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Bournemouth Bay Run, Brighton 10k, Parkruns and a brush with the famous!

Mo Farah is privileged to meet Tim Dence at Seattle Airport
Mo Farah is privileged to meet Tim Dence at Seattle Airport

Tim Dence travels the world with his work, and no doubt has much contact with the rich and famous, but who better to meet than the one and only Mo Farah! This happened recently at Seattle Airport as the photograph shows. Who knows what sprinkling of stardust might follow!

12 April 2015 saw large-scale events at both Bournemouth and Brighton.  The Bournemouth Bay Run Half Marathon attracted a total of 1168 finishers, amongst whom were three of BAC‘s athletes, all with excellent runs.  Anthony Clark was 4th in 1.18.02, Manol Dimitrov 9th in 1.19.16 and Ben Walliman was 45th in 1.30.06. Unfortunately, a marshalling error meant that the first 200 or so runners in the 10k race ran an extra 3k, and therefore no results for this race have been published.  Also, no results appear to have been published for the 1k and 5k races, so apologies to any BAC athletes who competed in these for the lack of any credit here.

Meanwhile, in Brighton, one of the races was also a 10k, which did go according to plan, and, of a total field of 1955, Chris O’Brien, our Web Administrator, ran a PB in 39.39, very encouraging considering Chris has only recently returned to running after a lengthy spell of injury.

Another BAC athlete returning from injury is Jacek Cieluszecki, so it was very pleasing to see that Jacek won the Poole Parkrun the day before, Saturday 11 April, with Billy McGreevy finishing 4th and Simon Way 5th of a total of 512.  Of the 216 competitors in the Bournemouth Parkrun that day, the three BAC athletes were Jud Kirk, Steve Cox and Will Price.

Guernsey Easter Races

(Dave Parsons reports……………………….)

Club President achieves ‘clean sweep’ at Guernsey Easter Races

Two of BAC’s senior runners, Club President Ian Graham and Dave Parsons made their annual journey to Guernsey this Easter to compete in the traditional Guernsey Easter Runs which consist of four races in four days totalling the Marathon distance of 26 miles. Both were hopeful of good performances as training had gone fairly well.

Good Friday 3rd April – 10k road race

The day dawned wet and windy and was far from promising. However, by the time the runners were beginning to assemble, the rain had cleared and it was just the prospect of running into a tough headwind on the second half of the course that was somewhat daunting.

There was time for the usual practice of finding out just who else was there and trying to establish what sort of form they might be in. The likely challengers to Ian and Dave for the V60 category appeared to be Martin Miller (Hercules Wimbledon/Chichester Runners) and local Guernsey ‘legend’ Brian Holden. However, there is nearly always someone who isn’t known or recognised who is about to spoil the party as they found out last year.

At the gun, Dave went out hard and it took Ian a little while to catch up but once he had done so, he gradually pulled away and by the time they reached the half way point just before turning back towards the finish, he was well clear. Although the wind on the way back wasn’t quite as bad as anticipated, everybody’s times were affected, even the leaders. Local star Lee Merrien was a comfortable winner of the race and the first lady, again by a clear margin, was international runner Helen Clitheroe in 31:37 and 35:19 respectively. Ian finished strongly in 44:28 (70th) and Dave over a minute behind in 45:48 (84th). When the results were first published, they were shown as 1st and 2nd V60, however, they were subsequently corrected when an error was found as a runner from St Edmund Pacers, Steve Rue appeared in 77th place with 44:47. Nevertheless a very satisfactory start with Martin and Brian well behind!

Ian approaching the finish of the 10k




Dave approaching the finish of the 10k


Sunday 4th April – Keith Falla Memorial Cross Country – ‘the full course’

This race is run in memory of Guernsey & BAC runner Keith Falla who was sadly killed when hit by a car when training in New Zealand. This year is the 40th anniversary of the accident and it was fitting that Keith’s widow, Caroline Marler (also ex BAC) was there not only as starter for the race but also to participate.

After his disappointing 10k the day before, Martin Miller made a more positive start. The first mile or so is on true cross country terrain of uneven ‘clumpy’ grass followed by some rolling hills with many rabbit holes to safely negotiate. On this part of the course, Ian was finding it hard to stay with Martin and Dave had already quickly fallen back from them both. When the course changed to gravel and grass paths, Ian was soon able to catch and pass Martin and he continued to pull away finishing almost a minute clear in 46th place in a time of 35:00. Martin and Dave were both overtaken by Steven Rue who was 2nd V60 to finish with Martin 3rd (35:58) and Dave 4th in 36:58 (53rd overall).

Monday 5th April – Stonecrusher 4 x 2 mile cross country relay

For those travelling without a full four person team, other runners are found/adopted to make up teams for this relay. Ian and Dave, running as relay team ‘Scott Free’ with reference to the absent Geoff Scott who was busy elsewhere starting his long distance Coast Path walk from Minehead to Shell Bay, teamed up with two Welsh ladies who were staying in the same hotel, Angela Jones and Dawn Lee. Angela is a top class Welsh triathlete and personal trainer and Dawn is a swimming instructor who in June of this year is due to attempt to swim the English Channel (we wish her every success).

Ian was quite rightly nominated as the first leg runner and with Martin and Steve both also running the first leg for their respective teams, we were in for a tight battle of the V60’s on that leg. There are several opportunities to see the runners on each leg and when they first came into sight, Martin was leading this V60 group with Ian right behind and Steve just a few yards further back. When they next came into view Martin was still just ahead of Ian and Steve had dropped back a bit. Ian later said that he was just beginning to think he would have to let Martin go when, on the second half of the course, Martin began to slow and Ian forged ahead and finished in 20th place in 14:54 (fastest V60 for the day) with Steven following in 15:04 and Martin 15:10.

Dave (who confesses to hating this race) took over on the second leg and managed to gain one place to hand over in 19th place with a time of 15:48 (40 seconds quicker than last year). Angela ran a terrific 3rd leg storming past a number of runners and was eventually credited with a time of 13:07 moving us up to 15th position. (She was eventually to complete the weekend as 3rd lady overall – a terrific performance for a 49 year old!!). Dawn was just looking to complete the course in under 30 minutes as she doesn’t profess to be a runner. The rest of the team positioned themselves strategically around the course to give her every encouragement. She came home smiling broadly in a time of 23:01 with the team finishing 24th – a very good team effort.

Team ‘Scott Free’ before Left to right Ian Graham, Angela Jones, Dawn Lee and Dave Parsons


Team ‘Scott Free’ after Left to right Ian Graham, Angela Jones, Dawn Lee and Dave Parsons
Team ‘Scott Free’ after
Left to right Ian Graham, Angela Jones, Dawn Lee and Dave Parsons
Ian tracking Martin Miller
Ian tracking Martin Miller
Dave passing the ‘stonecrusher’
Dave passing the ‘stonecrusher’
Angela storming past
Angela storming past
Dawn on her way with Ian encouraging in the background
Dawn on her way with Ian encouraging in the background


Easter Monday – 6th April Half Marathon

The weather for the final race was pleasant but with a brisk cool wind from the North East which would hopefully be a help on the way back to the finish at St Peter Port. Ian was well clear in the battle of the V60’s with Dave just in second, 8 places ahead of Martin. Steve was not competing in this final race so all that was needed to complete a BAC 1 – 2 was for Ian to finish without falling over and Dave to be no more than seven places behind Martin.

Then just before the start, we saw that Bill Adams from the Shetland Isles was there for this final event so Ian would have a fight on his hands to achieve the desired clean sweep.

Dave is usually very strong on this his favoured event, however, this time, Ian began to pull clear early on and Dave was finding it really tough to maintain any reasonable pace. Bill Adams also soon passed him and set off in pursuit of Ian. At the half way point, Ian began the long return journey and was startled to see that Bill was quite close to him and this forced him to push on as hard as possible. Not wanting to look back at any point, he just kept pushing all the way to the finish. Despite the hope that the wind would help on the way back, he was disappointed to find that for the most part, it still seemed to be a headwind! Ian was rewarded with the excellent time in the conditions of 1:37:47 in 48th place. It was almost 6 minutes before Bill came in 66th in 1:43:42.

Dave who, at one point, was overtaken by Martin, managed to keep going well over the last half of the race and finished just two places behind Bill in 1:44:22 for 3rd V60 on the day and to clinch 2nd V60 for the weekend.

Ian finishing the Half Marathon in splendid isolation!
Ian finishing the Half Marathon in splendid isolation!


Dave finishing the Half Marathon in splendid isolation!
Dave finishing the Half Marathon also in splendid isolation!


And so to the Presentation which was held outside on the sun terrace at one of the Cliff-top Hotels in Guernsey and Ian was justly rewarded for his efforts with all four V60 prizes.

President Ian receiving one of his prizes from Guernsey IAAC President Alan
President Ian receiving one of his prizes from Guernsey IAAC President Alan


All in all, it was a very successful and enjoyable weekend. Here’s to 2016 when perhaps some other BAC runners might join us!!



Rotary Quarter Half Marathon and Parkruns


Paul Hill finds timekeeping at the Bournemouth Parkrun "harder than it looks"
Paul Hill finds timekeeping at the Bournemouth Parkrun “harder than it looks”

There is always plenty going on over the Easter holiday, only one of which is the Rotary Quarter Marathon, held this year as usual on Easter Saturday, 4 April, with the result that there was a weakened BAC presence in this, the fourth fixture of the Dorset Road Race League for 2015. Well done to the Ladies, though, who fielded a complete team, led by Nikki Sandell (42.33 and 3rd FV35), 46th overall, and to Paul Dixon-Box (38.40) and Robin Copestick (39.20), 8th and 13th respectively of a total of 376 finishers.  The Ladies’ team was completed by Caroline Rowley, 135th in 48.21, and Louise Price, 170th in 50.37, with Steve Cox running well to finish 81st in 45.42.  With only three BAC men competing, the Mens’ Team were the 7th League team, and the Ladies 4th.  The next League fixture is the North Dorset Village Marathon on 3 May, in which, traditionally, BAC hasn’t always been as strong in depth as some of the other League clubs, but there is still plenty of time to recover after that!

Meanwhile, at the Bournemouth Parkrun, Jud Kirk, Ian White, Joe Price, Will Price and Sam Laws were amongst the 360 finishers, and there is no error, Paul Hill didn’t finish 2nd, in fact, Paul was timekeeping, finding it “harder than it looks”!  At Poole, George Way continued his regular appearance, finishing 25th of an astonishing total of 747.

Steve Way and Jemma Bates elected to Life Membership, Jurassic Coast Challenge, Yeovil HM and Parkruns

Jemma Bates was one of the National Officials helping to ensure the success of the London 2012 Olympics
Jemma Bates was one of the National Officials helping to ensure the success of the London 2012 Olympics

At the Annual General Meeting of BAC at Kings Park on 19 March, Steve Way and Jemma Bates were proposed for Life Membership, a proposal which was approved unanimously.
Although Steve has been a member of the club for just a few years, in that time he has done much to raise BAC‘s focus. His rise from a 15 stone smoking jogger to one of the country’s leading athletes has been well documented. Steve first came to national notice in the 2014 London Marathon, approaching the line in 15th position, and having all the commentators scrambling around their notes to find out who this was! Then, of course, later that year, Steve led the England team home in the Commonwealth Games Marathon in Glasgow, breaking the previous V40 British marathon record, which had stood for many, many years, later to be interviewed live on BBC television by no less than Gary Lineker and Clare Balding. Steve‘s achievements at Ultra Distance have been even more remarkable, achieving World Champion status over 50k in 2012, and, in 2013, becoming the fastest man on the planet over 100k in a race in Sweden, in a time which has yet to be bettered. Steve represented England once more in 2014 in the Anglo-Celtic Plate 100k, a race which he won. However, despite all this national recognition, Steve has remained firmly with BAC, encouraging, supporting and inspiring its members in their training and competition and his Life Membership is well deserved.

Steve Way, fastest man on the planet over 100k!
Steve Way, fastest man on the planet over 100k!

Jemma Bates is another BAC member who has achieved national recognition, and is a highly qualified official, who is invited to the top fixtures all over the country, including, no less, the London 2012 Olympic Games, and Anniversary Games at the Olympic Stadium a year later. Not only is Jemma a qualified official, she has also gained qualification as a full Athletics Coach, which is put to good use, not least week after week at the Junior Development Evenings each Wednesday. If justification were needed for the notification of Jemma‘s Life Membership on the ‘Road/XC’ page of the website, it is that, in earlier days of her membership, Jemma was a regular competitor, not only on the track, but could often be seen as the sole BAC lady running in the Hampshire Cross Country League fixtures. Jemma, like Steve, has done a great deal to raise the profile of BAC and her Life Membership is also very well deserved.
Meanwhile, competition goes on! Over the weekend 20/21/22 Andy Gillespie took part in the Jurassic Coastal Challenge, 3 full (or longer) marathons over three days over the rolling ‘mountains’ of Dorset, along gravel beaches, through mud, etc. Luckily, the weather was good, and Andy finished 40th of the 135 who completed the three days. 90 seconds less and he would have been three places higher! As Andy says: “On to the flat course in London now”!
On 29th March, Rob McTaggart won the Yeovil Half Marathon in 1.14.13. Although pleased with his win, Rob isn’t so sure about his time, but it was a very windy day. Luckily, there was no team competition at stake, as Rob had apparently forgotten to take his BAC vest!  There were over 1,000 finishers.
The day before, BAC had another winner, namely Paul Hill in the Bournemouth Parkrun, for the second week running. Is Paul exchanging his continuous second places for continuous wins?! Also amongst the 294 finishers at Bournemouth were Tony Hunt, Steve Cox and Jud Kirk. Over at Poole, of the 616 finishers in the Poole Parkrun, Billy McGreevy was 5th, and George Way 26th. Also competing was Helen Ambrosen, getting back now into more regular running, but as Helen‘s time was 2 minutes or so over her PB, perhaps not yet back to full fitness.

Boscombe Pier 5k, Silverstone Half Marathon and Parkruns

The final Boscombe Pier 5k of the winter, organised by Poole Runners, took place on Friday evening 13 March 2015. It certainly wasn’t bad luck for the three BAC athletes taking part, all of whom were winners. The overall winner was David Long, who completed the course in 16.13, and the winner of the ladies’ race (8th overall) was Heidi Tregenza, 18.12. In 26th place, and 1st 50-54, was Simon Hunt, 20.24. The only BAC award for the entire series was Paul Hill, who was 2nd in the M 20-39 category.

The next day, Saturday 14 March, there were so many PBs in Kings Park that questions were raised as to the shortness of the course! (Only joking – it was the same course as always!)  However, what was perfectly normal was that Paul Hill was 2nd in the Bournemouth Parkrun (in a PB, naturally ), behind Ian Harding, of Morpeth Harriers, who just managed to scrape in in under 16 minutes – 15.59 to be precise.  Other BAC athletes competing were Steve Cox, Alison Humphrey, Ian Graham (PB), Billy McGreevy (accompanying his brother, so definitely not a PB!) and Will Price.  A total of 358 finished.  In the Poole Parkrun, BAC‘s only representative was George Way, 16th of 539 finishers.

The following day, Andy Gillespie wore the only BAC vest to be seen in the Silverstone Half Marathon, which Andy completed in 1.39.04, 842nd of 6656 finishers.  Andy says of the race “my time was about right for my aims at VLM of as close to 3.30 as possible, or better!  My pace was up on the Lytchett so I am happy with progress.  It was a very cold windy race!”

Jon Sharkey selected for England, Salisbury 10, Boscombe Pier 5k and Parkruns


Jon Sharkey is selected again for his country
Jon Sharkey is selected again for his country

Many congratulations to Jon Sharkey, who has again been selected to be part of the Anglo-Celtic Plate 100k Home International, which will take place at Redwick, near Newport, South Wales on 21st May 2015. Following a transition to Ultra Running in 2013, and running a qualifying 50k race in Newcastle with little specific training, Jon was selected to run for his country in this event last year, in which Jon and Steve Way made up 40% of the entire England team (of 5), England were the winners (wouldn’t it be nice if our international cricketers could say that?!), and Steve the overall winner of the race. So Jon undoubtedly deserves his selection, and we wish him the best of luck with the training and in the event itself.

Jon Sharkey enjoys a rest from athletics - but is this the best way to prepare for the Anglo-Celtic Plate?!
Jon Sharkey enjoys a rest from athletics – but is this the best way to prepare for the Anglo-Celtic Plate?!

On Sunday 8 March, two BAC athletes competed in the Salisbury 10 mile race.  Simon Hunt finished 129th in a time of 1.08.04, a performance which placed him as 2nd V60 in the race, and 2nd in the 10 mile Club Championship table.  Not far behind Simon was Janie Chapman, 170th in 1.10.40, and 3rd F45.  There was a total of 697 finishers

Belatedly, we report on the last Boscombe Pier 5k Time Trial, organised by Poole Runners, held on Friday 20 February.  Josh Cole, who was to go on to win the revived Bournemouth 10 mile race on 1 March, won this event in 16.24.  Other BAC results were 4th Simon Munro, 17.02, 6th Paul Hill, 17.51, 15th Ben Walliman, 18.34 and 92nd Laura Niblett, 26.22.

Of course, there are Parkruns every week.  Paul Hill continues with his 2nd placing which occurred at Bournemouth on 28 February and 7 March.  Does he do this on purpose?  At least Paul ran a PB on 7 March.  Heidi Tregenza was the first lady at Bournemouth on both these dates, also running a PB on 7 March.  Paul and Heidi were joined on 28 February by Jud Kirk and Will Price, and on 7 March by Jud, Steve Cox, Paul Consani, Joe Price, Dave Parsons (equalling his PB), Ian White and Will.  Meanwhile, at Poole, Peter Thompson was the winner on 28 February, and George Way ran on both 28 February and 7 March, running within 4/5 seconds of his PB on both occasions.  The winner at the Blandford Parkrun on 28 February was David Long, running there for the first time, and on 7 March at Blandford, another of their first-timers, Anthony Clark, was second, with Jez Bragg third.

Bournemouth 10 and Bath Half Marathon


Paul Hill about to finish fifth, and to complete BAC's winning mens' team in the revived Bournemouth 10
Paul Hill about to finish fifth, and to complete BAC’s winning mens’ team in the revived Bournemouth 10

Well, we did it!! It’s been a long time since BAC organised a road race, and, if we were going to do so again, the obvious choice would be to bring back the Bournemouth 10 mile road race which was organised for almost 20 years by the late (but certainly not forgotten) Brian James. It was going to be a challenge to meet the standards set in those days for this race, and standards set today by the clubs who organise really excellent road races in this area (and, no doubt, elsewhere!). We did our best, it seemed to work, and the feedback we have received has been positive. So, congratulations to Ian White and Dave Parsons, as Race Directors, and the members of the organising committee, Sam Laws, Richard Nelson, Steve Cox and Ian Graham. Many thanks to all the people who turned out to marshal, and to act as officials, without whom none of it would have happened, and many thanks also, to the Dorset ACF, who came along with a squad of nearly 30 Army Cadets, and their supporting adults, and efficiently manned the water stations, and helped with the marshalling, and with their enthusiasm added a great deal to the day. Thanks, too, to SweatShop and Lush for their support.  And, of course, not forgetting to thank the runners themselves for supporting BAC‘s new venture. We also had some runners ourselves in the race! In fact, BAC took the winning and second positions with Josh Cole and Jacek Cieluszecki respectively who, along with Paul Hill, won the Mens‘ team prize. In addition, Jon Sharkey acted as a 70 minute pacer, a feature which we would like to develop in future years.  The likelihood is that the race will be back next year, when hopefully there won’t be any works going on (as happened this year at Bournemouth Pier) making it impossible to follow exactly the original course, and perhaps without the strong wind which made the second half of the race such a battle!

Results (BAC): 1. Josh Cole 57.35;  2. Jacek Cieluszecki 57.57;  5. Paul Hill 1.00.37;  6. Manol Dimitrov 1.01.10;  13. Ben Walliman 1.05.24;  15. Paul Consani 1.06.06;  32. Tony Hunt 1.09.33;  38. Pat Robbins 1.15.56.  There were 220 finishers (full results available elsewhere on this website).

The same day, three BAC athletes were part of the astonishing total of 11,589 who completed the Bath Half Marathon.  Anthony Clark led home the BAC squad in an excellent 43rd position, in 1.14.08.  Anthony was followed shortly by Simon Way, 93rd in 1.17.54, and Sanjai Sharma was 381st in 1.26.44.

Lytchett 10, Bramley 20, Wokingham Half and Parkruns

Toby Chapman and Jacek Cieluszecki start the Lytchett 10 with Paul Hill following
Toby Chapman and Jacek Cieluszecki start the Lytchett 10 with Paul Hill following

A race clash and injury led to a weakened mens’ team competing at the third Dorset Road Race League event, the Lytchett 10 mile race on Sunday 15 February, but, despite this, the Open Mens’ Team prize went to BAC, thanks to very strong runs by Jacek Cieluszecki, Toby Chapman (who were 2nd and third overall respectively) and Paul Hill, who simply goes from strength to strength. It was very pleasing to see Jacek (who had run five miles from home to the race beforehand, and ran the five miles home afterwards!) in such good form after injury, and thanks are due to Toby, who travelled a considerable distance to compete. Excellent runs by Paul Dixon-Box and Ben Walliman (both recent and very welcome signings) ensured that BAC is still in the hunt in the League, though, subject to confirmation, our mens’ League team is likely to have been third at Lytchett.  Unfortunately, Heidi Tregenza felt a calf injury coming on in the early stages of the race and, very sensibly, retired, leaving Nikki Sandell and Caroline Rowley as the only two BAC ladies in the race, but Nikki did leave with the prize for the 2nd lady (and was the 1st FV).  So not too bad a day for BAC.

Results (BAC): 2. Jacek Cieluszecki 54.54;  3. Toby Chapman 55.15; 6. Paul Hill 57.57;  25. Paul Dixon-Box 1.01.58;  47. Ben Walliman 1.04.36;  51. Nikki Sandell 1.05.36;  57. Paul Consani 1.05.55;  66. Richard Nelson 1.07.17;  76. Jud Kirk 1.08.22;  90. Steve Cox 1.09.24;  107. Tony Hunt 1.11.19;  141. Caroline Rowley 1.14.51;  143. Ian Graham 1.15.02;  161. Andy Gillespie 1.16.56;  164. Dave Parsons 1.17.12.  There were 423 finishers.

Jez Bragg, Graeme Miller and Anthony Clark, 2nd team at Bramley 20
Jez Bragg, Graeme Miller and Anthony Clark, 2nd team at Bramley 20

Meanwhile, another BAC team was collecting honours at the Bramley 20 mile race, where Jez Bragg, Graeme Miller and Anthony Clark won the prize for the second team.  At the time of writing, the full results for the race haven’t been published, but the team believe their total time is a “smidgen under 6 hours”.

The previous week, 8 February, BAC was represented in the Wokingham Half Marathon by Peter Thompson, who ran in 1.12.15, Graeme Miller (1.15.38), Manol Dimitrov (1.15.58) and Sanjai Sharma (1.26.13).

The Club Championship Tables have now been brought up to date with the Lytchett and Wokingham races.

Of course, the Parkruns continue apace.  Paul Hill was again 2nd at the Bournemouth Parkrun on 7 February, and was joined amongst the 309 who competed the course by Jud Kirk, Steve Cox, Josephine Baldry (age category JW11-14) and Will Price.  The following week, Paul was yet again 2nd, this time to an ‘unknown’ who was, in fact, Josh Cole, whose intention in visiting Kings Park had been to undertake a track session, but decided it would be a good idea to compete when he realised the Parkrun was about to get under way.  319 completed the course that day, 14 February, amongst whom were Sebastian Hearn, Tony Hunt, Billy McGreevy (running 8 minutes over his PB!) and Josephine Baldry.  Meanwhile, at Poole on 7 February, Billy McGreevy was the only BAC representative amongst the 569 participants, and on 14 February, it was good to see Helen Ambrosen competing again, the only BAC athlete in a total of 566.

Rumour has it that Jon Sharkey ran an off-road marathon on 14 February – any details, anyone?

Blackmore Vale Half Marathon + parkruns + thanks to Sam Munro for her work for DRRL

Sam Munro with a bouquet presented as thanks for her hard work for the DRRL, with husband Simon, who no doubt assisted from time to time
Sam Munro with a bouquet presented as thanks for her hard work for the DRRL, with husband Simon, who no doubt assisted from time to time
BAC Attack!
BAC Attack!
Nice socks, Steve....
Nice socks, Steve….

(Paul Hill reports…….)

We came. We saw. We conquered. We got the t-shirt. Blackmore Vale Half Marathon, done. Lead by our fearless Alexander The Great (Steve Way), the BAC Army left a trail of yellow and blue everywhere. Blackmoor Vale well and truly received the all famous ‘BAC Attack!’. On what was a very enjoyable course Steve Way came home with 1st male and Heidi Tregenza claimed 1st lady (quite a collection she is getting now. Hope she knows how to put a good shelf or two up…).

Mens: After Steve Way’s number 1 finish, Jon Sharkey brought home the bacon in 3rd, followed very swifty by Josh Cole in 4th and new boy Anthony Clark in a PB 5th position. The DRRL team was wrapped up by Paul Hill who was followed very closely in by Simon Munro (clearly resting for this weekends XC!), Pat Robbins (sporting a very fashionable string vest), Paul Chapman (9 seconds of a PB), Billy McGreevy (wrapping up 9 BAC in top 20). Steve Cox claimed a PB coming in a little over 95 minutes. Ian Graham ran in the 5 mile race and finished a very respectable 5th. Someone likes the number 5….

The three musketeers...
The three musketeers…
Steve Way. 1st male and Adidas fan.
Steve Way. 1st male and Adidas fan.
Jon Sharkey. 3rd male.
Jon Sharkey. 3rd male.

Women: Can anyone stop Heidi Tregenza at the moment? Another weekend. Another 1st. Where do all the trophies go? Nikki Sandell surprised everyone by attempting to move a bed that didn’t need moving and putting her back out. But then she surprised us even more by finished 3rd with the same bad back. Maybe I should try putting my back out more often? Caroline Rowley ran a very solid and calculated race to wrap up BAC’s 3rd female runner and claim the DRRL win. We also had Louise Price make the trip and run a PB. Normally Louise likes the muddy Cross Country action, but this PB might see her branch more to road races. Watch this space…

Heidi, Nikki and Caroline claiming the women's team win.
Heidi, Nikki and Caroline claiming the women’s team win.
Heidi. First lady.
Heidi. 1st lady.
Nikki Sandell collecting 3rd lady
Nikki Sandell collecting 3rd lady

For full results:

The opportunity was taken at this 2nd League race of the year to present a bouquet of flowers to Samantha Munro (assisted from time to time, no doubt, by husband Simon) for all her hard work over the last few years in organising the Dorset Road Race League.  Unfortunately, Sam is unable to continue due to re-location of Simon’s work and, although Jerry Shield of Wimborne AC has taken over, Sam will be sorely missed.


Poole parkrun:

Jez Bragg at another parkrun? Can’t be? Surely… 3.1 miles. I don’t believe it! But yes, he was there. Claiming 2nd runner (there is no places at parkruns. Only tokens!). The father-son team of Simon Way and George Way followed Jez in. Simon claiming 8th and George getting the 19th token.

I hope Gemma washes that Purbeck 10K top....
I hope Gemma washes that Purbeck 10K top….

Bournemouth parkrun:

Paul hill seems to have a taste for the 1st token at Bournemouth parkrun. Claiming it for the 2nd week in a row. Can he make it 3 weeks this weekend? The world waits with baited breath…. Jud Kirk claimed a top 10 finish with 8th. Billy McGreevy jogged round to get ready for Blackvale Moor Half the following day. And  youngster Josephine Baldry and Will Price followed in afterwards.

Billy McGreevy keeping the legs ticking over.
Billy McGreevy keeping the legs ticking over.


Parkruns, a trip to Swanage and a Duathlon

Saturday 24th January saw BAC athletes officially exit winter hibernation and make their break for freedom in the early autumn (bit early?) sunshine. Bournemouth AC runners were popping up on parkrun results lists everywhere. It was a bit like a ‘pic n mix’ free all for the reporter this week!

Blandford: Our spies at Blandford parkrun informed us that not only did Steve Way and Jez Bragg finish 1st and 2nd runner respectively but that they used the parkrun course as the sandwich filling between their two slices of bread (a run there from Stur Marshall, then run back).

5K clearly wasn't enough for this ultra pair...
5K clearly wasn’t enough for this ultra pair…

Brockenhurst: Philip Mosley doesn’t take prisoners in The New Forest. By claiming 1st runner at Brockenhurst parkrun he now has two in a row. Running a PB for the Brockenhurst course, which I’m sure is quite a way off from his actual 5K PB.

I hope Phil is in this photo....
I hope Phil is in this photo….

Bournemouth: Paul Hill and Billy McGreevy claimed 1st and 2nd tokens at Kings Park. Followed closely by Jud Kirk, Heidi Tregenza (clearly resting for Sunday’s Swanage 10K), Steve Cox, Ian Graham and Will Price.

Paul and Billy leading the Bournemouth masses.

Poole: George Way was our solo runner at Poole finishing in 17th with a solid 18:47 for the youngster.

Must have scared the other Bournemouth AC runners off.....
Must have scared the other Bournemouth AC runners off…..

Swanage 10K: Sunday saw the annual Swanage Sea Rowing Club’s 10K race. It was a lovely picturesque  run around rural Swanage that attracted 166 runners. Heidi Tregenza came 1st woman. Paul Hill came 2nd male, Ben Walliman came 9th and ousted Hamish Murray from Purbeck runners. No mean feat! Nick Kenchington rounded out a good day for BAC with 15th.

Duathlon: Ross Smith recently competed in The Dirty Devil Duathlon and claimed 1st place! He has been doing a lot of duathlon’s recently and this recent 1st place along with his excellent XC showing at Reading highlight the progress he is making.

Ross Smith's 1st place
Ross Smith’s 1st place