D’Urberville Dash, YDL (Upper) and New Forest 10

BAC's squad in the D'Urberville Dash - Max Catterall, Jud Kirk, Simon Hearn and Joe Price
BAC’s squad in the D’Urberville Dash – Max Catterall, Jud Kirk, Simon Hearn and Joe Price

Of the 294 athletes competing in the D’Urberville Dash, organised by Egdon Heath Harriers, four were wearing the BAC vest, namely Max Catterall, Jud Kirk, Simon Hearn and Joe Price. This event is a 10k race, over forest tracks, heath, paths and some quiet roads, this year run in good weather, starting and finishing at Wool. Max ran an impressive race to finish 10th in 40.22, Jud was 22nd in 41.57, Simon was 22nd in 43.07 and Joe was 70th in 46.24.

Apologies to the four BAC athletes who competed in the New Forest 10 (mile) race on 10 July for the delay in reporting this.  Of the 773 finishers, Gary Woolnough was an impressive 31st in 1.05.03, followed in 115th place by Joe Price, Tony Hunt was 128th in 1.14.33 with Will Price 670th in 1.46.15.

BAC competes in the YDL (Upper) as a composite team with New Forest Juniors in Division SW2. At the final fixture of the season at Portsmouth on 24 July, the BAC/NFJ composite team finished 4th of 6 teams.  The final League positions haven’t yet been published, but it seems likely the composite team will finish 4th (the top two teams are promoted).  William Kearsey reports on the fixture at Portsmouth as follows: 

“There was unfortunately a small turn out by BAC athletes on Sunday 24th July at Portsmouth with no male BAC athletes competing at all.

BAC assisted New Forest Juniors to finish 4th in the final match of the season in the YDL Upper Age Group. The composite team will therefore remain in the bottom league for next year.

Olivia Galloway was possibly BAC‘s best performer on the day. Olivia equalled her PB in U17 80m Hurdles with a time of 11.7 seconds enabling her to win the race. In the 100m Olivia came second in a PB of 12.6 seconds, she won the High Jump with a season’s best of 1.51 meters.

Chloe Burrows was 3rd in the 100m U20 race and 2nd in the 200m. Holly Collier was 2nd in U20 800m and won the 1500m. Angel Kerin was first in the B string U20 Long Jump and first in the U20 Triple Jump. Madeleine Smith was first in the U20 A string Triple Jump and fourth in the Javelin. Sam Cash was fourth in U20 A string Long Jump.

Isabella Shepherd had a good competition with big PB in U17 Shot, coming first as B string with 8.04 meters. Isabella also finished first in B string Discus and second in B string Hammer with a PB of 27.92 meters. Danielle Broom, after a long and busy season, had a quiet day by throwing well below her best. Despite this Danielle won all three of her events in U17 A string Discus, Hammer and Shot. Amelia Dobson won the U17 Long Jump and Triple Jump.

Thanks to the athletes, officials, helpers etc throughout the 2016 YDL Upper season.

New Forest Juniors are keen to continue with the composite team for 2017. Hopefully more BAC athletes will be willing to compete nest year. Reflecting on the remaining in the very bottom league and poor attendance by BAC athletes, are just too many leagues that BAC enter and competitions that some athletes enter individually each year?  On the other hand,  why do some athletes at BAC hardly ever miss a training session week after week but have never or hardly ever competed for the club.”

Patrick Sylla, Danielle Broom and Zac Kerin on International duties, YDL (Lower) at Woking, WYAL on IOW and Dorset Invader Marathon


Zac Kerin with three of his U18 GB team in Georgia
Zac Kerin with three of his U18 GB team in Georgia

This weekend saw two of BAC‘s athletes competing in international fixtures, and one of our coaches at a third.

Congratulations to Patrick Sylla, who qualified to compete in the IAAF World U20 Championships, an amazing achievement in itself.  The Championships are being held in Bydgoszcz (Jacek,how is this pronounced?!), Poland, and are continuing as this is being written.  Patrick jumped on Friday 15 July, the first day of the Championships, but, despite jumping 7.36, his second ever best jump, Patrick didn’t qualify for the final.  However, that takes nothing away from Patrick‘s achievement, of whom we are extremely proud, and, for Patrick, competing in Championships at such a high level – don’t forget, these are WORLD Championships – gives him massive experience in jumping against the best jumpers in the world in his age group.  It’s also nice to know that at least some of the local media are taking an interest in what is going on – an item concerning Patrick was shown on BBC South Today (believed to have been broadcast on Monday 18 July), which was filmed during a training session at Kings Park (and featuring our Coach Tim Ward),and furthermore, Patrick was interviewed at Kings Park last week by a journalist from BBC Radio Solent, and the interview was broadcast on the morning of 19 July.  Well done, Patrick!

Another athlete of whom we are extremely proud is Danielle Broom, who was also competing in an international event over the weekend.  For Danielle, it was SIAB (Schools International Athletic Board) British Schools International at the Julie Rose Stadium , Ashford, on 16 July.  Danielle was throwing the Discus for England, in a competition involving England, Scotland, Wales and IrelandDanielle helped England to a comprehensive win by her throw of 40.93, which was a win in the Discus Throw competition.  It is a measure of how well Danielle performed that, although this throw was the last of her six throws, her second throw of 39.97 would have won the competition!  Danielle has had an exceptional season, with many wins and club records broken, so we wonder what else is to come!

Meanwhile, Zac Kerin was at the European Youth (U18) Championships at Tbilisi, Georgia, as the coach for the GB Horizontal Jumps team.  Zac has been recognised as an international coach for a number of years now, which demonstrates just how lucky we are to have Zac coaching here at BAC.  This was a highly successful Championships for Great Britain, who, at the conclusion of the event on 17 July, led the medals table, and were second in the placings table.  Zac is pictured with three of his athletes, Jude (TJ 15.39m), Eleanour (LJ 6.26m) and Holly (HJ 6.29m).

A successful GB U18 team (Zac Kerin ninth from left on top row) ready to leave Georgia after the European Championships
A successful GB U18 team (Zac Kerin ninth from left on top row) ready to leave Georgia after the European Championships

The final fixture of the Youth Development League (Lower Age Group) took place at Woking on Saturday 16 July.  In this League BAC competes as a composite team with New Forest Juniors in Division South West 2.  At the conclusion of the match, the composite team finished 4th of 6 teams, and, as this was the team’s position in the League before the match, it is likely this will be the finishing position for the season (the League standings following the final match aren’t yet available).  As BAC‘s results show, there were some excellent performances, the problem with obtaining a higher standing in the League is the fact that, with not enough athletes actually competing, it is impossible to fill all the ‘slots’ with the result that many points go begging.  But many congratulations to the athletes who have competed (at Woking many athletes took part in a number of events, and then went on to compete in the WYAL the next day on the Isle of Wight), and many thanks also to the team managers for all their hard work (no team managers – no team!), and also to the BAC officials who have assisted with the running of the fixtures.  The following BAC athletes competed at Woking: U15B: Harry Grubb (100m B String 2nd 13.1; 200m A 1st 26.0; 300m A 3rd; 42.8; 4x100m BAC/NFJ 3rd); Johannes Elie (200m B 1st 26.1; HJ A 3rd 1.55; 4x100m BAC/NFJ 3rd; 4x300m BAC/NFJ 3rd);Tom Farwell (1500m B 1st 5.07.1; 4x300m BAC/NFJ 3rd); Fraser Spall (DT A 4th 23.94; HT A 4th 15.62; JT B 1st 31.49); Jim Dence (LJ B 2nd 4.01; HJ B 3rd 1.35); Joe Hayward (100m A 3rd 13.00; 4x100m BAC/NFJ 3rd); Olly Johnson (80mH A 2nd 16.1; 4×100 BAC/NFJ 3rd; 4×300 BAC/NFJ 3rd): U13B: Samuel Rappoport (100m B 4th 14.7; 200m A 4th 31.8; LJ B 3rd 3.62; 4×100 BAC/NFJ 3rd); Chandler Rees (JT B 2nd 16.64; 75mH A 3rd 16.7; 4×100 BAC/NFJ 3rd): U15G: Rebecca Hannibal (200m A 3rd 27.6; JT B 2nd 18.87); Yasmin Bridet (75mH A 1st 12.0; SP A 1 8.87; LJ A 3rd 4.46); Louise Galloway (75mH B 1st 13.5; JT A 3rd 22.94; SP B 1st 17.50): U13G: Abigail Philips (75mH A 5th 11.3; 150m A 6th 22.9; LJ A 3rd 3.46); Ruby Bowden (800m A 5th 2.52.3; 4x100m BAC/NFJ 4th).

The next day, Sunday 17 July, the final fixture of the Wessex Young Athletes League and QuadKids competition took place at Sandown on the Isle of Wight.  Many of the athletes who had competed the day before at Woking were on the coach at Kings Park at 6.30 am for the journey to the island.  Of the five teams competing, BAC were 5th on the day in both the League and QuadKids.  There were some great performances, but, as in the YDL, the difficulty throughout the season has been in too few athletes competing to fill all the ‘slots’ with the inevitable loss of points.  Overall for the season, BAC finished 21= of 23 teams, although some of the age group final results are a little more promising, particularly for the U17W and U15G.  They are (all of 23 teams): U17M 21st, U17W 12th= (well done!), U15B 18th=, U15G 9th= (well done!), U13B 20th=, U13G 16th=, U11B 19th and U11G 20th. In the QuadKids competition at Sandown BAC was well clear at the bottom, which is hardly surprising as we had only one boy and one girl competing.  So hats off, and congratulations, to Olivia Abel and Oscar MatthewsBAC‘s QuadKids, and let’s hope we can find them some company next season!  In the final QuadKids table, BAC were 20th of 22 teams.  There are some strange entries in the results which need explaining before listing the BAC results.  In the U13B 75mH a BAC athlete appears to have finished 3rd in the A String in 16.00, but is named as “N/A”.  Similarly the U13B BAC team who completed the 4x100m, 2nd in 57.10 is specified “N/A”.  The U13G HJ A String athlete who was 5th with a jump of 1.15, although BAC, is “N/A”.  Also, the 4th athlete of the BAC U15G team which completed the 4x100m isn’t named.  If you are one of these athletes, apologies for not mentioning your name.  We do know, however, that the following BAC athletes competed: U13B: Keon Dzuda (100m A String 2nd 13.90; LJ B 2nd 3.65); Finley Hallett (100m B 2nd 13.60; 200m B 2nd 28.9); Samuel Rappoport (200m A 4th 32.00; LJ A 2nd 4.07); Harry Stocks (800m A 4th 2.46.6); William Batchellier (SP A 4th 4.69; DT A 4th 11.04; JT A 2nd 22.12); Louis Baldry (SP B 3rd 4.17; DT B 3rd 10.49): U15B: Fraser Spall (SP A 2nd 7.65; DT A 2nd 22.96; JT A 1st 33.14): U13G: Amelia Verney (100m A 1st 13.60; 200m B 1st 27.90); Tamika Douch (100m B 2nd 14.40; LJ A 2nd 4.49); Ruby Bowden (200m A 5th 32.20; 800m A 4th 2.59.9): U15G: Rebecca Hannibal (100m A 2nd 13.40; 200m B 2nd 27.60; 4x100m BAC 2nd); Elle Ward (200m A 2nd 27.30; 4x100m BAC 2nd; LJ A  3rd 34.28; SP B 1st 6.57); Louise Galloway (75mH A 3rd 13.30; 4x100m BAC 2nd; SP A 1st 7.43; JT A 2nd 21.06): U17W: Olivia Galloway (80mH A 1st 12.10; SP A 1st 9.51; JT A 1st 31.64); Amelia Dobson (80mH B 1st 15.30; LJ A 1st 4.94; JT B 1st 26.55).  As with the YDL, many thanks to the team managers, without whom there would be no competition, and also to the BAC officials who have assisted at the fixtures.

Anthony Clark on his way to 2nd place in the Dorset Invader Marathon
Anthony Clark on his way to 2nd place in the Dorset Invader Marathon

Finally, well done to Anthony Clark who was second in the Dorset Invader Marathon (actually 27.3 miles) on Sunday 17 July in a time of 3.37.25 – there were 256 finishers.  And this was after winning the Dorset Invader Half Marathon the day before in 1.27.56!  In the Half Marathon there were 414 finishers.  This is Andy Gillespie‘s type of race, and, sure enough, Andy was there in the Marathon Andy finished a highly creditable 67th in 5.02.19, but it might not have been quite so creditable had he accepted the offer of vodka or cider at 22 miles!  This event is described as “hilly 95% trail”.  So, quite a challenge!

Zac Kerin with three of his U18 GB team in Georgia
Zac Kerin with three of his U18 GB team in Georgia


Another win at SAL home match!

The SAL home match on Saturday 9th of July 2016 produced a third win for BAC out of four recent home matches including recent BAL and YDL meetings.

There was a healthy balance of young and more experienced athletes which helped create a great atmosphere throughout the competition.

BAC’s man of the match would go to Rob Mc Taggart, despite disregarding the pre-race tactical advice from Dave Parsons to stick behind him for the first few laps. As it turned out, Tag lapped almost everyone in the field at least once and had an unofficial lap of 63 secs. He also won the 1500m and ran in the 4x400m relay and wisely didn’t enter the steeplechase following his 3000m blast despite the encouragement of his teammates.

Meanwhile, woman of the match would go to Paola King. Paola completed the 1500m steeplechase, coming 2nd and gaining a PB, much to the delight of most the team who had gathered by the water jump. Earlier on in the day, she won the pole vault with a PB, won the B string hammer, came 2nd in the B string shot, and 3rd in B string discus.

Chloe Burrows had a good day, with 1st place and a PB in 100m, 1st place in 200m and 3rd place in the shot, gaining a PB. Meanwhile, Ryan Markham was 1st in 100m and 2nd in 200m with a PB. Andrew Speers was 2nd in both 100m and 200m B races.

Gemma Kennard was 2nd in 100m B and 2nd in high jump, while Jemma Bates was 1st in 200m B. Dave Flicos did his bit for BAC, coming 2nd in pole vault and triple jump B, and 3rd in 400m. Janet Dickinson was 1st in 100m Hurdles B, 2nd in high jump B, 2nd in triple jump, 1st in Hammer and 1st in Javelin B.

Dave Parsons came 3rd in 800m and 3rd in 3000m B string. Mark Annis was 3rd in 800m B. Danielle Marshall was 2nd in 400m B, and won 100m hurdles and 400m hurdles. Abigail Richardson was 3rd in 400m with a PB.

Holly Collier continued to show her competitive spirit, winning both the 800m and 1500m. Meanwhile, Harriet Slade was 1st in B String 800m with a PB, and Poppaea Bramwell-Reeks was 1st in 1500m B String. Brother Harry was 1st in 1500m B String.

Alex Paul-Ajuwape was 2nd in high jump and triple jump, and Rob Woolgare finished 1st in Long Jump, Amelia Dobson also won the women’s long jump with a PB and claimed 1st place in the javelin competition. Sam Cash leapt to first place in the B string long jump.

In the throws, Stephen Dobson was first in the shot. Andrew Sheerin finished 1st in hammer, 2nd in discus and javelin (B string for all). Adam Carpenter won the men’s discus, while. Isabella Shepherd was 3rd in the women’s competition with a PB. Ben Dickinson finished 2nd in javelin. And last but by no means least, Patrick Pepper achieved first place in B string hammer.

Many athletes also competed as non-scorers in the match, and the hard work of our athletes’ scoring performances moved BAC up to 10th place in the league, which is mid-table.

Well done again to the athletes and their coaches, and thank you to the officials and volunteers who helped out at this event.

BAC’s Phoebe Dowson returns to the UK and to form

BAC’s discus thrower, Phoebe, is back home from university in the USA for a summer break until early August.

Phoebe in action at the national championships (Myvision4reel Photography)
Phoebe in action at the national championships (Myvision4reel Photography)

Phoebe is still recovering from a difficult shoulder injury which kept her sidelined for 3 months this year, however, with careful training and rehab, she is fighting her way back towards her previous level.

Notable performances this summer are a silver medal at the U23 UK Champs and a brilliant 4th place at the recent British championships with a season’s best throw of 50.18, only 2m from the podium and a metre from her PB.

Her last remaining event is likely to be the England Athletics/CAU championships at end of July in Bedford, before she returns to the other side of the Atlantic. We wish her the best of luck for this competition.

The results of Phoebe's throws at the British Championships
The results of Phoebe’s throws at the British Championships

Thanks to Paul Dowson for the information provided in this report. We hope to include some more of Phoebe’s performances both in the UK and the USA over the coming months!

BAC’s third Wessex League match

The turnout at the latest Wessex League match on 3rd July was higher than previous matches, particularly in the Quadkids event. However, we are still some way off our limit of ten boys and ten girls in the competition. Well done to Hollie Stonier, Matilde Ward, Olivia Abel, Nathaniel Boot and Oscar Ewen Mathews for their participation at the weekend. We hope you enjoyed the competition, and will compete again in the Isle of Wight. The coach and ferry transport is part for by the club and parents and spectators will only have to pay £8 for the trip; rather a cheap cost for a day out!

Performances by our U17 athletes were as follows:

Andrew Speers – 1st 200m A, 2nd 100m A

Glenn Balfour – 3rd 100m B, 3rd 800m A

Gemma Kennard – 1st High Jump A, 2nd 100m A

Holly Lowther – 4th 200m A

Abigail Richardson – 1st 800m A, 4th 300m A

Olivia Galloway – 1st shot, javelin, 80m hurdles, all A

Isabella Shepard – 1st shot B

Performances by U15s:

George Galpin – 2nd 100m A, 2nd 200m B

Harry Grub – 2nd 200m A, 3rd 300m A

Tom Farwell – 4th 800m A

Olly Johnson – 2nd 80m hurdles A, 3rd long jump A

Fraser Spall – 2nd discus A, 1st javelin B

Samuel Adams – 2ns discus B

Lewis Wyles – 2nd javelin A

Yasmin Bridet – 2nd 100m A, 1st 75m hurdles A, 2nd long jump A

Louise Galloway – 2nd 75m hurdles B, 2nd long jump B, 3rd javelin A

Rebecca Hannbal – 2nd 200m A, 3rd 300m A

Katie Fry – 4th 300m B, 1st javelin B

Maeve Bailey – 2nd 800m A

Laura Reeve – 2nd 800m B

Milly Lynk – 1st long jump A

Katie Buller – 1st long jump B

Lauren Sheerin – 5th discus A

Performances by U13s (some still recorded as A.N. Other at the time of writing):

William Batchellier – 3rd 100m A

Louis Baldry – 3rd discus A, 3rd shot A

Tamika Douch – 2nd 100m A, 1st long jump A

Isabella Franklin – 4th 100m B, 2nd long jump B, 5th javelin A

Ruby Bowden – 5th 800m A, non-scorer 200m

Abigail Phillips – 3rd 800m B

BAC were only able to field 3 out of the 6 relay teams, but overall things seem to be moving in the right direction and hopefully more athletes, with the support of their parents or guardians, will participate in these league competitions.

Apologies for any omissions and thanks as usual to officials, helpers and coaches.

Congratulations to our English Schools Athletes

This weekend saw some of our athletes compete at the English Schools Athletics Finals. This is one of the biggest athletics sporting events in the world in terms of the number of athletes involved. To win an event is one of the greatest achievements a school athlete can realise. Even reaching the finals is a challenge itself in a small county such as Dorset which can only take 25 athletes to the competition.

Danielle Broom won the silver medal in the Intermediate Girls (IG) discus. Although throwing 38.47m is just over 4 metres below her PB, Danielle must be satisfied with just one person finishing above her in such a prestigious competition.

In the Senior Girls (SG) triple jump, Angel Kerin came 5th with a best of 11.15m and Madeleine Smith came 6th with 11.11m. These distances were a little below their PBs but Gateshead is not renown for warm and still conditions conducive to the jumps events. They both finished ahead of their positions in the national rankings this year.

In the IG long jump, Izzy Wedderburn jumped 5.40m, finishing 8th in her qualification round. Unfortunately, this was not enough to progress to the final, but having had a few injuries in the lead up to the competition, this is a very good result for Izzy.

Bridget Dence came 6th in SG 1500m with a time of 4.39.52 mins. This was just short of beating her PB, and like Angel and Madeleine, she was well ahead of her position in the national standings.

Cameron Hale came 7th in Intermediate Boys discus. He too threw below his PB but after his exploits winning the South West Schools Multi-Events Finals last weekend, this is still a fantastic achievement.

Another of our multi-eventers, Olivia Galloway, came 6th in her heat of the IG 80m hurdles. Meanwhile one of our young hurdlers, Yasmin Bridet, also finished 6th in her heat of the Junior Girls 75m hurdles.

A recent newcomer to BAC is Jack Davies, who represented Hampshire in Senior Boys 100m. Jack came 8th in his heat. Jack’s preparation for the competition has been hampered with an injury, so being fit to run in Gateshead is an achievement in itself.

Patrick Sylla, who was selected to compete for Dorset, opted to not compete at English Schools as he has been selected to compete soon at the World Junior Championships in Bydgoszcz in Poland.

Once again, well done again to the eight athletes who competed in Gateshead, and their coaches.

If there are any mistakes or anything missing, please let me know.

Good Luck to our athletes at English Schools

Today sees the athletes selected to represent their respective counties depart for Gateshead for the English Schools Athletics Championships.

BAC's athletes gaining the ESAA standard
BAC’s athletes gaining the ESAA standard

The athletes from Dorset who gained the qualification are:

Yasmin Bridet – 75m Hurdles (Junior)

Olivia Galloway – 80m Hurdles (Inter)

Danielle Broom – Discus (Inter)

Izzy Wedderburn – Long Jump (Inter)

Bridget Dence -1500m (Senior)

Angel Kerin – Triple Jump (Senior)

Madeleine Smith – Triple Jump (Senior)

Cameron Hale – Discus (Inter)


Patrick Sylla – Long Jump (Senior)

The athletes from Hampshire who gained qualification are:

Iona Sheerin – Long Jump Reserve (Inter)

Jack Davies – 100m (Senior)

We wish all those travelling up to Gateshead the best of luck!


British Championships and Regional Schools Multi Events Finals

A number of BAC athletes were in action in Exeter, Lee Valley and Birmingham on the weekend 25th to 26th June.

Many of our athletes travelled to Exeter to compete in the South West Schools Multi Events Finals, and among these, one of the stand out performances came from Cameron Hale. Cameron won the U17 Men’s Octathon competition, gaining a new PB of 4,771 points across the eight events. In spite of this being a seemingly very tiring two days, the finale must have been very tense as his winning margin was just three points!

Cameron achieved a PB, winning the 100m hurdles in 15.19 secs. He also won the discus and javelin events, throwing a distance very close to his PB in each of these. He came 2nd in the high jump and gained another PB in his weaker event, the 400m. He managed to do well enough in the long jump and 1500m to claim first place.

Olivia Galloway came 6th in U17 Women’s Heptathlon with a total of 4,463 points, a new PB. Olivia was consistent throughout the competition, running a SB in the 200m and her weaker event, the 800m. She came 3rd in 80m hurdles, was just 1cm off her PB in high jump, 5th in shot and 2nd in javelin. She also gained a new PB in long jump, leaping to 5.23m, an impressive feat in the middle of seven events.

Amelia Dobson achieved a PB also in U17 Women’s Heptathlon with 3,399 points. Amelia got PBs in 200m, 80m hurdles and high jump. The only down side was the 800m, a distance that, like many other multi-eventers, Amelia does not get on well with.

Louise Galloway, Yasmin Bridet and Pollyanna Yule completed the U15 Girls’ Pentathlon. Yasmin Bridet finished with a total of 2,325 a new PB and Pollyanna Yule had a total of 2,203 points, a little off her PB. Louise Galloway completed her first Pentathlon with a total of 1,969 points.

At the South East Finals at Lee Valley, Iona Sheerin had a challenging weekend of competition, finishing with 3,770 points, only 151 points below her PB.

Meanwhile at the British Championships at Birmingham a number of BAC’s long jumpers were in action. James Lelliott came 6th with a best of 7.42m. Patrick Sylla, aged at least 3 years younger than anyone else in the compeittion, came 13th with a best of 6.99m. Bradley Pickup, a long time regular at King’s Park came 8th with a jump of 7.25m.

BAC success in Round 3 of BAL season at Kings Park(now updated with results)

BAC's winning BAL team after their victory at Kings Park
BAC’s winning BAL team after their victory at Kings Park

BAC‘s British Athletics League team scored a resounding win in the Round 3 match at Kings Park on 2 July, with promotion to Division 2 now within reach. With a similar strong performance at the final match in Yeovil on 6 August, the team would be very unlucky indeed to remain in Division 3. Just what an achievement the Round 3 match result is should not be underestimated. This is the National League, with 4 Divisions, and all 8 teams competing at Kings Park turned up with full squads.

In the League, after Match 3, BAC are third of the eight teams with Newquay & Par AC top and Havering AC second.  It was a true team performance at Kings Park, but congratulations to our athletes who achieved Grade results, particularly James Lelliott, with no fewer than two Grade 1 results, two Grade 2 and one Grade 3, in addition to competing in two further events!  Kevin Hodgson (2 x Grade 2), Andrew Brown (Grade 2) and Scott Rutter (Grade 3) also recorded Graded results.

The full list of BAC‘s heroes at Kings Park is as follows: Nigel Hayman (400mH A String 8th 62.91; 110mH B 4th 16.74); Jamie Williamson (400mH B 8th 86.40; HJ A 5th 1.80); Piers Copeland (800m A 1st 1.56.45); Karl Welch (800m B 2nd 1.58.85; 400m B 8th 57.63); James Lelliott (100m A 2nd 10.90 – Grade 2; 4x100m – BAC 1st; LJ A 1st 7.61 – Grade 1; DT A 4th 39.07 – Grade 3; TJ A 5th 13.87 – Grade 2; JT A 1st 58.25 – Grade 1; SP A 7th 11.61); Kevin Hodgson (100m B 1st 10.98 – Grade 2; 200m A 2nd 21.74 – Grade 2; 4x100m – BAC 1st); Josh King (3000m s/c A 2nd 9.54.39; 4x400m – BAC 5th); Roy Long (3000m s/c B 6th 12.35.65); Adam Carpenter ( 110mH A 3rd 15.74; 4x100m – BAC 1st; PV A 5th 1.00; DT B 3rd 32.60); Lewis Sainval (400m A 5th 52.28; 4x400m – BAC 5th); Jamie Grose (1500m A 2nd 4.06.66; 4x400m – BAC 5th); Rob McTaggart (1500m B 3rd 4.13.98); Scott Rutter (200m B 3rd 22.30 – Grade 3; 4x100m – BAC 1st); Daniel Mulryan (5000m A 3rd 15.51.43); David Long (5000m B 1st 15.59.76); Cameron Hale (4x400m – BAC 5th; PV B 1st 1.00; HJ B 3rd 1.80); Simon Armstrong (HT A 7th 32.69); Andrew Sheerin (HT B 5th 30.30; SP B 6th 10.31); Rob Woolgar (LJ B 4th 6.27); Andrew Brown (JT B 1st 52.54 – Grade 2).

So, congratulations to all the team, and to the Team Manager, Tim Hughes, and thanks also to all the BAC officials, and visiting officials from other clubs, who helped to make the hosting of this fixture by BAC a success.