BAC's winning BAL team after their victory at Kings Park

BAC’s winning BAL team after their victory at Kings Park

BAC‘s British Athletics League team scored a resounding win in the Round 3 match at Kings Park on 2 July, with promotion to Division 2 now within reach. With a similar strong performance at the final match in Yeovil on 6 August, the team would be very unlucky indeed to remain in Division 3. Just what an achievement the Round 3 match result is should not be underestimated. This is the National League, with 4 Divisions, and all 8 teams competing at Kings Park turned up with full squads.

In the League, after Match 3, BAC are third of the eight teams with Newquay & Par AC top and Havering AC second.  It was a true team performance at Kings Park, but congratulations to our athletes who achieved Grade results, particularly James Lelliott, with no fewer than two Grade 1 results, two Grade 2 and one Grade 3, in addition to competing in two further events!  Kevin Hodgson (2 x Grade 2), Andrew Brown (Grade 2) and Scott Rutter (Grade 3) also recorded Graded results.

The full list of BAC‘s heroes at Kings Park is as follows: Nigel Hayman (400mH A String 8th 62.91; 110mH B 4th 16.74); Jamie Williamson (400mH B 8th 86.40; HJ A 5th 1.80); Piers Copeland (800m A 1st 1.56.45); Karl Welch (800m B 2nd 1.58.85; 400m B 8th 57.63); James Lelliott (100m A 2nd 10.90 – Grade 2; 4x100m – BAC 1st; LJ A 1st 7.61 – Grade 1; DT A 4th 39.07 – Grade 3; TJ A 5th 13.87 – Grade 2; JT A 1st 58.25 – Grade 1; SP A 7th 11.61); Kevin Hodgson (100m B 1st 10.98 – Grade 2; 200m A 2nd 21.74 – Grade 2; 4x100m – BAC 1st); Josh King (3000m s/c A 2nd 9.54.39; 4x400m – BAC 5th); Roy Long (3000m s/c B 6th 12.35.65); Adam Carpenter ( 110mH A 3rd 15.74; 4x100m – BAC 1st; PV A 5th 1.00; DT B 3rd 32.60); Lewis Sainval (400m A 5th 52.28; 4x400m – BAC 5th); Jamie Grose (1500m A 2nd 4.06.66; 4x400m – BAC 5th); Rob McTaggart (1500m B 3rd 4.13.98); Scott Rutter (200m B 3rd 22.30 – Grade 3; 4x100m – BAC 1st); Daniel Mulryan (5000m A 3rd 15.51.43); David Long (5000m B 1st 15.59.76); Cameron Hale (4x400m – BAC 5th; PV B 1st 1.00; HJ B 3rd 1.80); Simon Armstrong (HT A 7th 32.69); Andrew Sheerin (HT B 5th 30.30; SP B 6th 10.31); Rob Woolgar (LJ B 4th 6.27); Andrew Brown (JT B 1st 52.54 – Grade 2).

So, congratulations to all the team, and to the Team Manager, Tim Hughes, and thanks also to all the BAC officials, and visiting officials from other clubs, who helped to make the hosting of this fixture by BAC a success.