Littledown 5 Mile - 15th September 2013

Jon Sharkey, Simon Munro and Helen Ambrosen were amongst the individual prize winners at the Littledown 5 on Sunday 15 September, and Jon, Simon and Robin Copestick made up the winning Mens' Open Team. It is believed that the League Team of Jon, Simon, Robin, Antonio Ruiz and Corrie Norton were League winners, and that our Ladies' Team of Caroline Rowley, Helen and Paula Kirk were the second League Team of Division two (still time to win the Division!). These are subject to confirmation. We welcome Paula to her first race for BAC, and, sadly, we bid 'adios' to Antonio, who returns to Spain this week, and thank him for his tremendous contribution to BAC, not only in races, but also helping with the coaching at the Wednesday Junior Development evenings.

Results (BAC):
4. Jon Sharkey 27.51; 5. Simon Munro 28.04; 7. Robin Copestick 28.07; 12. Antonio Ruiz 29.00; 25. Corrie Norton 30.54; 38. Paul Consani 32.04; 41. Jud Kirk 32.09; 44. Simon Hearn 32.18; 57. Simon Hunt 33.24; 60. Michael Halpenny 33.31; 70. Steve Cox 34.22; 75. Andy Gillespie 34.39; 100. Caroline Rowley 36.05; 117. Helen Ambrosen 37.25; 125. Paula Kirk 37.48; 129. Jo Price 37.55; 131. Dave Parsons 38.12; 166. Will Price 42.20. There were 265 finishers.