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Spring Open Field Timetable

Spring Open – 2014 Timetable

Please read the note below for equipment weight changes for female competitors


Age Group

1000 Hammer


1000 LJ

U13 Boys and Girls

1000 HJ

U15G, U17W, U20W, SW

1100 Triple   Jump


1130 Discus

U13 and U15 Boys and Girls

1130 HJ

U13 Boys and Girls

1130 Shot

U17M, U20M,  SM

1200 LJ

Quad Kids

1215 Javelin

U13 Boys and Girls

1245 Shot

U17W, U20W, SW

1245 LJ

U17M, U20M, SM

1315 Discus

U17M, U20M, SM

1330 HJ

U15B, U17M, U20M, SM

1400 LJ

U17W, U20W, SW

1400 Javelin

U15 Boys and Girls

1430 Discus

U17W, U20W, SW

1430 Shot

U15 Boys and Girls

1500 Javelin

U17, U20 & Senior M & W

1515 LJ

U15 Boys and Girls

1515 Shot

U13 Boys and Girls

1515 Vortex

Quad Kids

Some field event weights are changing in 2014. The following new weights will be used for the age groups specified below. All other weights will be as per 2013 UKA Rule Book.


  • Under 17 Women – 3kg
  • Under 15 Girls – 3kg


  • U17 Women – 3kg


  • U17 Women – 500gm
  • U15 Girls – 500gm


Membership – Just a short note to thank all those members who have renewed their membership which was due on 1st January. Can I remind all other members that their fees are now overdue and should be paid as soon as possible. Application Forms are available from the office at Kings Park Athletics Stadium or can be downloaded from the website. I would just mention that the Club will only pay the England Athletics Fee for those who have paid their membership. Those who have not done so will not be eligible for selection for the Club for the coming season. If there are any queries regarding membership, they can be passed to me either by emailing the Club or by leaving a message at the office.

Dave Parsons – Membership Secretary