Weymouth 10 - 12th October 2013

The highlights for BAC from the Weymouth 10 mile race, run on Saturday 12 October, were the first and second positions of Ian Habgood and Robin Copestick respectively, and an excellent result by our Ladies' team, consisting of Janie Chapman, Caroline Rowley and Helen Ambrosen. As only four Senior BAC Men competed, we had an incomplete League team (for the first time since the North Dorset Village Marathon, May 2011, which was itself the first incomplete team for many years), which meant, for this race, BAC was placed fifth in the League. Well done, though, to Simon Hearn and Steve Cox, who did run, and particularly well done to our Ladies' Team, who were the winning team of Division 2 of the League, and at present are top overall of Division 2.

Results (BAC):
1. Ian Habgood 57.27; 2 Robin Copestick 58.26; 26. Janie Chapman 1.07.58; 30. Simon Hearn 1.08.36; 49. Steve Cox 1.11.54; 80. Caroline Rowley 1.17.04; 90. Helen Ambrosen 1.18.25. There were 214 finishers.