BAC All Time Lists 2019

Below is the all time list for 2019. There is an excel version with tabs for each gender and age group and a  PDF document.

BAC-all-time-end-2019 excel

BAC-all-time-end-2019 pdf

Veteran athlete all time list 2018

Information about the all time lists. The club maintained an All Time list on the website until about 2010. The list was neglected for a few years until I took on the role of club statistician in 2015 when I decided to reinstate the All Time list. It has taken a little time to track down details for some events and age groups as these were missing on the website. This was a particular problem for the women’s list. The list then needed updating for the last five years. This has not been a quick task and has involved re-entering some details from paper copies found at the track. The lists are therefore likely to include typing errors, omissions and other mistakes. Please let me know if you spot any.

Standards for current All Time list. It is not clear what protocol was used to compile the All Time list in the past. For some events the list was extensive and there was no obvious cut off. For other events there seemed to be a record of the top 20 athletes only. While for some events there are very few athletes, for instance, Pole Vault which is not a particular specialism at BAC.

In order to update the lists 2011 onwards I decided to adopt an approach based on athletes achieving standards (grade 4 for u13 to u17 age groups and grade 3 for u20 and senior athletes, where there is no grade 4 standard). This way the club maintains a record of all good athletes. For instance, BAC seems to be good at long jump and a long list of athletes achieve the standards. It seems a shame not to recognise these while recognising less able achievements in the All Time list in other events.

The previous achieved list will remain on the archived area of the BAC website.

Age groups. The lists are by age group, however, a younger athlete can also be ranked in an older age group.

BAC membership and Power of 10 verification. In order to record a performance in the All Time list or a club record the athlete needs to be a club member at the time of the performance. A performance is only recorded if it is verified on Power of 10. A club record can only be achieved by first claim club members.

Wind assisted performances. Wind speed is relevant in the following events: 100m, 200m, short hurdles, Long Jump and Triple Jump. Given that wind gauges are not available at many events where club athletes compete this has not been recorded in the All Time list. However, in the club records (there is a separate list on the website) the club committee agreed that records would be recorded with and without wind gauge due to the potential advantage that might be achieved with wind assistance.

Changes in weight/distance. Over the years there have been weight changes for throwing implements and some distance changes in track events.

Veteran athlete all time list. In 2017 I decided to start a veteran athlete all time list. Veteran athletes are those aged 35+ and compete in 5 year age bands. The data should be complete for the 2017 season and I have tried to fill in gaps for previous years where I’ve been able to find details on Power of 10 or in British Masters or regional Masters clubs records. There will inevitably be lots of historical gaps, but the intention is to update this each year. This list is more for fun, therefore if any veterans want to provide me with details of historic performances I’ll add these in. Performances are diverse as many veterans fill in during league matches and compete in events outside their normal range. We also have some world champion veterans.

Who to contact if you have updates? Janet Dickinson. Email:

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