Blackmore Vale Half Marathon - 3 February 2013

New signing Chris Weeks made an impressive start by running his way into the BAC Senior Mens' Team which dominated the field in the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon, held in cold conditions, at times with an icy headwind, on Sunday 3 February. Steve Way won the race outright, running for much of the course on his own, such that second and third placed Jacek Cieluszecki and Peter Thompson followed Steve by more than five minutes, despite themselves running very good races. An athlete from another club was allowed into fourth place, closely followed by Club Captain Simon Munro in fifth, and Chris in sixth to complete the BAC League team. The Ladies' Team also had a noteable result, led, as they were, by Janie Chapman, who was the third lady overall, and first FV 45, with the team completed by Caroline Rowley and Helen Ambrosen. With 13 athletes competing, part of 511 finishers in all, this was a good day for BAC!

Results (BAC):
1. Steve Way 1.10.03; 2. Jacek Cieluszecki 1.15.54; 3. Peter Thompson 1.16.21; 5. Simon Munro 1.18.49; 6. Chris Weeks 1.19.22; 17. Graeme Miller 1.21.14; 34. Paul Chapman 1.26.04; 50. Janie Chapman 1.28.24; 57. Richard Nelson 1.29.17; 99. Ian Graham 1.34.50; 156. Andy Gillespie 1.39.41; 179. Caroline Rowley 1.41.44; 206. Helen Ambrosen 1.44.03.

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Jacek Cieluszecki 2nd in BVHM 2013

Janie Chapman 3rd lady, 1st FV45 in BVHM 2013

Peter Thompson 3rd in BVHM 2013

Steve Way winner BVHM 2013