The 2009/10 Hampshire League season finished in fine style for BAC at Hudson's Field, Salisbury on 13 February 2010. There were two team successes in particular, for the Senior Men's team, who came second, thus securing their second place in Division 1 for the season, and for the U15 Boys, who achieved third place on the day, bringing them to sixth place overall. Ryan Saunders is to be congratulated on achieving 1st U20 on the day, as is Daisy Harper Brown, who was seventh of the U17 Women.

BAC results were as follows:

Senior Mens

5. Steve Way 29.37; 7. Ryan Saunders 30.10 (1st U20); 18. Ian Habgood 30.57; 22. Jon Sharkey 31.25; 38. Simon Munro 32.56; 87. Nick Kenchington 36.46; 103. Simon Hunt 38.12. (2nd Team)

U15 Boys

8. Jamie Grose 13.47; 15. Declan Toth 14.18; 20. Brinley Stone 14.36; 28 Brendan Kirkton 15.21. (3rd Team)

U13 Boys

25. Lewis Golden (no time due to computer fault).

U17 Women

7. Daisy Harper Brown 15.51.

Aggregate positions for the season:

Senior Men Team - 2nd (Division 1). The team having been promoted to Division 1 this season means this is an exceptionally good result.
Senior Men Individual - 7. Jon Sharkey; 8. Ian Habgood.
U20 Men Individual - 1. Ryan Saunders (following Fergus O'Reilly's first place last season as U17 winner, we believe these are the only two individual winners we have had in the Hampshire League)
U17 Men Individual - 5. Fergus O'Reilly (Fergus didn't compete at Hudson's Field).
U15 Boys Team - 6th
U17 Women Individual - 7. Daisy Harper Brown.