Paul Consani on the bike in the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

Paul Consani was among those featuring in the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

As one of Bournemouth’s favourite triathlon events, the Salty Sea Dog featured a number of athletes with Bournemouth AC connections. That included Caitlin Peers, Paul Consani and Jud Kirk who both compete for Zoom Tri Club. The Salty Sea Dog takes place in on the beach near Southbourne and consisted of a Sprint Triathlon and a Super Sprint Triathlon, which is shorter.

Caitlin, Paul and Jud were taking part in the Sprint race where the task was to complete a 750m sea swim, a 23.4km bike ride and a 5km run. The bike route went from Hengistbury Head along the Overcliff to Boscombe Pier and back. It was two laps of that route. The run was an out and back along the promenade, finishing on the beach.

Paul Consani coming out of the water in the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

Paul is often behind on the swim but claws his way back on the bike and run

The sea was quite choppy on the day which made the swim a bit more difficult to negotiate. Caitlin completed it in 15 minutes and 34 seconds which put her 19th fastest overall and 3rd female. The swimming discipline isn’t really Paul‘s strong suit and he completed it in 17:43 which put him in 49th place overall. He’s used to shipping a bit of time on the swim though and then making it back up on the bike and the run.

Jud completed the swim in 20:29 which put him 102nd overall. Sadly he didn’t go on to complete the bike ride though.

Caitlin Peers in the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

Caitlin Peers had been in excellent form of late

When it came the bike ride, Paul was in his element and he rocketed round the 14 mile route in 39 minutes and 42 seconds which made him 11th fastest overall. Caitlin did well as well, blasting round in 42:53 which put her 22nd overall and again, she was 3rd female.

In running terms, Caitlin had been on fire and had recently recorded a new parkrun PB of 17:42 in Poole. This run wasn’t quite so easy though as the last quarter of a mile was across the sand, making the approach to the finish a real grind.

Caitlin Peers on her run in the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

Caitlin bolts along the seafront

Getting through the 3.28 mile run in 21:06, Caitlin was 8th fastest out of anyone and first female. It was a strong display from her. Paul‘s run was good as well, clocking a time of 21:37 which put him 11th overall.

That put Caitlin‘s over time for the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon at 1 hour 21 minutes and 13 seconds, putting her 11th on the overall leader-board, out of 164 competitors. She was 2nd fastest female as well, so overall, a good result for Caitlin.

Paul Consani on his run in the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

A good bike ride and run put Paul back in the picture

Not far behind at all, Paul clocked a time of 1:21:39 which put him 15th overall and he was also 4th fastest in the 45-49 division. Again, it was an excellent performance from Paul and a decent result to show for it.

Former Bournemouth AC man Josh Cole was there as well and he finished 3rd in the overall standings in a time of 1:11:27. He was 6th fastest on the swim, 3rd fastest on the bike and fastest out of anyone on the run, recording a time of 18:49.

Paul Consani after the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

Paul finished 15th overall and 4th in the 45-49 category

Putting in an extremely impressive display to finish 2nd overall in a time of 1:07:07 was Chris Harris, who has recently been attending some of the Tuesday night interval sessions at Bournemouth AC, along with his partner Natalie Green who was also racing.

Chris was 2nd fastest out of anyone in the swim, completing it in 11:51. On the bike, he was faster than anyone else, spinning round in 34:49. Then on the run he was 2nd fastest behind Josh, with a time of 18:59.

Natalie Green on her bike in the Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon

Natalie Green finished as first female and 7th overall

Finishing as first female and 7th overall in a time of 1:17:54, it was a marvellous performance from Natalie Green. She was the fastest female in the swim, completing it in 13:14 and she was 2nd fastest on the bike, getting round in 41:06. In the run, she was 3rd fastest female, clocking a time of 22:02.

The overall winner was Ted Ward who completed the race in 1:06:58, putting him nine seconds ahead of Chris. He was 51 seconds quicker than Chris on the swim, which was the difference maker. He 2nd fastest on the bike and 3rd quickest on the run in a time of 19:37. That was where Chris came very close to overturning the advantage but couldn’t quite manage it in the end.

Natalie Green and her dog Mole

Natalie has been joining in with the Tuesday night sessions at Bournemouth AC

In the Super Sprint race, it was another young man with Bournemouth AC connections who came out on top. That was Oscar Newbery, who ripped his way through the event in 38 minutes 17 seconds. The Super Sprint race was effectively half the distance of the Sprint.

Oscar was far and away quicker than anyone else though, with the 2nd placed person getting round in 47:50. To come out of such a short race with 9 minute 33 second advantage was quite incredible and gives a glimpse of the heights Oscar could reach.