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Jazmin Cooke Wins High Jump at Yeovil Open with an Outstanding PB Performance.

Yeovil Olympiads Athletics Club played host to their first athletics meeting of 2020 at the Bill Whistlecroft Arena on Saturday 29 August.

As the Yeovil Games 2020 cannot take place under the current restrictions, the club have scheduled two mini-opens with this Field Open Meeting being the first. The second is scheduled for Saturday 5 September which includes track events up to 800m.

BAC’s Jazmin Cooke entered the High Jump, her top event and she meant business.

The day started with an apprehensive drive with Jazmin’s support crew in tow (AKA Claire Cooke and Peter Lock). Although the journey was shrouded with nerves, this provided a good base for Jazmin’s adrenaline and passion for success. When they arrived at Yeovil track, it was a very calm atmosphere and the nerves soon settled.

This was the first HJ competition of the season and Jazmin was able to watch the men’s HJ first, a brilliant event before heading over to the waiting area for her own event.
The athletes were taken over in accordance with Covid guidance. The athletes were able to position their run ups and practise jumping prior to the start of the competition. Jazmin put the bar to 1.50m and felt good so she decided to start at 1.56m. She waited in anticipation for the other athletes to commence their jumps.

Jazmin Cooke Focused

It was vital for Jazmin to keep her muscles warm as the wind and clouds had dulled the skies by that point. As she limbered up to take on her first jump, the sunshine made a welcome appearance and Jaz flew over the first jump at 1.56m!

Jaz Clears the Bar Convincingly

Jaz waited patiently as the last few competitors made their final attempts at clearing the bar. The other athletes were unable to stay in the competition and Jaz was then the last girl standing. It was clear she was the winner at that stage.

The next height Jaz attempted was 1.61m and yet again she flew over, clearing it by a good margin. The bar was raised to 1.65m and Jaz convincingly cleared it on her first attempt. As mentioned earlier, Jaz meant business that day and she had a strong belief in herself. She was hungry for success and knew she was could beat last season’s PB of 1.67m. She went for 1.68m and absolutely nailed it in one jump!

Not satisfied with that Jaz asked to raise the bar to 1.70m which was her ultimate goal! She attacked that 1.70m with such determination and drive – she cleared it!!!!

The crowd nearby were cheering passionately and it was no surprise to hear that mum, Claire Cooke was close to tears, what an achievement! To end the day on no less than a high, Jaz attempted 1.72m. However; the exhaustion and realisation had kicked in and she couldn’t quite get the energy she needed to clear it. Regardless, she is over the moon with her results and what an outstanding performance.

Well done Jaz! We’re looking forward to seeing you in action again.

Membership: Important Note

Membership Update March 26th 2021

Many thanks to all members who, following the latest update have completed a ‘Membership Renewal Extension’ online and (where appropriate) have paid their EA fee for the EA year from 1st April 2021.

As with previous years, in early April I will be paying the Club’s EA affiliation together with all the individual athletes’ EA registrations for those who have paid. It would be very helpful, therefore if all those who are yet to pay their EA fee, do so as soon as possible to enable their fee to be included in the bulk payment the club will be making.

The recent email correspondence from England Athletics about the EA registrations has caused some confusion and to clarify, EA have for this year extended the period during which clubs can make these payments to 31st August (from the usual date of 30th June).

The athlete registration fee of £15 does still have to be paid for athletes to retain their registration. In addition, most of the track and field leagues check that competing athletes’ registrations are up to date, therefore anyone wishing to represent BAC in competitions, will need to ensure their EA fee is paid.

In addition, there are a number of athletes who didn’t renew their membership in 2020. It is imperative that all those wishing to remain members of BAC and have the opportunity to compete for the club in 2021renew their membership as soon as possible.

I would just remind everyone that all ‘renewal extensions’ and membership renewals can be done online via the club website. Follow this link:

If anyone has any queries about their current membership and EA status, please email the club and I can clarify the position for them.

Dave Parsons

Membership Secretary

26th March 2021