Wessex League Cross Country Archive 2009/2010

It is a bit difficult compiling a report of the season at this stage, as the Wessex League website is in the course of re-construction, and only limited details of the fixtures and the results are available on it. The season's fixtures were at Bournemouth (1 November 2009), Salisbury (29 November 2009), Langport (24 January 2010 - though cancelled because of the weather), Ham Hill (1 February 2010) and Avon Heath (28 March 2010).

Full results are available only for the final fixture at Ham Hill:

Senior Men: 3. Jon Sharkey 33.00; 4. Ian Habgood 33.22; 6. Rob McTaggart 34.17.

U15 Boys: 3. Declan Toth 14.50; 4. Brinley Stone 15.04; 7. Brendan Kirkton 16.00.

U13 Boys: 3. Lewis Golden 10.26.

U17 Women: 1. Daisy Harper Brown 20.41.

On the day, the BAC Senior Mens and U15 Boys teams were the winning teams.

To count for an overall position, it was necessary to compete in at least three of the fixtures, and the website shows the positions of the athletes who so competed. The BAC athletes who did this were as follows:

U13 Boys

Lewis Golden, whose finishing positions were 3rd, 2nd, 4th and 3rd - Lewis' aggregate position at the end of the season was 2nd overall.

U15 Boys

Declan Toth - 3,3,3,3 (2nd overall) Sam Walrond - 4,4,6 (4th overall) Brinley Stone - 6,4,4 (5th overall) Brendan Kirkton - 7,5,8,7 (6th overall).

U17 Men

Aaron Walrond - 1,1,1 (1st overall)

U17 Women

Daisy Harper Brown - 1,1,1 (1st overall)

The only BAC team to be complete for at least 3 of the fixtures was the U15 Boys team, which was the winning team for its category this season. So congratulations to all who took part, but especially to the U15 Boys team, and to Daisy Harper Brown and Aaron Walrond, for their winning positions for the season.

Apologies to any BAC athlete who may have competed in only one or two of the first three fixtures, who will not be mentioned here, but, unfortunately, as mentioned, the Wessex League website is incomplete at present.