Gold Hill 10K - 9 October 2011

This race had become the 'clincher' in deciding the final result of the Road Race League for 2011, and BAC Senior Mens' team delivered, but it was by no means a foregone conclusion! However, excellent runs, and some close 'packing' by BAC's five scorers, meant that the Poole Runners challenge, which has been ever-present throughout the year, was just held off. The performance was all the more remarkable considering that three of the team, Ian Habgood, Steve Way, and Simon Munro, showing a captain's example, had been instrumental in achieving a second place in Division 1 of the Hampshire Cross Country League the day before. Ian Habgood was the outright winner, with Steve Way, just returning to form after a well-deserved post-marathon break, and dealing with a niggling injury, and an ever-improving Robin Copestick in 4th and 5th place, and very shortly after that Simon Munro and Jon Sharkey 7th and 8th. Credit also has to be given to Graeme Miller, who, in 11th position, pushed back (not literally!) our competitors' two last scorers, with the result that their combined score equalled that of the entire scoring BAC team.

The other BAC winner of the day was Janie Chapman, who collected the trophy for the first lady overall. Janie is, of course, a veteran, and is to be congratulated on, once again, running faster than her 'junior' colleagues in terms of age. It is also worth mentioning that two of BAC's veterans in the Gold Hill race, Ian Graham and Andy Gillespie, also ran in the Hampshire League race the day before.

The Road Race League, Division 1 Men, position is that BAC's best seven placings so far give us a total of 9 points. If Poole Runners were to win the remaining two League races they would score 10 points. However, hopefully we will not rest on our laurels, and will field strong teams for the final League races. It has been an interesting and challenging and enjoyable League competition this year.

BAC results:
1. Ian Habgood 33.31; 4. Steve Way 35.03; 5. Robin Copestick 35.18; 7. Simon Munro 35.40; 8. Jon Sharkey 36.25; 11. Graeme Miller 37.57; 24. Jud Kirk 41.04; 26. Janie Chapman 41.26; 52. Ian Graham 45.15; 59. Andy Gillespie 46.04; 100. Helen Ambrosen 50.06; 122 Janet Dickinson 52.31.