2014 Tables: 10k, Ten Mile and Half Marathon

Bournemouth Athletic Club now has a road running club championship. The club presentations only offer one trophy for road running and that is for the fastest marathon time of the year. Other running clubs offer an internal incentive to compete and that's what this aims to achieve

Considering member numbers and to involve everyone who competes, the format is slightly different than the 'run x number of races and accumulate points' strategy. There will be a trophy for 10k, 10 mile and half marathon. Instead of the fastest in each distance winning the trophy, the age grade system will be used to determine who comes out on top.

Please email or ask down at the track with any questions. The 'year' will run from the 1st November until the 31st October. For previous years, see the bottom of this page.


Name Time Race Age Grading
Steve Way31.58Christchurch3988.22%
Jacek Cieluszecki31.37Christchurch3687.29%
Helen Ambrosen45.25Christchurch5782.81%
Peter Thompson32.59Christchurch2981.48%
Janie Chapman40.23Christchurch4681.36%
Graeme Miller35.4Christchurch4280.86%
Robin Copestick33.49Christchurch3480.69%
Rob McTaggart33.36Round The Lakes2879.92%
Antonio Ruiz36.57Damiel, Spain4378.64%
Simon Munro34.53Boscombe2576.97%
Manol Dimitrov35.1Boscombe2476.35%
Dave Parsons45.55Boscombe6475.35%
Tony Chutter42.22Christchurch5374.24%
Simon Hearn39.52Christchurch4574.02%
Billy McGreevy36.21Christchurch2973.93%
Andy Gillespie44.22Boscombe5572.09%
Steve Cox42.03Christchurch4771.28%
Caroline Rowley45.05Boscombe4270.45%
Andy Jennings38.39Christchurch3169.8%
Cherry Sheffrin43.35Boscombe2969.6%
Paul Consani39.51Christchurch3669.25%
Ian Graham51.26Round The Lakes6668.51%
Chris Chatfield49.03Boscombe5766.32%
Corrie Norton43.22Round The Lakes1764.83%
Joe Price44.13Boscombe2160.96%
Will Price54.38Round The Lakes5960.58%

10 Miles

Name Time Race Age Grading
Josh Cole 53.41 Lordshill 23 82.68%
Janie Chapman 66.46 Wimborne 46 80.59%
Helen Ambrosen 76.52 Wimborne 57 80.13%
Graeme Miller 60.23 Wimborne 41 77.62%
Dave Parsons 75.49 Wimborne 64 75.29%

Half Marathon

Name Time Race Age Grading
Ian Habgood 69.35 Gosport 29 85.01%
Billy McGreevy 81.14 Gosport 29 72.82%

Past Years:

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