Junction Quarter Marathon - 1 January 2013

An individual win, team wins in the open and League races, and a Ladies' team all added up to an excellent start to 2013! In the Junction Quarter Marathon, held on New Year's Day, in a race for the line, Rob McTaggart outsprinted Steve Way to win the race outright by 2 seconds, with Jacek Cieluszecki following in fourth position to complete the winning open team. Club Captain Simon Munro was not far behind in tenth, and, completing the winning League team in nineteenth position, was Paul Chapman. A welcome is extended to three athletes, running in BAC vests for the first time, namely Gemma Bragg (Gemma's husband, BAC member Jez Bragg, is at present running, cycling, etc. his way down the entire length of New Zealand, as followers on Twitter will know), Caroline Rowley and Steve Cox. Gemma and Caroline were the second and third members of the BAC Ladies' team, which was headed by Janie Chapman. Although the Ladies' open team event was won by Poole Runners, the second and third team positions were very closely contested, and Poole Athletic Club might just have pushed BAC into third. However, in the League, Poole Runners and Poole Athletic Club are in Division 1, so what is clear is that the BAC Ladies, after the first League race of the year, are leading Division 2. So it was a successful day for BAC and all of the 15 BAC athletes who were amongst the 264 who finished the race can consider themselves part of the success!

Results (BAC):
1. Rob McTaggart 35.23; 2. Steve Way 35.25; 4. Jacek Cieluszecki 36.09; 10. Simon Munro 38.23; 19. Paul Chapman 40.29; 21. Graeme Miller 40.57; 61. Janie Chapman 44.06; 63. Simon Hearn 44.35; 78. Ian Graham 45.53; 81. Gemma Bragg 45.59; 83. Caroline Rowley 46.04; 99. Steve Cox 47.16; 102. Joe Price 47.44; 166. Dave Parsons 53.00; 248. Will Price 1.03.32.

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Jabek Cieluszecki, 4th

Rob McTaggart, 1st

Rob McTaggart, 1st Male

Simon Munro, 10th

Steve Way, 2ns

Gemma Bragg

Jacek Cieluszecki

Paul Chapman and Graeme Miller

Rob McTaggart

Rob McTaggart

Simon Hearn

Simon Munro

Steve Way

Janie Chapman 1st BAC lady to finish

Joe Price