Luckily, Providence wasn't tempted (not this time!) by the report of BAC's 100% record in League Races this year, as in the 20k Puddletown Plod on 13 June BAC's yellow tide swept all before it! Not only were our athletes the first five home, thus securing another League win, but also the course record (previously held by Carl Welch) was smashed by Steve Way, Chris Birch achieved the award for first O60, having finished an incredible 8th overall, and Janie Chapman was the first lady to cross the line. Simon Munro, although missing out on the first team prize (for which the first four counted), demonstrated his continuing progress in fifth place (and thus completing the team for the League), thus beating Peter Rabjohns and Mark Pittaway (6th and 7th respectively) - two very respectable scalps to take! A win at the next League race, the Portland 10 on 4 July (entry forms available at, would secure the League title for 2010.


1. Steve Way 1.07.02 (new course record); 2. Ian Habgood 1.12.04; 3. Robin Copestick 1.14.00; 4. Ian White 1.15.40; 5. Simon Munro 1.16.59; 8. Chris Birch 1.19.18 (1st O60); 26. Janie Chapman 1.29.50 (1st lady); 30. Dave Parsons 1.31.17; 37. Ian Graham 1.33.47; 81. Cherry Sheffrin 1.47.21. There were 146 finishers.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the BAC flag was being kept flying by Jon Sharkey, who won the Barton 10k (north of Luton) in a time of 37.34.