Track Roundup 2010

In my previous club at the end of each year I would do a brief roundup of the club's performance over that year. As I have only been with the club since April, this year's round up won't be quite as insightful as last year's effort and I am bound to miss details. Hopefully things will get better next year and in subsequent years.

On the face of it 2010 was a disappointing year for Bournemouth AC, they were relegated from Division 3 of the British Athletics League; relegated from Division 3W of the Southern Men's League; finished bottom of the National Junior League Itchen division; relegated from the Southern Premier West division of the National Young Athletes League and finished joint 2nd from bottom of the Wessex League. The saving grace of the year were our southern women who finished fourth in their division.

Not to dwell on such negativeness there were some excellent individual performances as well as remarkable displays of team spirit throughout the year which this roundup will attempt to highlight.

Leagues Summary:

British Athletics League

As I mentioned above the British Athletics League men were relegated from division 3 and next year will face off against Southampton AC, Mansfield Harriers, Victoria Park and whoever gets promoted in the promotion match on 18th September to the 4th division of the BAL. Although hopes were high going into the final fixture the tide of Yeovil victories proved too much to overcome and we finished just 43 agonising match points away from staying in the league, less than 3 more A string victories over the course of the season.

7 athletes would make it to all four BAL fixtures in 2010, Matt Sloane would score the most points for the club by winning all but one High Jump A strings, just two points away from the maximum 64. Ryan Saunders, U20 [pictured] would achieve a similar feat clinching convincing victories in the first three fixtures' 800m A races, only being beaten in the final fixture by Chris Gowell who is heading off to the Commonwealth games this year. Completing the list of athletes who competed at all four fixtures were Darryn Campbell, Rob Hardyman, Rob McTaggart and Aaron Harris who would achieve big points in the A string javelin over the course of the year.

Although only at 3 of the fixtures Simon Fricker would still manage to score a hoard of points for the club in a combination of Discus and Shot, in the latter of which he would achieve 2 A string victories and an A string 2nd place.

Next year there will be only 6 teams in the division. In 2010 we finished 4th in the Winchester fixture (nearly 3rd); we defeated Southampton AC in the league and the team have shown they're more than capable of making it back into the higher division.

Southern Men's League

The performance of our Southern Men's League team matched very closely with their performance last year and the reason remains the same, a lack of strength in depth at this level of competition. It should be said however that our 15th place in the league is a bit harsh, over the course of the year we finished 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th and 4th each time competing against 3 other clubs giving us 8 league points. 12th through 15th place in the table all had the same number of league points so we were close to finishing much higher up, just one more match point at our first home fixture would have done the trick! It just goes to show that one point can make a difference.

Team manager Peter Briant would be the only man to make it to all 5 fixtures and in doing so would achieve the most points for BAC, nearly double his closest rival. He also came the closest to achieving maximum points in both the Discus and Shot, managing 18 in each out of a possible 20.

David Flicos, Dave Pain and Ian Graham would make it to four of the fixtures. Even before I joined the club I knew of David Flicos' prolific ability to compete in as many events as possible, entering the Bournemouth declaration into the computer whenever I was scoring would always be very easy! 2010 was no different as David would perform in 11 different events ranging from the 400m H to the pole vault.

With so many home fixtures in 2010 and so many people having to fill in events over the year it is hard to imagine Bournemouth wouldn't do a lot better if the ban on competing in both the BAL and SML was lifted.

Southern Women's League

It was a Yo-Yo year for our Southern Women, they would finish 5th, 8th, 1st, 8th and 3rd, each time competing against the same 9 other clubs. When all was said and done they maintained their position to finish fourth in Division 1 West.

Competing in all 5 fixtures in 2010 were Sarah Kearsey, Jemma Bates, Rosie Wootten and Sian Long. Krisztina Black, Katrina White, Amelia Willcock and Phoebe Dowson [pictured] would compete in 4 of the available fixtures though Phoebe can be excused from the last fixture as she was competing at winning the UK Schools' games. Sarah, Jemma and Krisztina would all score over 100 points for Bournemouth over the course of the season which isn't trivial when you only get 10 points for an A string victory!

Sarah would tot up her points over the 80m Hurdles and 300m Hurdles, winning all but one of her sprint hurdles across all 5 A string races. Krisztina pulled in big points in the throws dropping just 5 points over the season in her Hammer and Shot whilst Jemma would prove a solid points scorer in the sprints.

Big up to our U13's who stepped up to compete against the U15's in the league this year: Jordan Norton and Rosie Wootten; in fact not only did Rosie compete in all the Southern Women's League competitions she also competed in all the National Young Athlete and Wessex Leagues, a total of 13 competitions as well as various opens and schools competitions throughout the year. Sarah Kearsey would come very close to matching this feat, in her final year of being able to do so she competed in all the National Young athletes' leagues and all but one of the Wessex fixtures.

National Young Athlete's League

Last year Bournemouth AC (combined with Poole Runners) were promoted into the Southern Premier Division (West) however unfortunately the level of competition would prove too strong and next year we will be returning to the 'Southern 1 South West' Division (it rolls off the tongue doesn't it!) and competing against Hillingdon AC, Worthing, Winchester, Guildford & Goldalming, AFD, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, the New Forest and probably another team but the 'Southern 2 West' Division league table is full of zeros :/

There were some very strong individual performances: Rosie Wootten [Pictured], Nicholas Hunt and Alex Cox would all achieve clean sweep A string victories in the High Jump, Rosie at U13, Nicholas at U15 and Alex at U17. Other strong performances would come from Declan Toth who won all but one of his 800m races and Sarah Kearsey in the 300m H where she would drop only one point despite running her PB of 47.5 that day; Sarah would go on to do the hurdles double by also collecting 23 out of a maximum 24 points in the 80m H.

The top points scorer for the boys in the league was Nicholas Hunt showing the versatility which would lead him to taking 5 U15B club records this year. Nicholas would amass his points total by competing at all four NYAL fixtures alongside Declan, Alex, Josh Nevin, Nishan Brooks, Brendan Kirkton, Tori Coltart, Rosie Wootten and Sarah Kearsey; Sarah going on to become the top points scorer for the girls.

The range of abilities of our Young Athletes is shown by Nicholas, Declan, Josh, Sarah and Katrina White all competing in 5 different events throughout the year, often winning or placing very highly.

Wessex League

The Wessex League is always seen as a more friendly competitive alternative to the NYAL, encouraging our youngsters to have a go at events they would not normally get a chance to attempt. There is only one division, no chance of promotion and therefore clubs are competing for pride above anything else. Taken in this context and a clash with several other fixtures (e.g. U13 Inter Counties) our 17= league position is not disappointing as the league fulfilled its goals.

Just because the league is friendly does not mean we didn't see our share of excellent performances however, Bournemouth set 3 Wessex league records in 2010: Phoebe Dowson (U17W Discus, 38.95m); Nicholas Hunt (U15B Long Jump, 6.37m) and our U15B 4x100m team of Harvey Darby, Kevin Hodgson, Jareth Stubbington and Richard Galloway in a time of 47.7

Harvey Darby was the only boy to travel to all 4 matches and as such gained the most points for BAC out of any of the boys. Two girls would make it to all 4 fixtures: Storm Quarchioni and Rosie Wootten (again!) with Rosie going on to scoring the most points for BAC overall winning the A string Shot at every competition and every A string High Jump in which she would compete.

Harvey would come the closest out of the boys to scoring maximum points in his event, U15B 200m, achieving 22 out of a maximum possible 24. Out of those who would make it to three of the matches Jack Simpkins would achieve maximum points in the U13B 100m B string, Georgia Hurd (first year U15) would only miss one point in the 100m and Long Jump A string followed by Katrina White (first year U17) dropping a single point in the U17W Long Jump B string.

Joe Rutherford, 200m at Bournemouth in April

National Junior League

Just like the National Young Athlete's League Bournemouth competes in the National Junior league combined with Poole Runners however unlike in the NYAL where Poole Runners made up about 50% of the team over the year (rough guess) Bournemouth would contribute the vast majority of athletes to the NJL team and we therefore lacked strength in depth in many areas.

Nobody was able to compete at all 4 fixtures in 2010, the closest was U17 Gary Jones who competed in three matches, scoring very highly in the Shot, Discus and Hammer. Gary would go on to win the A string Shot and Discus at the first fixture at Winchester and use the competition as a springboard to his English Schools and U17 England Athletics Championships campaigns. Indeed many of our Junior League athletes took advantage of the competition on their road to higher competition elsewhere, Matt Sloane, Alex Cox, Ben Amey, Conor Mugan and Richard Felton would all go on to compete in the British League team in 2010.

Quad Kids

Report by Martin Long
This League is run alongside the Wessex League Matches and intoduces our U11 athletes to competitive athletics. They have to compete in four events, Sprint, Middle Distance run, Longjump and Vortex throw, each event is scored according to time or distance and the team with the most points wins the competition. We recorded our best ever results this season with a second place and three third places from four matches. All of our young athletes recorded excellent results with a few top performances from Darshan Brooks ranked No.1 with a vortex throw of 39.44 metres, Glen Balfour ranked 5th with a 600m time of 1.56, Danielle Broom ranked 3rd with a sprint time of 11.40 sec and Abby Hurd ranked 3rd with a Vortex throw of 29.39 metres.

Club Records:

The following club records were broken in 2010:

Aaron Harris (SM Javelin, 63.35m). Previous record was held by Richard Dinham, 59.02 from 1989.
Serita Shone (SW Heptathlon, 4885).
Ryan Saunders (U20M 800m, 1:50.48). Previous record was held by Colin McCourt, 1:51.40 from 2002
Matt Sloane (U20M High Jump, 2.08m). Previous record was 2.03, a mark shared by Colin Boreham (1974), James Leaver (1994), Simon Kett (1994) and Matt himself (2009).
James Lelliott (U20M Decathlon, 6508). Previous record was held by Richard Reeks, 5757 from 2004.
Phoebe Dowson (U17W Discus, 44.73m). Previous record was held by Lyn Smith, 39.08 from 1974. Phoebe would throw over this 10 times this year.
Natalie Whisken [pictured] (U15G Javelin, 38.94m). Previous record was held by Natalie herself, 37.95 from last year.
Nicholas Hunt (U15B Triple Jump, 13.05m). Previous record was held by Mark LeBreton, 12.49 (1974).
Nicholas Hunt (U15B Pole Vault, 3.10m). Previous record was held by Roberto Feller, 3.06m (1986).
Nicholas Hunt (=U15B High Jump, 1.93m). Joint record with Alex Cox, 1.93 (2008).
Nicholas Hunt (U15B Discus, 43.54m). Previous record was held by James Rumbold, 43.42m (1996).
Nicholas Hunt (U15B Pentathlon, 3169). Previous record was held by Alex Cox, 2682 (2007)
Rosie Wootten (U13G High Jump, 1.50). Previous record was held by Jill Woodwin, 1.49m (1982)


At the end of the day Athletics is an individual sport and it is the primary goal of the club to enable Athletes to reach their full potential in their individual events, to this end there were some impressive 2010 performances in the various national or international championships by Bournemouth AC athletes.

Top 4 performances:

Serita Shone (Long Jump) 2nd at British Universities (Heptathlon) 4th Home Countries Combined Events International. Ranked 5th UK U23W Heptathlon

Ryan Saunders (1500m) 2nd at England Athletics U20 Championships. Ranked 7th UK U20M 1500m; 8th UK U20M 800m

Bradley Pickup (Long Jump) 3rd at British Universities. Ranked 9th UK U23M Long Jump

Jemma Tewkesbury (Javelin) 3rd at England Athletics U23 Championships. Ranked 5th UK U23W Javelin

James Lelliott (Decathlon) 1st English Schools Combined Events, 2nd [U20] Home Countries Combined Events International. Ranked 5th UK U20M Long Jump; 11th UK U20M Decathlon

Young Athletes:
Phoebe Dowson (Discus) 1st at SEAA U17s, 1st England Athletics U17s, 1st English Schools, 1st SIAB Schools International, 1st UK Schools' Games. Ranked 1st UK U17W Discus

Nicholas Hunt [pictured] (High Jump) 1st England Athletics U15s, 1st English Schools (Long Jump) 2nd England Athletics U15s (Shot) 4th England Athletics U15s (Pentathlon) 1st English Schools Combined Events. Ranked 1st UK U15B High Jump, 10th UK U15B Pole Vault, 2nd UK U15B Long Jump, 2nd UK U15B Triple Jump, 1st UK U15B Shot Putt, 5th UK U15B Discus, 6th UK U15B Hammer, 1st UK U15B Pentathlon

Natalie Whisken (Javelin) 1st SEAA U15s, 2nd England Athletics U15s, 2nd English Schools. Ranked 3rd UK U15G Javelin

Alex Cox (High Jump) 2nd SEAA U17s, 2nd England Athletics U17s. Ranked 2nd= UK U17M High Jump

Gary Jones (Discus) 3rd England Athletics U17s, 4th English Schools. Ranked 9th UK U17M Discus

Matthew Aldridge [pictured] (High Jump) 3rd English Schools. Ranked 6th UK U15B High Jump

Bill Legg (Shot) 1st at British Masters
Andrew Turner (Shot) 1st at British Masters (Discus) 3rd at British Masters
Yvonne Miles (Hammer) 2nd at British Masters (Shot) 4th at British Masters
Jean Fail (80m H) 1st at British Masters (Long Jump) 1st at British Masters
Krisztina Black (Hammer) 1st at British Masters (Weight Throw) 4th at British Masters

Honorable Mentions:
Matt Sloane finished 4th= UK U20M High Jump
Rosie Wootten finished 5th= UK U13G High Jump.

All rankings correct 13/09/2010

I apologise for any errors and omissions, I have attempted to keep this round-up as factual as possible to avoid bias - Problems? Also feel free to mail if you want to add to this 2010 summary.