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MATCH WINNERS! What a day at the SAL!

On Sunday 20 May 2018, Bournemouth AC played host to the first of two SAL home matches at Kings Park.

Bournemouth topped the winner’s podium by a significant margin
BAC 237
Newbury 182
Hillingdon 180
Plymouth 173

Team captain, Andrew Sherrin said he was staggered by the level of competition and how well the Bournemouth athletes performed. So many PBs! Lots of new faces who ran, jumped and threw with the same SAL commitment. It is staggering to win by such a large margin in the face of such strong opposition. Well done to everyone, the support was outstanding. A huge thanks officials, coaches for the never ending support.

BAC are now placed third in Division 2, West with a total 439 points, a short margin under Basingstoke’s 457 and Woking 495. They are still within our reach and if BAC continue to perform to such high standard, another promotion could be realised. Regardless, it’s fantastic we’re so high up the table with 16 clubs in our division.

The SAL goes from strength to strength!

As it this was a home match, the day started off a little different as athletes made their own way to the track for their respective events. However, it soon unfolded into yet another fantastic day which was buzzing with enthusiasm, excitement and determination. Much of our success comes from the atmosphere created by the team and the way we support each other throughout the day. Many came early to provide some much needed support and camaraderie in the form of vocal, emotional and spiritual support.

The weather was conducive for some great performances as it was warm with only a light breeze along the back straight. The match kicked off at 12.00 with the usual 400mH, throwing and jumping.

Danielle Broom seeks solace under the shade of her brolly

The first track event of the day is the 400mH. Lewis Bartlett (A string) and Steve Cox (B) performed well claiming 2nd place A string and 3rd place B in 66.9 and 85.3, PB respectively.

The women struggled to get a B string runner yet Janet Dickinson did not fail to disappoint by running an outstanding PB of 76.1s for 2nd place.

Steve Cox 400mH

Pole Vault:
A great performance in PV as Stewart Cotterill came 2nd (A string) with 2.35m and a win by Steve Cox with another Pole PB of 2.35m.
Rachel Matton made a great debut impression by clearing 2.15m for 2nd place and Nikki scaled 2.05m to win B string.

Long Jump:
More success in LJ with a wins in both A and B string for men and women! Rob Woolgar won with 6.31m and Joe Hayward in 5.45m.
Amelia Dobson won in 5.04m and Olivia Galloway matched it 5.04m for more 1st place points. Victoria Coombs was non scoring and jumped 3.53m.

100m: Jack Davies ran an SB 11.4 to secure 3rd place (A) and Ryan Markham ran 12.1 bagging more point with another 3rd place (B).
Adam Nicholass and Steve Cox ran non-scoring 12.8 and 14.5 PB respectively.

The women performed well with two great wins in A & B string. Chloe Burrows ran a great SB of 12.5 and Jazmin Cooke stormed home with a PB in 12.9. Non scorers Brooke Ironside and Lydia Rogers both ran a great 12.9s!

Muiris Egan ran a speedy 200m SB of 23.1 for 3rd A string in a tight race, just 0.1 behind 2nd place and Ryan Markham came 2nd (B) with 24.4s, just 0.4 behind the winner.
Steve Cox stretched his legs for another non scoring sprint with a great performance of 29.4s.

Brooke Ironside stepped up again with an outstanding 26.1 PB for 2nd place, A String and Rebecca Hannibal also came 2nd (B) with an SB 27.7s.

Muiris Egan stepped up again with a convincing win in 400m in A string with 51.6s SB and the versatile and dedicated Adam Nicholass scored valuable points with 4th in 63.5s.
It was 3rd place for Joy Wright with 62.9 and a well-executed 1st place for Abigail Richardson in 64.2.

Lewis Bartlett ran 2:25.5 but the only yellow vest due to an injured runner pulling out at the last minute runner.
It was a real treat to watch the women’s 800m with a highly competitive race as Abigail Richardson ran 2:24.9 for 2nd place and Holly Collier a great 2:26.8 for 1st B string. Laura Reeves stepped in for a great non-scoring PB 2:41.1.

Rob McTaggart aka Tag, seized valuable points for 3rd place in 4:21.6. Tag is another valuable asset to the club, with his versatility in running various events from shorter to the marathon. He also competes for the Road Running section alongside many others such as Steve Way, Steve Cox, Harriet Slade, Joy Wright …………. It’s great to see this kind of dedication and realisation of the need for both speed and endurance to enhance your chosen discipline or event. We welcome more Road Runners to the track and hope more follow in future.

Lewis Bartlett narrowly missed out on sub 5min with 4th place points 5:01.7 adding to the points tally.

Next up, the women’s 1500m saw Holly Collier back in action with a great 2nd place (A) in a time of 5:08.2, a determined race to the line less than a second ahead of the athlete behind and Lauren East clinched another 2nd in 5:48.9. The points kept rolling in!

The Men’s 3,000m welcomed Steven Way to the track where he nailed a 9:07.1 SB for 3rd place despite a hefty week of ultra-marathon training. He even ran a 20 miler that morning as a warm up! Another display of determination and dedication amongst the BAC athletes. Jacob London ran a great PB, 9:45.7 in the same race for 3rd place (B) well ahead of the last runner. Another welcome to Paul Drake, making a big come back with his first race on the track in over 20 years. Just a blink of an eye to many. He ran a well-paced 10:40 and is keen to compete again for BAC. Paul will be another Masters athlete to watch for inspiration as he gets fitter and faster.

The Women’s 5,000m increased the BAC points tally with Nikki Sandell’s 20:05.9 SB for 2nd A string and Julia Austin’s win in 21:01.2 PB. Welcome to Julia as this was her debut match for BAC and no better way to start than with a win!

Nikki Sandell in action

The Women’s 100mH was a great race as Olivier Galloway and Joy Wright won both A and B string in 15.1s and 18.5, PB respectively. It was a tough race and the runner next to Joy hit a hurdle and fell. It didn’t hinder Joy from giving it everything as she was well away with the hurdle fairies to realise.

The men stepped up next to match these wins in an exciting 110mH against strong competition. Cameron Hale ran a PB of 17.1 and Rob Woolgar’s another PB of 17.8.

1500m Steeple
Despite some concerned faces, Holly Collier stepped on the track to compete in yet another event, an event that she had never tried before. Holly had an incredible race and wasn’t fazed by the barriers nor the effects of the previous 800m and 1500m on her legs. In fact, Holly smiled the entire time and even gave out a good squeal as she hit the cold water jump. Needless to say it was a PB but also a great 2nd place in 6:12.6. Nikki Sandell also competed in the same race with the remnants of the 5,000m in her legs. Nikki is extremely dedicated and committed to the club. She continues to improve her distance running and also the Pole Vault. This was no exception with a fantastic win in a PB time of 6:23.1.

Holly flying over the steeple
Nikki making it look easy!

The strength and enthusiasm of the athletes continued. Steve Cox and Adam Nicholass ran the 3000 SC ensuring the team scored as many points as possible and both finished 4th. Steve ran a PB, 14:56.8 and Adam and SB 15:47.9.

Adam & Steve at the water jump for a cool off!

High Jump:
BAC had a strong field out for the HJ with Lewis Sainvall’s winning jump of 1.95m, a great PB! Cameron Hale won B string with a 1.78m Jump.
Jazmin Cooke won A string with an outstanding 1.62m PB after running back and forth from the 4x100m. Not a bad day, nipping across to break a club record, then popping back over to smash your High Jump PB. Great performance Jazmin! Victoria Coombs jumped 1.23m to bring in even more points.

Jazmin Cooke HJ

Triple Jump:
Cameron Hale took to the runway again with another great performance for 2nd with 11.76m. Again Amelia Dobson excelled to win TJ with 10.43m and Janet Dickinson came 2nd after jumping 7.83m.

Top performances and top points from Dan Brunsden and Andrew Sherrin, both winning the shot with 15.19m SB and 10.41m respectively. Stephen Dobson threw 9.95m (ns). It is still undecided who won the roaring competition but the betting shops have set good odds on Dan.

The women scored top points for A string with Danielle Broom’s outstanding PB of 11.40m. Isabella Shepherd threw 7.58m to bring in great points for 3rd.

Isobella Shepherd also delivered in the Discus. Although she was unwell, in true BAC spirit she stuck to the task and did all three heavy throws to the best of her ability. She threw 40m+ twice in the Hammer and placed 2nd in the B string against a talented field. Well done Issy! Danielle came 2nd in A string with a great throw of 39.69m.

Issy gets down to business in dicuss

Dan won the discus with a convincing 43.76m, well ahead of other competitors. Andrew Sherrin won B string 29.04m and Steven Dobson threw 18.59m (ns).

Yet again there were more top performances and maximum points in the Hammer throws as Dan and Andrew won A and B string 46.26m and 36.82m SB respectively.
A great win by Danielle in A string with 56.96m and Issy 2nd as mentioned above.

Cameron Hale won the men’s A string with a PB throw of 53.35m and Andrew Broom won B with a 51.50m SB.
Olivier Galloway threw 34.81m for 2nd A string and Amelia Dobson came 3rd with 24.45m.

A great day for BAC throwers and a huge boost to the points table!

Outstanding performances by the relay teams with wins in the men’s 4x100m in 45.1 and women’s 50.9.
The 4x400m men and women’s teams were 2nd against a highly competitive field with the men’s in a close race in 3:41.3 and the women getting faster in 4:26.1 SB.

Due to a few last minute injuries BAC were in need of male runners to take on the 3000m steeple chase and female runners to fill the 5,000m and steeple. Needless to say, BAC athletes stepped up to the mark and pulled through to score top points. Thanks to all those volunteering for events at the last minute, particularly in events they never train for, e.g., hammer throwers taking on the 4x400m relays and sprinters scaling the steeple chase.

Thanks to the younger athletes for giving up your valuable exam revision time and even adding it to the day.

Thank you again for all the BAC officials, helpers and supporters, including family and friends. Well done all!

Remember we can still catch Basingstoke!

Anya has a go at breaking the Hurdle Carrying World Record

BAC Masters Athletes Win at Vets League

BAC Masters Athletes represented Southampton to secure a triumphant Win in Match 2 of the Hampshire Veterans League at Winchester.

On the evening of 21 May 2018, several BAC masters athletes travelled to Winchester to compete as part of the Southampton AC Veteran’s squad.  Despite the stronghold, BAC  do not have a Veterans team, thus many compete as second claim for Southampton.

The vets league provides such great competition, a brilliant atmosphere and it certainly was an amazing evening alongside our fellow team mates from Southampton.  Thanks to everyone for such an incredible effort and well deserved win!

Despite the promise of light showers, the thunder storm took a few by surprise. Fortunately it passed before proceedings commenced and the grass was greener as a result – not that BAC are fazed by the weather.

As usual, the BAC contingent were out in force with Andy Sheerin, Andrew Turner, Steve Dobson, Joy Wright and Janet Dickinson in action.

The men performed well in Discus with Andrew Turner gaining high points for 2nd place 32.75m.

Janet and newcomer, Joy added the points for Southampton.

Janet Long Jump. Photo by Noel O’Dowd

Janet Dickinson had a great evening with a convincing win in the Long Jump 4.21m before heading to the 200m start line via the Shot Putt where she threw an outstanding 9.04m. A quick dash to the 200m saw her dominate the lead and win in 29.0sec and Discus 25.14m. Janet still had fuel in the tank for the first leg of the 4x400m relay. Again Janet dominated the race and created an enormous lead.

Joy looked strong, closing the gap with a final leg chase for 2nd place. and the fastest split overall 63.9.  Joy started the evening at the 200m start with a few aches and pains but ran well for 2nd place against strong competition, 28.5. About 10 minutes later Joy was back on the start line for the 800m which was well executed near the front and well placed for a win had she not blown up in the last 50m. An incredible effort to finish hard with nothing left and feeling so unwell. After staggering around bewildered, Joy was offered a magic cake which revived her in time for a quick non scoring discuss throw over 20m and the 4x400m at the end of the day.

Photo by Noel O’Dowd

Fantastic result for the Southampton team, both men and women won the match.  The men usually make the final.  However, the women have a realistic chance of reaching the final for the first time ever, come on girls you can do it!

YDL Lower League Winchester – WINNERS!!!!

Saturday 19th May 2018

Our second of four competitions took place on Saturday at Winchester. The sun was shining and everyone was in good spirits. First on the track was Joe Wilkinson, his first ever hurdle race, feeling nervous he executed the race safely and managed to finish 3rd. Next up was his big sister Mia who showed him exactly how to hurdle, almost effortlessly she cleared the hurdles in 12.5 a terrific PB for Mia. Oscar Ewen Matthews and Henry Phipp were busy competing in the long jump, both jumping exceptionally well with Henry gaining a PB!

With little rest for Oscar he was ready to run his 200m along with Aayan Kar. Great races to watch with Aayan gaining a PB. The next race was an athlete we all enjoy watching, Amelia Verney was on the 200m start line. Amelia never fails to deliver on the track running a magnificent 200m 25.3 putting her 1st in the country for 200m!!! Following Amelia was another amazing athlete and one to watch, Keon Dzuda who ran 200m in 25.6 PB!!

Over on the long jump was Lana Blake who jumped an incredible 5.25m PB and Tamika Douch jumped 4.76m, terrific jumping girls! Back on track was Oscar and Daniel Armstrong running their 800m, Oscar ran a superb race followed by Daniel in the B string who executed a perfect race sitting comfortably behind the leader waiting to pounce. 75m to go and Daniel dropped down a gear and power past to finish in 1st place and PB! Following the boys 800m was Abigail Phillips who ran a super 800m 2:44.1 PB! Finally Morgan Sommerseth ran a great 800m coming 2nd 2:26.0 PB!

Anya Sandell again stepped in for the high jump and cleared 1.15m. This was Henry Phipp’s first competition and after his great long jump he followed with jumping 1.15m in the high jump followed by throwing 5.66m in the shot putt. Super effort Henry and welcome aboard!

After lunch it’s the sprints, first up 75m and Mia Armstrong running a PB 11.3! Daniel Armstrong ran a great 100m so did Aayan Kar. Next on the track was Amelia and she flew down the 100m straight 12.5! Then it was Lana’s turn and she kept her nerve after three failed gun starts! Eventually Lana also flew down the track 12.9! Next up was Tamika 13.7 and Isabelle 13.3. Great result all round. Keon followed the girls down running a breath taking 12.2 PB! Keon has had an awesome competition!

After all this excitement we watched Abigail run her 300m and another PB for Abi 45.4! Followed by Jasper who has come back from injury and ran a respectable 47.3. The final track races are under way with Isaac Sandell starting off the 1500m and ran a great race in hot and sticky conditions. Martha Preece and Neve East ran a super 1200m. Martha smashed her PB 4:11.8 and Neve who is new to competition ran an amazing 4:13.9. Finally Jasper ran an excellent 1500m race after coming back from injury!

So our U15 girls relay were an all Bournemouth team and the smashed the BAC record which is truly tremendous. Well done Amelia, Lana, Isabelle and Tamika, great team work!! And we won overall with 580 points !! What a good day 😊

By Karen Wilkinson

Photos by Mike Gorden, thanks!

YDL Lower at Walton AC

By Karen Wilkinson

On Saturday 21st April we board a sparkling new coach heading to Walton Athletics Club. The sun was shining and the athletes were feeling good. On arrival at Walton – our first of four competitions – we were all very surprised to see the fantastic new facilities. All the athletes were keen to try out the new track!

Our under 13 boys started the competition first with Oscar Ewen Matthews jumping an incredible PB of 4.32m, followed by Aayan Kar jumping a fabulous PB 3.63!

First on the track was Mia Wilkinson U15 girls running the 75m hurdle race. She executed this race brilliantly, resulting in a PB 13.0. Aayan didn’t have long to recover from his long jump as he was running the 200m. This was a great race for Aayan who achieved his 2nd PB of the day 30.7, closely followed by Joe Wilkinson who was running in the B string and he also ran a respectable 32.2 PB.

Next up for the 200m was Amelia Verney. Rumour had it, the girl from Walton was ranking in the top 5 in UK! Finally, Amelia had some competition and she ran an incredible race. Jeslyn from Walton came 1st 25.8 and Amelia came 2nd 25.9. This was a PB and has placed Amelia 6th in the UK! This was such a great race to watch! In the B string Abigail Philips stepped in at the last minute, also ran amazing 200m 28.1 PB.

Then we headed back to the long jump pit to cheer on Lana Blake and Leah Sullivan. Both girls jumped PB’s, Lana was a superb 5.20m and Leah was a superb 4.77m. Over on the high jump Anya very kindly filled a gap and cleared an amazing 1.20m PB! All these PB’s before lunch. As you can imagine the atmosphere within the team was buzzing.

After lunch we watched Daniel Armstrong, Oscar Ewen Matthews and Louie Todd run their 800m. Following the athletes before lunch both Daniel and Oscar acheived fantastic PB’s. Morgan Somerseth finished off the 800m races in style! Our sprinters were busy warming up and preparing to run their 75m and 100m. Our U13 girls went first running 75m and again both Mia Armstrong and Sofina Sommerseth ran the same PB’s 11.4!

The U13 boys were next up and true to form Daniel Armstrong ran a brilliant race PB 13.8 closely followed by Oscar Ewen Matthew who also ran a PB 14.0!

Next to run 100m were the U15 girls and again Amelia Verney was up against Jeslyn from Walton who is now ranked UK’s number 1! Another spectacular race to watch and I am sure Jeslyn could sense Amelia was close by. Amelia comfortably took 2nd place running an outstanding time of 12.6 ranking Amelia overall 5th in UK! Lana Blake also ran an incredible 100m 12.9 another PB!

On to our non-scoring 100m runners, Isabelle Franklin ran a PB 13.8, Mia Wilkinson 14.1 PB and Leah Sullivan 14.5 PB. The sun had disappeared behind some clouds and a few drops of rain fell but this didn’t stop our athletes from performing. Abigail Philips went on and ran incredible 300m whilst Anya Sandell ran a fantastic PB. Our boys U15 Jasper Todd ran a great 300m running a PB of 44.6!

Back on the track with little rest was Anya running an amazing 1500m and another PB!

Amongst all our track events Kira Collard was achieving great things with her throws. In her shot put event she throw an amazing 8.12m a PB and discus she cam first throwing 23.76m, it’s great to have a to have a thrower on our team this year!

Also Morgan Sommerseth was jumping well in long jump achieving a PB at 4.60m. After a long day, all our athletes still managed to run fabulous relay races! Looking forward to Saturday 19th May at Winchester.

Thank you Robin for joining us for the day and officiating.


BAC Athletes Compete at Somerset Schools Combined Events

Congratulations to four BAC athletes who competed over the weekend of 28th & 29th April 2018 in Somerset Schools Combined Events.

This is a prestigious multi events attracting athletes from around the SW area and is held annually at Millfields School, Street, Somerset.  The track at Millfield is found in the rolling countryside of southern England.  The facilities were used as one of the official pre-games training sites in 2012 as teams were arriving for the London Summer Olympics.

Senior Boy Decathlon

Cameron Hale came 2nd for the silver medal in the U20 M Decathlon with 5,103 points. Ranked 2nd Nationally.

Intermediate Girls Heptathlon

Olivia Galloway was 3rd for the bronze medal in the U20 W Heptathlon with 4,544 points. Ranked 7th Nationally.

Senior Girls Heptathlon

Louise Galloway was 8th in U17 W Heptathlon with 3,519 points

Sian Meadows 14th with 3,203 points.

The SSAA Combined Events Championships take place during the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May for Minors, Juniors, Intermediates and Senior age groups. Entries come direct from schools and clubs.

Teams of four athletes (not Minors) are selected to represent the County at the South-West Regional Championships which usually take place on the fourth weekend of June.

The winning team, plus the top two individuals not in that winning team, from each age group qualify automatically for the ESAA Championships.

In addition, from the six Regional competitions, ESAA will extend invitations to the top 9 athletes in each age group who have not already qualified by right.

The ESAA Championships are held on the third weekend of September.

Further information Here

YDL Upper: Athlete’s showed true grit with solid Performance at the YDL, Kings Park

On Sunday 29 April 2018, Bournemouth Athletic Club, Kings Park hosted the first YDL Upper league match of the season.

The YDL Upper competition is for U17 & U20 male & female competitors.  The league covers the whole of Great Britain which is divided into three regions, Northern, Midland and Southern then a number of divisions.  BAC compete in a composite (joint) team with New Forest Juniors and can be seen under the results as Bn+NFJ.  This season, the team continue to compete in Southern League Division 2B alongside Brighton & Hove, Chichester, Southampton and Team Dorset (another composite team).  The top team after three matches will be promoted to division 1A which is a step below the Premier division and well within the team’s capabilities with a stronger presence. Fortunately for Bn+NFJ there is no relegation so the only way is up!

BAC have a proven track record of outstanding talent and achievement which continues to improve as the club develops and grows.  Many youngsters are moving up in age group or focus their efforts on various events beyond YDL, such as BAL, SAL and the Wessex leagues.  BAC continue to encourage athlete development by accommodating entry to these competitions.  Unfortunately, this means the team often suffer a loss in numbers at YDL matches as athletes understandably prioritise other competitions.  Sunday’s fixture was no exception with a clash with a prestigious multi events competition at Millfields Schools which deprived BAC of some talented athletes.  Irrespective of team numbers, these matches provide a great opportunity for healthy competition, enabling athletes to improve their skills, boost confidence and enhance competition experience.

Back to the YDL match at Kings Park. The extremely cold and blustery conditions were a test for the competitors, officials and spectators alike.  Many athletes donned woolly hats and took refuge under blankets.  As such an impromptu bobble hat competition ensued.  Jazmin Cooke’s grandfather was delighted to be declared the unofficial winner as the size and elegance of his bobble was unrivalled.  Evidently there are no rules banning athletes from competing in bobble hats which was a relief to many.

The day certainly got off to an eventful start with the BAC tent blowing into a nearby hedge and suffering probable terminal injury.  The diagnosis remains unclear as we await a closer inspection/autopsy results.  Unfortunately there were no challenges to the tent race as it hurtled into bushes at speeds of 0-60 in 3 seconds.

Fortunately Team Manager, Suzi Shepherd cheered everyone’s heart with her fabulous homemade flap jacks and smiles which were kindly dished out to helpers and officials.  The smiles continued despite her fear they had been blown away alongside the tent and her umbrella.  Fortunately they were found safe & sound in the club office, where a they were moved during the melee of the tent retrieval race.

BAC were represented by just three U17 men and no U20s which reflects a struggle in numbers for the club in these male age groups.

Samuel Adams continued to impress in High Jump with 1.50m for 3rd place, A string to equal his PB.  A promising performance and start to the season especially in such challenging conditions.

Joseph Haywood ran a speedy 100m in 12.2 seconds to 2nd place, A string.  Fraser Spall improved his Discus PB with a throw of 27.42m for 2nd in B string.  He went on to throw another PB in the Hammer with 17.45m and came 2nd, B string in Javelin, with a throw of 33.12m.

NFJ contributed Oliver Hawkins, Matthew Forster, Bertie Pettit and Harry Rosa in U17 Men and Robbie Bradford in U20 Men. Unfortunately a Men’s relay team couldn’t be mustered.

The U17 women turned out in reasonable numbers for some events although there was a deficit in track athletes from 300m and above. The welcome exception was newcomer Lauren East who ran valiantly in the 1500m to come 4th in A string.

Brooke Ironside came 2nd in A string in the 100m and 200m.  Jazmin Cooke jumped an inspiring 1.45m for a win in B string and came 2nd in 200m B string.  Both Brooke and Jazmin were close to their PBs showing great potential for the forthcoming season.  Excellent performances, considering the freezing and blustery conditions.

Yazmin Cooke High Jump Winner

Yasmin Bridet looked impressive in the 80m Hurdles despite the conditions, finishing 1st as A string, another close to PB performance.  Yasmin went on to come 3rd in the shot putt A string with 9.26m.  Yasmin also ran as non-scorer in 100m to boost her competitive race fitness.

Yasmin Bridet speeding to the line in the 100m

Relative newcomer Freya Cutler was 2nd in Discus and 3rd in A string Javelin obliterating her previous PBs in both events, 26.55m and 25m respectively.   A great day for Freya, after playing cricket in the morning, an interesting warm up for the throws which obviously worked well.

New comer Amy Channock was 3rd in A string Hammer with what appears to be a PB of 37.98m.

Polly Yule, a last minute and welcome addition to the team, competed as non-scorer in Shot (U17) with a best performance of 9.97m and ran 80m Hurdles in 13.3 seconds.

Thank you to the NFJ U17 W athletes Jess Gordon, Jasmin Griscti, Millie Harris and Juliet Smallridge for competing alongside BAC as part of the composite team.

In U20 Women, Danielle Broom won the A String Hammer and Discus with throws of 55.78m and 41.68m respectively.  The Discus was a battle for all. The wind stalling anything that showed a positive angle of incidence, a real challenge.  Credit to Danielle for getting a couple of throws out over 40m and a winning throw of 41.68m.  In Shot A string, Danielle came 2nd with 10.66m.  In all events she was close to her respective PBs.

Danielle Broom, Hammer

Isabella Shepherd had a fantastic day, winning all four B string events, Discus, Hammer (both close to her PB), Javelin and Shot.

Isabella Shepherd swinging the Hammer

Amelia Dobson U20 returned gain to the jumps with another great performance win in the triple jump A string 10.32m, another brilliant victory for the team.  Amelia also won A string Javelin and Long Jump.

Amelia Dobson in flight, Long Jump winner!

Rebecca Hannibal (U17) ran in U20 100m A string and performed extremely well to finish in 4th place against older athletes.

The Women’s 4 x 100 U17 Relay team had a great race, finishing in 2nd place in a time of 55.4 sec.  The team included of Millie Harris, Jess Gordon, Juliet Smallridge and Yasmin Bridet.

Relay Team 4x100m U17The 4 x 100m U20 Relay team had a fantastic win, 1st place with a time equal to Southampton.  Also a composite team of keen runners included Brook Ironside Danielle Broom Rebecca Hannibal and Isabella Shepherd.

Womens U20 4x100m Relay Neat Baton Change

This a great YDL league competition and exciting to see so much ability at this level.

The YDL rules are slightly complicated regarding the numbers allowed to participate in each age group/gender per event, especially the Field events.  In addition only 6 non scorers are allowed per gender.  This needs to be managed well in relation to the Women’s team and BAC thanks the organisers and helpers for doing this so well to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Surely better weather can be expected for the next two remaining matches, both on Sundays. The next is 27th May at Withdean, Brighton and 1st July at Southampton.  At the moment only a 17 seater coach has been booked for both matches. Last year 50 seater coaches were booked at great expense by the club and were less than a quarter full for each match.  Let’s see if we can fill the coach and maybe one day, fill a 50 seater.  It’s a great competition.  Coach travel is provided free by the Club to athletes and officials (as with Wessex, YDL Lower, SAL & BAL)

The day proved the determination of BAC athletes, team managers and Officials.  It was so cold with a strong relentless north easterly wind.  Difficult conditions for everyone but people stayed focussed on the job in hand, trying to perform regardless of the weather.

Well done to everyone competing and thank you to all those involved in the organisation and smooth running of the day, including athletes, officials, helpers and supporters!

The Bold & the Brave! Organisers William Kearsey, Suzi Shepherd and athlete, Freya Cutler.

Results are on YDL website: Results

BAC’s BAL Men Start Their 2018 Season With An Impressive Win

The men’s BAL team convincingly won their first fixture of the season at Yeovil on Saturday 5th May.  The team travelled to Yeovil knowing they were missing a number of key athletes due to the BUCS Champs and also some injuries.  Those hours leading up to the match had seen some frantic reshuffling of the team in order to ensure that all spaces remained filled.  As has been the situation for a number of years now, the BAC spirit and enthusiasm for success carried the team through the day and was the fuel which led to the superb win.

BAC were up against seven other teams in Division 2 BAL, their second season in that division. This year saw four fresh teams to encounter including Glasgow, Basingstoke and Rugby.  The team were determined to get off to a flying start to the season in order to ensure promotion to Division 1 having tantalisingly missed that opportunity last season by only 5 points.  Saturday’s win really does set out the team’s stall.

An early start to the day saw James Lelliott compete in the first of his seven events, the Long Jump. Lelliott opened up his campaign with a convincing win, jumping 7.25m.  Cameron Hale, also looking forward to seven events, was second in the B event.  Soon after this was the Hammer event with Dan Brunsden and Andrew Sheerin both throwing respectable 4th places.  Sheerin slipped during one of his trials and hit his head hard on the concrete.  Thankfully he was quick to recover though – nothing keeps this enthusiastic Scotsman down.

James Lelliott’s Long Jump victory

Newcomer to the team, Lewis Bartlett, enthusiastically approached his debut 400mH race finishing in a respectable 6th place.  He had only been practising for the event for around a week and he battled hard to gain valuable points.  Bartlett later joined Josh King in the 3000m Steeplechase but unfortunately had to withdraw during the race due to hamstring tightness.  King, making his season debut, ran a respectable 10:17 for 4th place.

Lewis Bartlett’s debut at the 3000m Steeplechase

Lewis Sainval had earlier agreed to stand in for the High Jump, an event he had little experience of. The event immediately followed his 800m race, but he valiantly took it on as the supporting team watched the bar height keep increasing with Sainval’s successive clearances.  In the end he achieved 2nd place in the A string with a remarkable 1.90m.  Cameron Hale was 3rd in the B event.

Lewis Sainval’s impressive 1.90m in his High Jump debut

Lewis Sainval’s 800m saw him achieve a season’s best time of 1:59.90 for 5th place in the B race, whilst Jamie Grose has a hard fought 1:58.72 in the A race.  Grose then later went on to gain a valuable 4th place in the A string 1500m with Rob McTaggart doing coming 4th in the B race less than a fortnight after his superb London Marathon effort.

Newcomer Ronnie Wells back on his old ‘home’ track for the first time since joining BAC never failed to impress with some outstanding sprinting.  Wells won the 100m A race in 10.59s with James Lelliott in a rare dead heat for 1st in the B race with 11.01s.  The pair then also covered the 200m races with Wells narrowly missing a win in the A race with a time of 21.71s and Lelliott 3rd in the B race with 22.35s.

Ronnie Wells in winning form in the 100m

In the 400m, Muiris Egan ran a strong race to set a seasons best time of 51.79s, taking 6th place in the A race, whilst a now tired Lewis Sainval ran a new PB in the B event of 52.10s to take 5th place.  Dan Mulryan and David Long both ran impressively in the 3000m race. Mulryan was narrowly beaten in a home straight dash setting a new PB at 8:31.20, with Long winning the B race in 8:47.40.

David Long and Dan Mulryan gain big points in the 3000m

Back in the throws, Dan Brunsden took 4th place in a competitive Discus competition with newcomer Josh Kelly setting a new PB of 34.84m to take 3rd  place in the B event.  In the Shot, Brunsden was 4th in the A with Kelly a good 2nd place in the B event.  In the Javelin James Lelliott threw a lifetime best 61.45m to take 2nd place in the A event with Cameron Hale also setting a new PB to win the B event in 52.94m.

James Lelliott launches the Javelin to a 61.45m PB

A BAC debut for Josh Kelly in the Shot

In the Triple Jump, James Lelliott convincingly won the A event in 14.25m with Cameron Hale 2nd in the B, with a PB of 11.81m.  The same pair had earlier competed in the Pole Vault to gain valuable points.

The 4x100m squad of Wells, Lelliott, Hale and Egan narrowly missed a win in a time of 43.28s.  The 4x400m squad went into the final race of the day knowing that BAC had already won the match, but Grose, Long, Sainval and Egan pushed hard to achieve some decent spilt times and a 6th place finish.

One match now completed with three more to go, culminating in the final match at King’s Park on 5th August where the promotions and relegations will be decided.

Tim Hughes was delighted with his team’s determination on the day.  He said “It just goes to show that when we take a few hits on athlete availability the rest of the team come together to make things good.  I’ve said it before, but the success of our team is down to the enthusiasm of the athletes and the hunger to win.  A shining example in the match was Lewis Sainval in his superb 2nd place in his High Jump debut.”  He goes on to say “Everyone that travelled to Yeovil was a team player and put the needs of the team over and above their own personal goals.  That’s the type of team we are and that’s how we continue to grow and succeed.  I so look forward now to the next match at Nuneaton <for Rugby>  and bringing together an even stronger squad.  I just can’t thank the athletes enough!”.

<Photos: Thanks to Lisa Shepherd>

BAC Team Rise to the Occasion at the SAL, 2nd Place in Yeovil!

The greatly anticipated track & field season has finally kicked off! The first SAL match of the season took place on Saturday 14 April 2018 at Yeovil Olympiads Athletic Club.

The Southern Athletics League (SAL) is the area track and field league for clubs in the SEAA region who wish to compete in joint (male & female) teams. There are 3 divisions and the top 2 teams at the end of the season will be promoted to the higher division.  BAC were last season’s Division 3 WINNERS and subsequently promoted to Division 2.  They welcomed the challenge and thrived against the higher level of competition.

Team spirits were high and enthusiasm flowed throughout the day, enhancing the true talent of BAC, not only the athletes but our outstanding officials, coaches and helpers.  The men and women’s team pulled together to cover almost every single event throughout the day.  They were rewarded with an outstanding 2nd place spot, just 21 points behind Yeovil. Oxford City AC and Portsmouth were behind with 159 and 139 points respectively.

Yeovil                    223
Bournemouth  202
Oxford                 159
Portsmouth      129

The day started with a promisingly full coach and the usual buzz of the men and women’s teams. on board  BAC had the largest squad out for many a year and the weather was fantastic with the welcome sunshine to top things off.   The match kicked off on the field with the throw events at midday.

Women’s Hammer: The first to hit the stage and win both A and the B string was the talented Danielle Broom and Pheobe Dowson in the hammer.  This was a great start to the day and the bar was set high with top class performances against a strong field of athletes. Dannielle (18) threw a PB of 57.42m, almost 10m beyond the next competitor and set a new club and county senior record! Dannielle is now 2nd ranked junior in Great Britain, a great achievement.

Pheobe threw 43.72m to win by over 20m! Later in the day Pheobe went on to win the discus with a PB of 52.48m and another senior club record and is now ranked 2nd in Great Britain. Pheobe was selected for the 2018 European Winter Throws championships, finishing 4th in an International field.  Evidently her performance continues to improve.

Throwers Danielle Broom, Isabella Shepherd Pheobe Dowson

Congratulations to Pheobe and Danielle for setting BAC Senior Club records.
Pheobe Dowson 52.48m Discus 2nd ranked in Great Britain.
Danielle Broom 57.42m Hammer 2nd ranked junior in Great Britain.

Men’s hammer throwers, Dan Brunsden and Andrew Sheerin stepped up to the mark with 2nd place in both A and B string against some tough competition. Dan’s 42.43m was close to the leader by a big cats’ whisker -1.8m. Andrew threw 26.56m to secure 2nd place behind Yeovil’s athlete.  Men’s Team Leader, Andrew also holds the British Masters Indoor Silver medal for Hammer and bronze for the weight throw.

Shot Putt
Danielle Broom 11.38m, and Isabella Shepherd 7.90m rose to the occasion against some tough competition and managed to come 2nd to Portsmouth.  Isabella also threw well in discus 21.62m and hammer 36.09m.

The men’s shot putt was also a great success with winning throws by Dan Brunsden, 15.19m and Andrew Sherrin, 10.79m.

A rose between two thorns, Andy Sherrin’s Shot Putt. Spot the ball?!

Women’s Pole Vault: Harriet Slade and Nikki Sandell competed in the Pole Vault to grab well-earned points for the club. Nikki jumped a PB of 1.90m and Harriet a respectable 1.20m as a first timer. Well volunteered Harriet!

Nikki clearing the bar, by a mere 10 metres!
Harriet enjoying her Pole Vault success.

Men’s Pole Vault saw a fantastic win by James Lelliott with 2.70m SB and a close 2nd place PB for new comer Steve Cox with 2.10m. Steve jumped the same height as the B string winner but only evaded top spot due to a missed attempt, well done to Steve! Steve also took his hand to the Discus (non-scoring) although he almost didn’t make it to the circle. The officials tried to stop him crossing the track to join the other throwers despite his efforts to convince them he was there to compete. Perhaps they weren’t expecting a slim, long distance runner to rock up to throw things?

A fabulous sea of yellow, blue throwers.

400mH: Steve Cox also nailed the 400H for the first time and brought in the points as the only representative in this event and every point counts in these matches. Steve slotted into the BAC team very well. He’s been bitten by the BAC track & field bug and is enthusiastic about improving his performance and competing at the next SAL match at KP in May.   We look forward to welcoming our women’s hurdler/sprinters, Danielle Marshall and Janet Dickinson back for the next match. Janet was busy officiating and helping the day run smoothly.

Steve’s excellent effort, flying over the hurdles.

Middle Distance:
Next up, the middle distance runners took to the track. The events were covered by Nikki Sandell, Harriet Slade and Joy Wright.

The women’s 800m race was highly competitive pushing Harriet Slade to achieve a much deserved PB of 2:27.60 (from 2:29) in 3rd place and Joy Wright just behind in 2:31.05, 2nd B string.

Harriet & Joy

The Women’s 1500m points were in the bag with Nikki Sandell in 5:34.35 and Joy in 5:39.43. Nikki has been plagued by injury over the winter season, yet managed to bag three PBs and win the 3,000m B, in 11:36.13.  That’s the determination on our team!

Nikki Harriet going for the win in the 3000m

Harriet was delighted with her great performance, achieving a PB in every event; 3000m, 10.55.26 from in 11.18.8, 2nd place and 2000m steeplechase 1st place, a huge PB of 8.03.15 from 8.30.3. Congratulations to Harriet as she is now ranked 4th steeplechaser in Great Britain.

Harriet at the water station, thirsty anyone?

5000m Men
Top points were up for grabs in the men’s 5000m and BAC snatched them with impressive 1st place performances in both A & B string. Ultra-runner, Steven Way clinched it with a convincing win in 15:39.21, making him the fastest athlete for his age group in GB this year!

Roy Long won in 18:26.21, ranking him top 10 in GB (age group).

Steve Way out on his own pushing hard over 5k.
Roy Long, is strong in the 5k

Men’s 800m: Back to the 800m with the men’s performance. This included a great race execution by Lewis Sainval (U20) 2:02.15 and Lewis Bartlett, 2:14.27 PB both bringing in the points for 3rd place. It certainly made it easier for the supporters to cheer them on at the same time by continually shouting “Come on Lewis!”, although there was a third Lewis in the race from Portsmouth, who undoubtedly benefited. Welcome to Lewis Bartlett, a newer member to the BAC team, already showing great potential.

Lewis, Lewis, Lewis in contention in a well paced hard race.

Women’s 400m:
Joy also competed in the 400m, 62.03 SB to come 4th in the A string against a field of U23s. After the 800m and especially the rest of the day’s events, Joy was relieved her body held together considering her constant battle with injuries in the lead up to the outdoor season.  Women’s Team Leader, Jemma Bates also came 4th place in 80.10 against all U17s to gain valuable points for the team.

Men’s 400m: Adam Nicholass and Andrew Sheerin showed great commitment to the team by securing valuable points in the men’s 400m. Adam didn’t stop there and pulled in more wonderful points for 3rd in the 1500m and 2nd place over 2000m Steeplechase. A commendable effort by a sprinter!


Andrew concentrates his efforts on the throwing events and another one of the many dedicated athletes willing to fill in the gaps to cover the events.

Adam on form in 400m

100m & 200m Sprints:
Staying on the track for some sprint action with great performances from the youngest members of the BAC team. Yasmin Bridget (U17) ran a great 100m in 13.52, in 3rd pace and Rebecca Hannibal (U17) was also 3rd, B string in 13.70. Both Jasmin Cooke (U17) and Rebecca ran a speedy 200m to cross the line together in 28.0.

The men’s sprints were dominated by Portsmouth which saw Muiris Egan reach home in 11.69 for 100m, 3rd place A string and Ryan Markham in 12.17 for 2nd B String. Jack Davies and Adam Nicholass put their legs to the test, finishing in 11.95 and 12.75 respectively.
Men’s 200m also competed in the 200m, Muiris in 23.71 (3rd A) and Ryan in 24.68 (2nd B).

Men’s 100m

Charlotte Sidaway (U20) and Joy Wright took on the 100mH with two 3rd place spots in 18.45 and 18.91 PB respectively.

James Lelliott and Joe Hayward’s sterling effort over the 110mH (very high hurdles) welcomed many a cheer from an encouraging crowd. Fortunately neither athlete sustained an injury in their pursuits to cross the line and they were rewarded with a 3rd and 1st place to add to the team points tally. Our very own Janet Dickinson has also perfected the art of lifting, moving and shifting the hurdles. Her help, alongside our other officials and helpers was appreciated by athlete’s and organisers alike.

Janet gets a work out lifting hurdles. Surely not higher?

High Jump:
Jazmin Cooke’s (U17) high jump performance 1.45m, secured 2nd place (A string) in a strong field and only 8cm below the winner.  Sian Meadows (U17) also came up with the goods, jumping of 1.40m, 2nd place (B). Our young athletes are jumping to win and it’s exciting to see such great talent coming through the ranks and stepping up to senior competition.

James Lelliott excelled to 1.78m for 2nd (A string) in a highly competitive field. Sam Adams made his debut appearance for BAC in the high jump with an outstanding 2nd place in 1.50m which is close to his PB and a great start to the season. We hope to see more from Sam as he continues to improve throughout the season.

Sam clearing the High Jump
James Clears High Jump

Long Jump:
It was great to Amelia Dobson back from injury and jumping 5.18m for 3rd place with Angela Spall performing well with 4.19m, 3rd (B).

James Lelliott’s jumping continued to impress with a convincing 6.99m win in the long jump. James is ranked 5th in GB and the current British Indoor bronze medallist, behind the former Olympic champion, Greg Rutherford with a PB of 7.65m. Joe Hayward (U17) showed great promise with a 5.69m and excellent 2nd place spot. This is another event that shows the calibre of athletes training with and competing for BAC.

Triple jump:
James also performed well in the triple jump winning with 12.90m and Dave Flicos jumped 5.97m for 3rd place.

Amelia Dobson showed great form with an outstanding win, 10.48m, over 40cm in front of Yeovil’s 2nd place athlete. Angela Spall jumped well, 6.64m for 2nd place.

The relays are the final events of the day and could be considered one of many highlights. They are cheered on by the whole team in anticipation of bringing that baton home as fast as possible.

4x100m Women

Amelia bringing the baton home

First up was the women’s 4x100m relay with an impressive 2nd place in close race to the line in 52.04, less than a second behind match winners Yeovil. A courageous effort by our youngest athletes, showing great dedication and talent.  The team included:

  1. Jazmin Cooke
  2. Rebecca Hannibal
  3. Yasmin Bridget
  4. Amelia Dobson
Women’s 4x100m Team

4x100m Men
Next the men showed great form in a close battle for 2nd. They came 3rd in 45.16, less than half a second behind Yeovil.

Ryan Markham looking powerful!

4x400m Women– 4:45.9

Harriet Slade 70.4
Phoebe Dawson 74.1
Danielle Broom 74.5
Joy Wright 66.9


4x400m Men – 3:42.6

Ryan Markham 58.2
Lewis Bartlett 59.7
Lewis Sainval 52.3
Muiris 52.4


BAC relay teams were boosted by a combination of throwers & middle distant runners, even Harriet lined up straight from the steeple to take the baton for the 1st leg.

The young athletes showed impressive character. They competed against older athletes but ran hard and smashed it. They should all be very proud. The future is bright!

Non-scoring athletes competed in the same races as scoring athletes, getting excellent competition and an opportunity to gain race experience and improve performances. Steve Dobson has been struggling with injury but still managed a 9.70m Shot Putt and 21.52m Discus. We hope to see Steve fully recovered in the near future!
Other performances include Adam Nicholass 100m 12.75; Fraser Spall, Javelin 33.46m; Andrew Sherrin, Discus 31.09m; David Flicos, Long jump 2.70m and 200m 20.39; 100m: James Lelliott 11.35, Joe Hayward 11.83, Jack Davies 11.95 & Dan Kirkby 12.22. Charlotte Sidaway also ran 100m in 14.19.

A warm welcome to Victoria Coombes (T20) showing a great team spirit and competing numerous events including the 100m 15.03, 200m 32.25, Long jump 3.76m and high jump 1.25m.

Vikki in the Long Jump

Man of the Match Awards:
Congratulations to…
Dan Brunsden, Shot – 15.19m
James Lelliott, Long Jump – 6.99m
Pheobe Dowson, Discus – 52.48m
Dannielle Broom, Hammer – 57.42m

Throwers Steve, Pheobe, Andy & Dan

“Efforts today by club members were special in my opinion.
Seeing a full coach of enthusiastic members going to a SAL match has seldom been matched in my 53 years at the club.
Well done everyone.”
                                                                                                              Coach Paul Rees

Thank you BAC!
A huge thank you to all who attended and to all the officials and helpers that made the day possible. In particular Officials, Juliet Dobson, Janet Dickinson, Hazel Bates, Wynne, Robin and helpers, Paula Broome, Susie Shepherd and Paul Dowson. Not forgetting a big shout out the both team managers Jemma Bates and Andrew Sheerin. Andrew and Jemma work extremely hard to organise and manage the teams to go and represent our club too the highest standard. Their zest and enthusiasm will continue to spread throughout the season and we look forward to the next match on 20th May.

Wynne grabs a much needed cuppa to go!

There are 16 clubs in Division 2, West and BAC are currently 7th place in the league table after match 1. This is just 36 points behind top spot and we can continue to improve with the same dedication and commitment displayed in Yeovil.

BAC is a diverse and wide ranging club with plenty of young new talent moving up through the ranks, some long standing and well established athletes and numerous Masters (35+). No matter what age or level, come and join us on the track for training and at SAL days which are outstanding for competition, enthusiasm and extraordinary team spirit so get your trainers or spikes on and join us!

The next SAL is at Kings Park on Sunday 20 May 2018.  It’s a home match so let’s get out in force and go for a win!

Full Results

For more information on the SAL Click here

BAC at the Indoor Grand Prix Cardiff

Indoor Grand Prix Cardiff Met

The Cardiff Indoor Grand Prix was hosted at the Welsh National Indoor Athletics Centre on 4th February 2018.  It featured the Welsh Championships, South West of England & Welsh Masters Championship events.

BAC’s Janet Dickinson and James Lelliott showed great form with their inspirational performances. A promising start to the year both indoor and for the coming outdoor track and field season. James ran 6.94s in the 60m heat, placing 2nd in a competitive field. He went on to win the final in 6.83s, PB by .09s, even beating the U20 and U23 age groupers.

James Lelliott (in yellow) ready to explode from the block in the 60m sprint.

James also triumphed in the long jump with 7.28m, an SB of 1cm and a convincing lead margin of 86cm! He jumped strongly and consistently throughout the event.

James Lelliott, Long Jump

A great day for James especially as his main goal was to grab the opportunity to compete and get an idea of his current form after the last training cycle. His main focus is to target the outdoor season and we’re looking forward more great performances and likely some PBs.

Janet Dickinson performed well as she focused on shaking off the winter cobwebs in preparation for the British Masters next month. Janet competed in five events and started extremely well with a 60m PB, 8.82s and another PB in the Long Jump, 4.67m Indoor, a mere 19cm under the British record set in 2000! Janet’s High Jump was 1.35m and 200m, 29.46s on the inside lane which could be tough! Another PB in 400m, 67.96s Indoor. The Shot Put clashed with the High Jump (not literally!) so it was impossible to do both.
An excellent performance all round especially considering it’s Janet’s first time racing on an indoor track.

Janet clearing the High Jump bar!

Our outstanding athletes Janet and James will hopefully provide some inspiration for BAC’s current and future track and field athletes.
Janet and James intend to compete at the Indoor British Champs on 10-11 March at Lee Valley. We hope to see some other BAC athletes competing and will be looking forward to the results. If you are interesting in competing at any British Masters event, go to

Link to Full Results

By J.Wright

BAC heroes Luke Sinnott and Mark Bowra impress at Invictus Games

Luke Sinnott was going for gold in the IT2 100m, 200m and 400m at the Invictus Games 2017 in Toronto

The Invictus Games 2017 took place in Toronto, Canada, between 23rd and 30th September and featured two Bournemouth AC members representing Great Britain. Luke Sinnott took part in the IT2 100m, 200m and 400m and Mark Bowra was in the IF2 Discus and Shotput finals.

The Invictus Games was the brainchild of Prince Harry, set up for members or former members of the armed forces from countries all around the world who have been disabled, either physically or mentally. The Games in Toronto was the third edition of the Invictus Games, following London in 2014 and Florida in 2016.

Luke lost both his legs whilst serving in the Army in Afghanistan in 2010 after becoming the victim of an Improvised Explosive Device. Luke demonstrated the extraordinary character to, not only come back from that, but also to forge a very successful athletics career.

Luke joined Bournemouth AC two years ago and was an inspirational special guest at the BAC presentation evening 2015. He mainly specialises in the Long Jump T42, competing for Great Britain in the World Champions in July. In fact, he finished 4th in the event with a PB jump of 6.15m and was only 10cm shy of a medal.

There was no Long Jump event though in the Invictus Games, so Luke competed in some of the track events instead. First he won his IT2 100m heat in a time of 14.05. Shortly after, he won his 200m heat  in a time of 28.50.

This put him into the finals of both events, where he took the silver medal in the 100m with a time of 14.32. An hour later he was competing in the 200m final, where he went one better, taking the gold medal in an incredible time of 27.99.

Then in the afternoon of that very same day, Luke lined of the 400m final as well. Incredibly, he managed to add to his medal haul, taking a second gold medal, with a time of 1.03.94.

Luke Sinnott races to the line to claim one of two gold medals he won, along with one silver

Needless to say, it was a tremendously successful Games for Luke. He had been determined to win a medal after pledging to bring one back for the family of Corporal David Barnsdale. Corporal Barnsdale was a friend and colleague of Luke’s who was also in the bomb squad. He was killed in Helmand Province in 2010 when a bomb exploded.

This gave Luke an added motivation to succeed and he did not just want to bring any medal back to Corporal Barnsdale’s family. He wanted it to be gold – and indeed it was.

Also travelling to Toronto in search of Invictus Games glory, Mark Bowra was another BAC member who is often seen perfecting his craft at Kings Park.

Mark Bowra packs his bags for Toronto ensuring he brings all his UK kit

Mark was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines. He has always been very sporty and was a member of BaySUP (The Standup Paddleboard club) based in Bournemouth. His life changed dramatically in 2014 when he suffered a severe stroke, which affected his physical ability and speech.

Mark wasn’t going to let the disability get the better of him though and was determined to get back into sports. He’s since excelled in throwing events and was proud to represent Great Britain in both the IF2 Discus and the IF2 Shotput at the Invictus Games.

Mark represented Great Britain in the IF2 Discus and Shotput at the Invictus Games

With a distance of 15.02m, Mark took 5th place in the Discus and with a best throw of 5.97m he finished 6th in the Shotput. This marked a very successful couple of days of athletics for BAC athletes and for Great Britain.

Luke and Mark are not only war heroes, they are also sporting heroes. Their achievements at the Invictus Games are truly inspirational and demonstrate that with hard work and dedication, and with the right attitude, any obstacle can be overcome.