 x 100m (5): Oliver Hassan 100m B (3); 75mH A (2); hjA (3); 4 x 100m (5):  Tom Farwell 1500m A (2): Gil Rees 75mH B (2); 4 x 100m (5); LJ A (5): Tyler Pastecchia 4 x 100m (5); LJ B (6): U15 Boys – Joe Haywood 100m A (4); 4 x 100m (3); LJ B (1): Johannes Elie 100m B (2); 200m A (5); 4 x 100m (3): Jim Dence 300m A (6); 80mH A (3); 4 x 100m (3); HJ A (4): James Newell 800m A (2): Charlie Castro 800m B (1); 4 x 100m (3); LJ A (2); JT B (2): Cameron Cooke SP A (1); DT A (3): Fraser Spall DT B (1); JT A (4): U17 Men – Andrew Speers 100m A (2); 200m A (2): Sebastian Hearn 1500m A (1); Brandon Meredith 1500m B (1). Returning the the fixture at Aldershot, on 19 July, there seem to be difficulties in opening the results from the WYAL website, but they are available on Power of 10, and, from there, the following BAC athletes appear to have competed: U13B – Louis Buron 100m A (5); 200m A (3); LJ A (6): Oliver Hassan 100m B (5); 75mH A (3); HJ A (3): Tom Farwell 100m n/s; 1500m A (4): Conor Charlwood 1500m B (4); SP A (5); JT A (4): there was also 4x100m U13B Relay Team, which finished 5th, but the team members are not specified on Power of 10: U15B – James Newell 300m A (3); LJ A (4): Fraser Spall DT A (4); JT A (1): U17M – Keelan Abley 200m A (5): Brandon Meredith 1500m A (3): Sebastian Hearn 1500m B (1): Jim Dence 80mH A (2); HJ A (3); LJ B (2): U17WCharlotte Sidaway 100m A (2); 200m A (2); 80mH A (1).  It appears from Power of 10 that Samuel Rappoport (U11B) ran three non-scoring events, namely 75mH, in which Samuel was 14th of 45 in a season’s best, 600m (40/45 and PB) and LJ (19/43).  Apologies to Samuel if these were part of the competition and scored points!  The League tables are accessible, and show that BAC, probably fielding its weakest team if the season, finished 5th of 5 teams, but the final League positions are much more encouraging.  Overall, BAC finished 14th of 24 teams, and the age group positions were: U17M 16th of 24, U17W 7/24, U15B 17/24, U15G 11/24,  U13B  21/24, U13G 15/24, U11B 21/24, U11G 24/24.  There were also QuadKids competitions taking place alongside the League, but the results are very difficult to interpret.  However, the final League position of BAC‘s Quadkids was 24/24.  As mentioned before – it’s the taking part which counts!  Well done, particularly, to the U17W and U15G teams for their excellent final League positions, but the main point is that hopefully all our athletes enjoyed participating in the WYAL this summer.

New Forest 10 and Parkrun

(From right to left) Chris O'Brien, Gemma Bragg, Simon Hearn and Heidi Tregenza warm up after a wet and windy New Forest 10
(From right to left) Chris O’Brien, Gemma Bragg, Simon Hearn and Heidi Tregenza warm up after a wet and windy New Forest 10

876 runners completed the New Forest 10 (mile) race on Sunday 12 July, including 7 BAC athletes. Well done to Simon Way and Heidi Tregenza on their second placings as MV40 and SF respectively, and to Heidi and Simon Hearn, who achieved PBs for 10 miles, despite this event counting as a Trail Race as most of the course is off-road. Heidi knocked 10 seconds of her previous PB, and in Simon‘s case the improvement was in excess of one minute.  BAC‘s results were: 14. Simon Way 1.01.06; 42. Heidi Tregenza 1.04.11;  66. Simon Hearn 1.06.10; 68. Chris O’Brien 1.06.28; 132. Joe Price 1.11.26;  139. Gemma Bragg 1.11.39; 704. Will Price 1.40.31.  Here they are finishing………………………….

Simon Way
Simon Way
Heidi Tregenza
Heidi Tregenza
Simon Hearn
Simon Hearn
Chris O'Brien
Chris O’Brien
Joe Price
Joe Price
Gemma Bragg
Gemma Bragg

There was no Parkrun in Bournemouth on 11 July, to make way for the 3,000 or so who chose to be covered in paint for charity, which resulted in greater BAC participation amongst the 726 who completed the Poole Parkrun.  A cluster of our athletes finished 7, 8, 9, and 10, namely Simon Munro, Paul Hill, Graeme Miller and Billy McGreevy.  Nikki Sandell was the second lady to finish, and Jud Kirk, who was very much involved helping in the early days of the Poole Parkrun, transferred to Poole in the absence of a Parkrun in Bournemouth.  Peter Thompson was clearly taking things easy finishing, as he did, more than six minutes over his PB for this course.

BAC’s Men’s BAL Team Make a Statement at Derby

The BAC Men’s BAL team came second in their third round BAL Division 3 match. This superb result against the seven other teams now places them 3rd in the table with one match to go. The team did not let a few late withdrawals and some transport difficulties get in the way of what turned out to be their best result this season so far.

James Lelliott had a superb day covering a maximum allowed seven events. At one time he was competing in three events concurrently and then was immediately a late substitute into the B-String 200m which he won by a country mile in a PB of 22.58s. He had only minutes before thrown a season’s best of 59.00m in the Javelin to win that event too. James had earlier in the day just missed out in winning the LJ (7.04m) and he later anchored the 4x100m squad home to 2nd place in 42.79s along with Muiris Egan, Kevin Hodgson and Ben Arnold – a time less than 0.2s outside of the club record.

Lewis Sainval (U17) who has had a superb season smashing his personal bests in the Dorset County Champs was drafted into the team at late notice to cover the 800m. Lewis bravely attacked the 800m B string and showed pure maturity towards the front of the field for much of the race. His reward was yet another outstanding PB of 1:59.37 to earn valuable points for the team. To finish the day he helped the 4x400m Relay team, along with Muiris Egan, Kevin Hodgson and Karl Welch finish in 4th place in a good time of 3:28.66, with Lewis having taken around 5s off any previously recorded 400m time.

Alex Cox was back on form coming 3rd in the A string High Jump in a superb 2.05m with Jamie Williamson winning the B string with 1.85. Andrew Brown won the B string Javelin in 55.55m with Adam Nash scoring valuable points finishing 3rd in the B string Long Jump.

Dan Brunsden make a welcome return to BAC to score superbly in the heavy throwing events. He won the A string Discus in 41.75 in what proved to be a very slippery throwing circle, causing a fair few difficulties (James Lelliott was 2nd in the B string). Dan then went on to win the Shot Putt by well over a metre in 14.01m.

Back on the track Kevin Hodgson and Ben Arnold scored good points finishing 3rd and 4th in their respective 100m races and it was great to see Nigel Hayman return to score good points in the A string 110mH. Muiris Egan set a new PB in the 400m A string coming 3rd in a time of 49.93s shortly before Kevin Hodgson finished 3rd in the A string 200m in a time of 22.09s.

Another BAL debut was by Josh Nevin who finished 5th in the A string 3000m Steeple Chase in a superb PB of 10:15.15. Roy Long helped earn valuable points in the B race. Josh then joined David Long in the 1500m, with David gaining good points in the A string with 4:04.36

Karl Welch had earlier taken a superb Season’s Best in the A string 800m in a time of 1:55.84 and Peter Mitchell helped gain valuable points in the 110mH, 400mH and TJ

One of the day’s highlights was a showdown between Steve Way and Rob McTaggart in the 5000m. Rob decided to take it out at a good pace whilst Steve decided to start a little more conservatively. As the laps progressed it started to seem that Steve would perhaps catch Rob and it made for an exiting final two laps. Rob held off the challenge however earning a good 4th place in the A string with Steve Way 2nd in the B string.

BAC go into the final match of the season in four weeks time sitting in 3rd place in the division (the top two get promoted). Whilst promotion is still possible it would have to mean a poor result by Bedford contrasted by another superb BAC result to happen. We now know for sure that there is no chance of relegation this season.

Team Manager, Tim Hughes, was once again delighted with the performance of his team. “The performance of the athletes at Derby was outstanding. They really strive for success and because of that they get it. The morale of the team has been very high ever since Match 2 of 2014 when we started believing we could go somewhere – that resulted in promotion into Div 3 where we are now, but the guys want more – and so do I”.

“It just goes to show what can happen when you gather a bunch of committed athletes. We have the depth of athletes to go to higher positions already and I am keen to improve the team in our weaker areas”.

Tim was particularly impressed with some individual performances at Derby “The whole team performed fantastically and it was great to see a number of PBs during the day. Whilst every single person played their part and got those valuable points it’s difficult to single people out. I do however have to especially point out Lewis Sainval who competed in the BAL as an U17 but acted like the more mature athletes he was competing against. His PB in the 800m was superb and well deserved.”

Tim has a key goal for the next match “Whilst promotion is a possibility it would have to take a poor performance by Bedford to allow us to get that. We cannot influence or control what they do, only what we can do.  Myself and the guys want a win at Yeovil – and that’s what we aim to go and do”.

Patrick Sylla leaps to gold at English Schools Finals – 10th-11th July 2015

Patrick Sylla offset some of the disappointment of not making it to the World Junior Championships in Cali, Colombia by jumping to victory in Gateshead on Saturday morning.

Patrick won the Intermediate Boy’s long jump with a jump of 7.12 metres. The commitment needed to reach this level is shown by Patrick and his coach, Zac Kerin, who took to BAC’s long jump pit in the early morning in the run up to the championships. This was due to Patrick’s event being scheduled to take place first thing on the Saturday morning.

Patrick on his way to gold in the long jump
Patrick on his way to gold in the long jump

Although no other BAC athletes won a medal, all finished in the top 10 of their respective events. This reflects well on them and their coaches to be able to perform so well at the very top level in such a huge event. At least two had had injury problems leading up to the competition and had to adjust their training accordingly.

Matthew Ridge came 4th in Senior Boy’s shot with a putt of 14.06m (a little short of his PB of 14.53m).

Danielle Broom in Intermediate Girl’s Hammer successfully negotiated her way through the qualifying round on Friday, coming 2nd in her pool with a throw of 52.54m. In Saturday’s final she came 5th with a throw of 55.26m.

Danielle Broom in action in the hammer circle
Danielle Broom in action in the hammer circle

Angel Kerin, having had to adjust her training due to recent injury, recovered sufficiently to be able to compete and finished a commendable 7th in Senior Girl’s triple jump, with 11.07m, just a little short of her PB.

Angel Kerin in the triple jump
Angel Kerin in the triple jump

Jack Howlett was 8th in Intermediate Boy’s shot with a putt of 12.96m. Jack had also suffered from an injury leading up to the championships, so better luck next year.

Jack competes in the shot
Jack competes in the shot

Ben Dickinson finished 9th in Intermediate Boy’s javelin with a throw of 53.46m.

Madeleine Smith, in her first appearance at the championships, came 10th in Intermediate Girl’s triple jump with 10.78m (a little short of her PB of 11.04m).

Madeleine competes in the triple jump
Madeleine competes in the triple jump

Because Dorset is a small county (population wise), it is classed as a Category C county in English Schools and allowed a maximum of only 25 athletes. Category A (such as Hampshire) counties have 60 athletes, and Category B 50. This limit on the number of competitors means the chance for Dorset to get a relay fairly rare. This year, Dorset had sufficient runners in Intermediate Boy’s to enter a team. Dorset finished 2nd in the final behind West Midlands by just 0.03 seconds, we presume Patrick Sylla formed part of the relay team.

Patrick passes the baton in the IB 4x100m
Patrick passes the baton in the IB 4x100m
The Dorset 4x100m quartet receive their silver medals
The Dorset 4x100m quartet receive their silver medals

The seven BAC athletes will have all contributed to the points with their top 10 finishes counting towards a place in the Category C Counties Cup (at the time of writing, we are unsure how Dorset fared overall). Well done to all!

BAC quartet at Yeovil South West Schools Multi Events

Amelia Dobson, Olivia Galloway, Verity Cowell and Cameron Hale competed in the South West Schools multi events on 27th and 28th June.

Amelia set many PBs (including javelin) in the U15 girl’s pentathlon coming 15th overall, with 2298 points.

Olivia and Verity competed in the U17 women’s heptathlon, being within a centimetre or two of each other in a number of their jumps or throws.

Olivia was just 6 points short of her PB points total, finishing 5th overall with 4105 points. She had PBs in 800m and an outstanding javelin where she came 2nd.

Verity came 13th overall with a PB total of 3,406 points, with PBs in 200m, 80m hurdles, shot and javelin.

Cameron Hale, in his first year at BAC, came 7th overall in the U17 men’s octathlon with a PB of 3,690 points. Cameron had an excellent two days gaining PBs in high jump, long jump, shot, discus and javelin, in which he came 1st.

Their javelin coach, John Hawthorne, must have been very pleased with all 4 gaining javelin PBs. All their club coaches deserve thanks for the time and effort given for coaching the different disciplines over the last year or more.

In addition, Ryan Long, who won U17 men’s octathlon, and Bethan Burley, who came 3rd in U17 women’s heptathlon, train for some of their disciplines at BAC. So credit must go to their coaches who helped them to succeed in this competition.


BAC coach Zac Kerin heads to Cali for U18 World Championships

Zac Kerin is going to Cali, Columbia in South America this week as Horizontal Jumps Coach for the GB & NI team at the 2015 World U18 Championships. Zac will coach 3 GB jumpers who have reached the required standard to be eligible for the championships. The competition will be held at a 38,000 capacity stadium. Zac’s own athlete, Patrick Sylla, was just 2cm short of the required standard in long jump, so missed selection.

Zac’s trip to South America as coach follows last year’s similar role in long and triple jump at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The club congratulates Zac on his selection as coach and wish him a safe and successful trip.

Portland 10, Sway 5, Mt Blanc Marathon, Dolomiti Sky Run and Parkruns

Manol Dimitrov and Toby Chapman in the Alps
Manol Dimitrov and Toby Chapman in the Alps

Congratulations to BAC‘s Ladies’ team for excellent team and individual results in the Portland 10 on Sunday 5 July, despite the heat and the wind, and the tough, hilly course!  Heidi Tregenza finished 1st lady and 33rd overall in 1.08.04, closely followed by Nikki Sandell, 2nd lady, 36th overall in 68.38, and not far behind was Gemma Bragg, finishing 4th lady and 48th overall in a time of 1.12.22.  So, apart from individual honours, Heidi, Nikki and Gemma won both the Open and Dorset Road Race League team races, keeping the League challenge for this year on track.  Well done, ladies!!

Nikki Sandell, Heidi Tregenza and Gemma Bragg, BAC's winning ladies' team in Portland 10
Nikki Sandell, Heidi Tregenza and Gemma Bragg, BAC’s winning ladies’ team in Portland 10

BAC‘s men also kept the League challenge afloat, with Peter Thompson crossing the line in 2nd position, in 57.05, with Graeme Miller 5th in 1.00.47, Paul Hill 7th in 1.02.04, and Simon Way 15th in 1.04.04.  Thank goodness for Dave Parsons, who ensured BAC had a complete League team competing, finishing 79th in 1.18.23.  Poole AC had more depth in this race, and, subject to confirmation, led the League competition on the day, with BAC second.  So the race to the Championship is still BAC‘s to lose, but we cannot relax!  We shall soon be losing Paul, so we will have to field a strong team in the next League race – Sturminster Half Marathon, 2 August.

Chris O'Brien and family at Sway 5
Chris O’Brien and family at Sway 5

BAC athletes were also competing on 5 July in the Sway 5, a multi-terrain race in the New Forest, which is part of the Sway Carnival.  Chris O’Brien was 12th in 33.03, just clipping last year’s time, with Joe Price 21st in 35.00, and Will Price 85th in 52.01.

Manol and Toby enjoying life in Chamonix, France
Manol and Toby enjoying life in Chamonix, France

So to the lead picture, Manol Dimitrov and Toby Chapman competing in the Mt Blanc Marathon on 28 June.  This race starts from Chamonix, France, itself at 1035m, and “climbs steadily”, and, although it presumably comes down again, the course involves climbs +2730m/-1700m.  Of the 2005 competitors who completed the event, Manol was 83rd in 5.11.56, and Toby was 93rd in 5.16.50, so well done!  Toby was actually 2nd in his age category, ‘Espior’, which Toby thinks is U22.  It looks amazing, and great to see the BAC vests in these surroundings, and ‘Bournemouth A C‘ mentioned in the results!

Start line of Dolomiti Sky Run - is that Jacek Cieluszecki with the white hat?
Start line of Dolomiti Sky Run – is that Jacek Cieluszecki with the white hat?

Another BAC venture overseas was the Dolomiti Sky Run, in which Jacek Cieluszecki joined BAC‘s ever growing band of Ultra runners by competing.  All we know is that Jacek was 6th after 41k, but then got lost twice, and missed a sign in the night.  The event is an Ultra Trail in the Italian Dolomites of 130k, with 10.330m positive gradient (that means going up!) and 11,200m negative gradient.

Finally, the Parkruns.  The 4th July saw Bournemouth‘s 100th Parkrun, and Joe Price was delighted with his PB of 20.44, and his 28th position of a total of 417.  There were other notable BAC performances. Paul Dixon-Box finished 3rd, and Damian Boyle was 13th.  In 20th position was Seb Hearn, 1st JM15-17, and well done, too, to Joseph Henwood, 23rd and 2nd JM11-14. Also in the field was Joe‘s Dad, Will, a regular at the Bournemouth Parkrun.  The week before at Bournemouth, on 27 June, Nikki Sandell was the 1st lady, and also competing were Joe Price, Jud Kirk, Abigail Richardson and Will Price.  Of the 544 who finished the Poole Parkrun on 4 July, Ross Smith was 13th, and, on 27 June at Poole, Karl Welch was 2nd and Simon Munro was 7th.  Also ‘running’ was Billy McGreevy, 102nd, and 5 minutes over his PB – there must be some explanation?!

Roy and David Long (3rd and 4th from left) in Bournemouth Parkrun -why aren't they in the results?!!
Roy and David Long (3rd and 4th from left) in Bournemouth Parkrun -why aren’t they in the results?!!