Result Archive : Other Road Results 2010

Received 13th December

Christchurch Christmas 10K

Hargreaves completes heroic hat-trick

Mark Hargreaves made it a hat-trick of top UK ranking performances with a scintillating performance in the Christchurch 10k.

Having topped his UK age group rankings for 10 miles and Half Marathon in recent weeks, Mark was confident a third would be forthcoming. He did so in style taking 29 seconds from the previous lead time leaving a trail of younger teammates in his wake.

Twenty-somethings Ian Habgood, Jon Sharkey and Rob McTaggart were joined by Mark in the early lead group with course record holder Lee Rodriguez and Dorset’s form runner George Miller. The early pace was one of intent, but while working together, the group remained intact until 6k.

Going with the formbook it was George who made the move. It was the 50-year-old Hargreaves who then had the strength to see off the younger trio, who went on to win first Senior Men’s team. Mark, aided by Tony Chutter and a PB from Simon Way were second vets team behind New Forest Runners. There were also personal bests from Simon Munro and Joe Price.

A women’s team consisting of Steph Slade, Carley Rose and Janie Chapman finished second overall despite Carley and Janie not being fully fit and Steph having competed the previous day.

Christmas 10k, BAC results: 2 Mark Hargreaves 32:13, 3 Ian Habgood 32:14, 4 Jon Sharkey 32:24, 5 Rob McTaggart 32:34, 8 Simon Munro 34:26, 14 Robin Copestick 35:35, 18 Tony Chutter 35:50, 19 Simon Way 36:09, 25 Graeme Miller 36:56, 37 Jud Kirk 38:07, 63 (6) Steph Slade 40:08, 73 Joe Price 41:13, 74 Carley Rose 41:13, 90 (9) Janie Chapman 42:21, 137 Simon Hunt 44:33, 178 Ian Swain 46:33, 286 James Price 51:04.

Received 28th November

Boscombe 10k - Sunday 28 November 2010

On a day on which there was a covering of snow on the Purbecks, a total of nine BAC athletes competed in the now well established Boscombe 10k, which starts and finishes at Kings Park, and took home a number of the trophies. Not only was Tony Chutter the first MV50, which was the prize he collected, but, in fact, was the first vet of any category, finishing 4th overall. Chris Birch was the winner of the MV60 category, and Carley Rose was the first lady to cross the line. Congratulations to all our winners, and also to the Senior Mens' team, of Tony Chutter, Duncan Wells and Jud Kirk, who took home the beer awarded to the winning team.

Results: 4. Tony Chutter 36.46; 8. Duncan Wells 38.14; 11. Jud Kirk 38.52; 14. Chris Birch 39.19; 16. Paul Consani 39.51; 18. Carley Rose 40.02; 56. Joe Price 43.21; 87. Mike Farrell 45.40; 147. Chris Chatfield 49.23.

McCain Cross Challenge - Saturday 27 November 2010 (Liverpool)

Liverpool escaped the snow which covered much of the North, but, nevertheless, the ground in Sefton Park Liverpool was very hard underfoot from the heavy frost, when Ryan Saunders competed in the McCain Cross Challenge, which also included the trials for the European Cross Country Championships, in Albufeira, Portugal on December 12th. In Ryan's race (U20) the first three were guaranteed selection, so Ryan, in 4th place, only just missed out on this, his time of 20.20 being only five seconds behind the third-placed athlete, and ten seconds behind the winner. This may not strictly speaking be road-running, and Ryan may be disappointed at not winning a guaranteed place in the UK team by such a small margin, but nevertheless he is to be congratulated on what was, by anyone's standards, a magnificient performance.

Boscombe 5k - Friday 26 November 2010

A number of BAC athletes turned out for the Boscombe 5k, from Boscombe Pier, on a bitterly cold Friday evening. BAC results: 3. Jon Sharkey 15.58; 14. Simon Munro 17.01; 36. Duncan Wells 18.12; 39. Graeme Miller 18.15; 43. Carley Rose 18.17; 44. Jud Kirk 18.20; 46. Mike Cowham 18.26; 51. Steph Slade 18.35; 64. Joe Price 19.13; 87. Simon Hunt 20.22; 138 Veronika Kotatkova 22.01

Shakespeare Raceway 10k - Saturday 20 November 2010

The BAC flag was hoisted in this event, which took place at RAF Long Marston, by Mike Jordan, to whom this is now a local event, who was 158th out of 332 competitors, in a time of 51.30. Married life may be taking its toll on Mike's running, but it is clearly suiting him well!

Meridian 10k (France) – 11 November 2010

Armistice Day is a public holiday in France, and each year, part of the Remembrance is the Meridian 10k, which takes place in Tarbes, near to the home of John and Kath Boyes. Needless to say, John often competes, and this year ran his quickest 10k since the Christmas Pudding race, Christchurch, in 2008. The race is also a qualifying race for the French Championships, and John's time of 37.04 (which brought him in as 4th V2) was well within the qualifying time.

Received 21st November

It was, to a large extent, a weekend for BAC vets, but to concentrate solely on this would be to detract from a fine second place achieved in the Wimborne 10 by Jon Sharkey.

But maybe it's right that, once again, pride of place should go to Mark Hargreaves, competing on Sunday 21 November, in the Gosport Half Marathon, whose time of 1.12.15 means that he's now ranked no. 1 V50 in the country over this distance, to go alongside his no. 1 ranking over 10 miles. Mark finished 7th in a race with more than 2,000 competitors, on a new course, much of which was off public road, on military land which was once the home of HMS Daedalus, a Royal Naval air station, a course which, although completely flat, was often twisty in amongst the now disused buildings. For the first three miles, Mark was running with Lee Pearcey, who has recently been training with BAC on Tuesday evenings, but, as Lee pulled away, Mark found himself 'nipping and tucking' with Nick Baker, and, as the pair of them closed down on Lee during the last two miles, Mark's effort to shake off the younger Nick didn't quite succeed, and Nick finished 2 seconds in front of Mark, with Lee crossing the line in fifth position.

Meanwhile, in the Wimborne 10, on the same day, other BAC veterans were also winning age category awards. The V50 prize was secured by Tony Chutter, and in second place in this category, also securing a prize, was Jud Kirk, and (once again!) the V60 award went to Chris Birch, who described his run as "poor" after a week of night shifts! Also winning a prize was Jon Sharkey, who was second overall, in a field which, at the front, was certainly not lacking in quality, so Jon was justified in declaring himself "satisfied" with his run, even though he missed his primary aim of achieving a PB by 15 seconds. Spare a thought, though, for Janie Chapman, very often the FV40 category winner, who felt unsure at the start of the race that she should really be competing, as an injury lurked, and Janie became more and more uncomfortable as the race went on, but nevertheless she continued to the finish, when many would have given up and dropped out.

Results (Wimborne 10): 2. Jon Sharkey 54.24; 14. Tony Chutter 60.54; 29. Graeme Miller 62.20; 31. Jud Kirk 62.31; 38. Chris Birch 63.38; 51. Richard Nelson 65.13; 112. Ian Graham 70.24; 210. Janie Chapman 78.06; 225. Veronika Kotatkova 79.16 (PB). 467 runners finished the race.

It is perhaps an indication of the growing strength in depth of BAC road running that, although Mark is ranked No. 1 V50 over the half marathon distance, an incredible achievement, his BAC ranking is 6th, after Steve Way, Ian Habgood, Jon Sharkey, Stu Fox and Ian White - all of whom are, of course, much younger than Mark! Furthermore, in the Wimborne 10, not a League race, and not a targetted race, the BAC mens' team of Jon Sharkey, Tony Chutter, Graeme Miller and Jud Kirk was the 3rd mens team, and had this race been a 'target' race, we could have had a team of 5 finishing in front of the actual third placed finisher.

Received 11th November

As well as in the final League race of the year ('Gilly Hilly' - see separate report), BAC was well represented, not only in numbers, but also in winners, at the AECC Dashback, in Bournemouth on 7 November 2010. Jon Sharkey was the overall winner, and is rapidly claiming this race as his own, being the winner of the inaugural event, and this being his third win of the five Dashbacks there have been. Jon was relatively closely pursued by the second athlete to cross the line, 14 seconds after him, but then over 2 minutes elapsed before the third competitor finished. Our other winners were Carley Rose, whose PB over 10k brought her to the top of the ladies' race, and Jud Kirk, the winning MV50. We also had two youngsters making their 10k debuts, namely Joe Arundel and Brendan Kirkton, who turned up to run the scheduled 5k race, but on learning that this had been cancelled, decided they were there to race, and entered, and completed, the 10k. Two names from the past also appeared in the results, namely Charlie Hole (54.25) and Phil Stanley (54.54).

Results: 1. Jon Sharkey 34.01; 9. Jud Kirk 38.25; 11. Carley Rose 38.46; 13. Joe Arundel 39.32; 25. Paul Consani 41.36; 28. Brendan Kirkton 42.02; 37. Joe Price 43.19.

Received 3rd November

The weekend 30/31 October was relatively quiet for BAC athletes, though out of 374 finishers in the Stickler on 31 October, Graeme Miller was 13th in 1.14.36, and Janie Chapman was 3rd F40 (58th overall) in 1.22.52. Third in the race was a BAC 'blast from the past', Brent Jones, who has run a 2.17 marathon in a BAC vest. Brent's time in the Stickler was 1.07.58.

The same day, Jud Kirk was one of a number of BAC competitors in the Wessex League Cross Country at Ringwood (see separate report).

We were privileged to be joined in our training on Tuesday 2 November by none other than Liz Yelling - Liz has tweeted "just the motivation I needed to get out of my comfort zone". What a compliment!

Received 25th October

Dublin Marathon - Monday 25 October 2010

Running his first marathon, Michael Halpenny completed the Dublin Marathon in a very creditable time of 3.24, this following almost even splits, the first half having been run in 1.39.43. Michael was 1345th, out of approximately 10700 runners.

Great South Run - 24 October 2010

Ian Habgood had two targets this weekend - firstly to break the course record of 54.44 at the Weymouth 10 on Saturday 23 October, and secondly to dip below 53 minutes/10 miles in the Great South Run at Portsmouth the next day, 24th October. Any disappointment that the first target was missed by a solitary second (see Road Race League reports above) must surely have been assuaged by the fact that the second was easily met - Ian finished 32nd in the Great South, a race which is rated sufficiently highly to be covered live on TV (in which there were about 15,000 finishers) in a time 52.41 (a PB by a cool 32 seconds), an astonishing achievement considering this was his second 10 mile race in as many days. Not much further down the field, it must have been more-or-less a photo finish to divide 35th and 36th position - 35th was Rob McTaggart, in 53.31 (PB), and 36th was Mark Hargreaves, 53.32, a time which ensured Mark was the winner in his age category. There were yet more PBs by BAC athletes - in 80th position was Simon Way (8th in his age category), whose time of 60.18 knocked over 2 minutes off his PB, and Graeme Miller's time of 61.37 (102nd) was also a PB, as was Rob Hardyman's 61.57 (107th).

The results as at present available don't show every competitor's club, so it's impossible to work out BAC's team position, but it's hard to imagine this was anything other than respectable.

Also running in the Great South was Steph Twell, who is honouring us by presenting the club awards at the Presentation Evening next week. Steph was 6th lady, finishing in 53.50.

Milford and Keyhaven 5 - 23 October 2010

Meanwhile, Jud Kirk completed the Milford and Keyhaven 5 mile race in 30.08 (11th), earning him the 1st V50 award, shortly before Joe Price crossed the line in 33.31 (33rd). There were 223 finishers.

Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon - 24 October 2010

In "pretty windy" conditions, Paul Consani completed this 5k run, 30k bike, 5k run, totalling 24.12 miles in 1.40.39 at Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit near Andover.

Received 22nd October

The weekend 15 - 17 October 2010 was quite a busy one for BAC athletes.

Boscombe 5k Friday 15 October

The first of the winter series of trials at Boscombe Pier took place on Friday evening 15 October, and, in reasonable conditions, BAC was represented by no fewer than 12 competitors, but, more spectacularly, by a 1, 2, 3 finish!

Results: 1. Ian Habgood 15.26; 2. Ryan Saunders 15.28; 3. Rob McTaggart 15.34; 11. Simon Munro 17.03; 36. Jud Kirk 18.12; 38. Duncan Wells 18.18; 50. Mike Cowham 18.41; 53. Paul Consani 18.48; 143. Cherry Sheffrin 22.01; 166. Veronika Kotatkova 22.46; 174. Tim Hughes 23.00; 188 Joe Price 23.45. There were 280 finishers.

Cabbage Patch 10 mile Sunday 17 October

This is a prestigious fast, flat 10 mile course, which, despite a large field, sells out in advance every year, and furthermore attracts some of the top runners. Richard Nerurkar won in 1993 in 46m 2s, and this year's race was won in 47m 47s. All this puts into perspective the remarkable achievement of the BAC team of Ian Habgood (9th - of 1589 finishers - in 53.13), Rob McTaggart (11th in 53.37) and Jon Sharkey (17th in 54.38). With these times, BAC would have been the winning team in the last two years, but this year was pushed into second place by Serpentines, who had 4 in in the first 53, with their first three finishing 6,7 and 8. But to be second team in a race of this calibre is no mean achievement, and Ian, Rob and Jon are to be congratulated on it!

Other races (Sunday 17 October)

In the Salisbury Half Marathon, Andrew Gillespie finished 98th (out of 414) in 1.40.06, and, nearer to home, Simon Way was third in an over-distance Hospice 10k, in 38.46, the race being won by Adam Bardsley in 38.13. After a long absence, Mike Farrell made a welcome return to racing in the Hospice 10k (54th in 50:16).

Received 10th October

Whilst many of our athletes were competing in Hampshire League and Dorset Road Race League events this weekend (see separate reports above and on the Cross Country page), further afield Mike Cowham provided further evidence of the benefits of BAC training, in knocking a full 2 minutes off his PB in the Felixstowe Half Marathon, which he completed in 1.32.30. That 1.30 time is surely not far away! Mike was approximately 50th in a field of 400 plus.

Received 5th October

Sunday 3 October 2010 turned out to be a busy and successful day for BAC athletes.

The Hoburne 5 was won by Mark Hargreaves in 27.12, the third BAC winner of this race in as many years. Not far behind was a previous winner, Robin Copestick, third in 28.00, and in eighth position was Jud Kirk. The second lady to finish the race was Steph Slade, who crossed the line in 31.36.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Bournemouth, Simon Way completed the Studland Stampede, a 12k off-road race starting and finishing on the beach, second overall, in a time of 50.31. He was followed in 34th place by Joe Price (59.06).

Further afield Andrew Gillespie was challenging the Clarendon Marathon, a largely off-road race from Salisbury to Winchester, described by one of the competitiors as "pretty tough, with hills and mud, but not ridiculuosly so". Andrew finished 182nd out of 391, in 4.26.17. There is also a relay marathon, the first leg of which was won by Jon Sharkey.

Omitted from the last report was Jud Kirk's fine performance in the Castlepoint 5k – Jud finished third overall in 18:17.

Received 27th September

On Sunday 26 September Steve Way, on his debut in an England vest, ran the ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, in 2.23.47, in 23rd place, in a race in which there were 2713 finishers. Steve's England team-mates, Dave Norman and Brian Wilder, were 21st (2.23.41) and 27th (2.27) respectively, demonstrating that Steve more than justified his selection to represent his country. Furthermore, Steve was 2nd in his age category (M35 - M39), the 1st in this category being the overall winner of the marathon.

In another marathon, on the same day but nearer to home, Chris Birch again won an O60 trophy. Chris was 15th overall in the New Forest Marathon, which he completed in 3.02.12. Seven minutes earlier, Andy Jennings was 8th (of 496 finishers) in 2.55.30, an addition to the growing band of BAC sub 3 hour marathon runners. In the New Forest Half Marathon, Duncan Wells, returning from injury, was 13th in 81.55, Graeme Miller 17th in 83.13, and we had another winner in Janie Chapman, who was first FV40, finishing 91st overall in 92.24 - there were 1763 finishers in all.

Also on Sunday 26 September, in the Castlepoint 10k, Joe Price smashed his PB completely away, finishing 7th in 19.36 - his previous PB being 19.49.

BAC was represented on both days of the Aldershot Relays which were staged on Saturday and Sunday 25 and 26 September.

Because of other race commitments, holidays, the start of the university terms, and a variety of other reasons, BAC was only able to field a below strength field for the Senior Mens' Relays on Sunday, as is demonstrated by the fact that Ian Graham's lap time was one of the slowest of the day, although admittedly said Ian Graham could have been competing as an O60 had we had such a team! (NB - Ian Graham is the author of this article!) A look at the complete results shows that, particularly after Ian Habgood's opening leg of 18.49, had we had two more runners capable of sub 20 minute laps available, we would probably have followed last year's achievement of qualifying for the National 12 Stage Relays later in the year. Most of the team ran a 2nd leg as part of the incomplete BAC 'B' Team.

The day before, Fergus O'Reilly was the BAC star of the day, running the 2nd fastest lap of the U17 men for the day, and also worthy of particular note is Joshua Nevin's 15th fastest lap of the U15 boys.

Aldershot Relay results (in order in which legs were run):
Saturday 25 September 2010
U13 Boys (incomplete team) Lewis Golden 11.53; Ben Dickinson 12.57; Daniel Payne 14.04
U15 Boys (17th team out of 45) Joshua Nevin 9.53; Brendan Kirkton 11.16; Sam Walrond 11.10; Declan Toth 10.39
U17 Men (22nd team out of 34) Fergus O'Reilly 11.41; Jamie Grose 13.30; Ollie Teenan 14.11; Aaron Walrond 15.15 (also - as incomplete team - Brindley Stone 14.53)
Sunday 26 September 2010
Senior Men 'A' (45th out of 62) Ian Habgood 18.49; Rob McTaggart 19.56; Ian White 20.41; Mike Cowham 22.43; Ian Graham 25.07; Robin Copestick 21.00
Senior Men 'B' (incomplete team) Dave Parsons 27.05; Ian Habgood* 21.35; Rob McTaggart* 21.58; Ian White* 21.52; Mike Cowham* 27.06
* = second race having previously run a leg for the 'A' team

Received 21st September

Whilst most of our athletes were running in the Littledown 5 (see Road Race League above) others were competing, and winning, elsewhere.

On the same day (19 September), Steve Way and Mark Hargreaves ran in the Victory 5 in Portsmouth. Steve was 5th, in 25.22 (which would have won the Littledown 5!), whilst Mark, finishing 11th in 26.49, was not only the first V50, but the first veteran overall.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Jon Sharkey won the Hursley 10k, a multi-terrain event with 429 finishers, in a time of 35.21.

The week before (12 September) Steph Slade completed the Nottingham Marathon in 3.09.07, and in doing so was the 3rd Senior Lady, and achieved top position in the Dorset rankings.

Received 6th September

The weekend 4/5 September proved to be highly successful for Bournemouth Athletic Club's athletes.

Perhaps the most notable achievement was that of BAC's senior men's team who, according to the provisional results, won the Bristol Half Marathon, a prestigious event held on Sunday 5 September in which 16,400 runners enrolled and about 11,000 finished. The yellow tide was led by Steve Way, who later this month will be representing his country in the Scotiabank International Team Challenge staged as part of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, who finished 12th in a time of 1.07.00, followed by Ian Habgood, 26th in 1.10.14 (a PB for this distance), Jon Sharkey, 38th in 1.12.05, and in 45th place Simon Munro, whose time of 1.14.32 was also a PB, and earned him £100 as 2nd U23 to finish. The remaining BAC competitors also excelled - finishing 69th in 1.17.25 brought Ian White £50 as the third V40, Simon Way's time of 1.21.04 was a PB, and Graeme Miller, finishing in 1.22.47 was only 20 seconds away from his PB.

The day before Mark Hargreaves completed the Bolbec International Half Marathon, in France, in 1.15.06. Mark was 16th out of 783 finishers, and not only was the winner of the O50s category, but was the first Brit to finish in what is a top international event. Back to the 6 September and Chris Birch ran 'The Beast', a 12+ mile multi-terrain race starting at Corfe Castle, in an astonishing time of 1.36.16, and in so doing finished 24th, and won his O60 age category by a very considerable margin. (Other 'Beast' results - 96th Ian Graham 1.49.00; 112th Janie Chapman 1.51.26). That day, north of the border, another BAC athlete,Paul Consani, completed the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run (a half marathon in Glasgow) in 1.34.23 - almost a PB!

Received 31st August

There are two more PBs to report this week.

Firstly, Ian Habgood ran 1500m at the BMC Nike Grand Prix at Cardiff on 28 August in an astonishing 15.03.61. Ian's decision to direct his training more specifically to running is definitely, definitely paying off! Ian was joined at the meeting by other BAC athletes, whose results were as follows:
Ryan Saunders 800m (U20) 1.51.59 (PB); Daniel Price 800m (U23) 1.57.43; Richard Felton 800m (U20) 1.56.60 (SB); Fergus O'Reilly 1500m (U17) 4.02.31 (SB); Conor Mugan 1500m (U20) 4.14.31; Rob McTaggart 1500m 16.07.00.

Secondly, on the same day, Paul Consani ran the Glasgow parkrun 5k in a PB of 18.51 - hopefully a precursor to a PB in the Glasgow half-marathon this weekend!

Referring to the last news item ('Received 23 August') the results of the Upton TT of 20 August haven't yet appeared on the Poole Runners website. It is confirmed, however, that, in addition to Simon Munro (who ran a PB), other BAC athletes competed, including Steve Way, who won the race on the day. Further information will follow when it becomes available.

Also referring to the last news item, and the report of Rob Hardyman's PB in the 3000m s/c at the BAL match at Swansea, it is worth mentioning that Rob also ran the 400m hurdles (65.71) in the same match, and both Ian Habgood and Rob McTaggart competed in the 3000m in times of 8.59.42 and 9.05.16 respectively.

Received 23rd August

Inter-Counties T & F Championship - 7 August 2010

Three of our road runners scored valuable points which enabled Dorset mens team to win the Inter-Counties Championship at Exeter on 7 September, in which, in the overall results (including the ladies), Dorset came second of the seven Counties competing. Congratulations to Rob McTaggart (1500m in 4.10.73), Ian Habgood (5000m in 15.33.80) and Rob Hardyman (2000m s/c in 6.33.51). For full details see 'Track Results'.

Maiden Newten Madness - Saturday 14 August 2010

Congratulations to Tony Chutter on winning this off-road hilly 6.5 mile course in a time of 40.40 - Tony was first of 94 finishers

Tipton - Sunday 15 August 2010

Congratulations also to Ian Habgood on his PB (31.45) in the Tipton BMC Gold Standard 10000.

Upton TT - Friday 20 August 2010

Yet another PB for Simon Munro, who ran the Time Trial in 19.20!! The full results haven't, as yet, appeared on the web, and further details such as positions and other BAC athletes who competed will follow.

BAL fixture Swansea - Saturday 21 August 2010

Well done to Rob Hardyman who achieved another PB at Swansea in the 3000 s/c - 10.07.88. Unfortunately Rob's excellent run didn't prevent relegation to Division 4 of the National League. See 'Track Results' for full details.

Everton 10k - Sunday 22 August 2010

Several BAC athletes ran in this race. Jud Kirk was 2nd MV50 (17th overall) in 39.10, and 3rd Senior Lady (34th overall) was Carley Rose, whose time was 41.04. The Price family were well represented, with Joe 47th in 43.16, Will 176th in 53.48, and James 201st in 56.04 (Daniel was competing the day before in the BAL fixture at Swansea). There were 294 finishers.

Boscombe Pier Winter 5k Time Trials

Poole Runners have announced the dates for this winter – each race commences at Boscombe Pier at 7.30 pm and costs £2. The dates are (all Fridays):
October 15
November 26
December 17
January 21
February 4
March 4

Received 21st July

Simon Munro continued his unstoppable habit of achieving PBs at the Poole Runners Time Trial at Upton House on 16 July, which he finished in 4th place in a time of 19.26. He was joined in the race by two team-mates, Ian White, who was 3rd in 19.23, and in 11th place was Simon Way, whose time was 20.49.

The next day, two BAC athletes competed in the Swanage Half, which now has a revised course to remove some of the main road of the last three miles. Unfortunately, it means much more hill-climbing! The last section of the race is on the busy main road into Swanage, but it is reported as being safe, as a result of a good supply of marshalls, who specifically warn traffic of the approach of each group of runners. However, this is a tough and testing course, so Duncan Wells 8th position, in a time of 84.21 was an excellent run, particularly bearing in mind he's only just getting back into serious running, and Janie Chapman also performed excellently, being third lady overall, and first veteran lady. Janie's time was 94.44 and her position 53rd, out of 510 finishers.

Received 13th July

Although there was no League race during the weekend 10/11 July, BAC athletes were nevertheless running, winning and setting PBs.

Ian White was the winner (and 1st vet) in the Maiden Castle Loop on 10 July in a time of 39.52, and was followed in 4th place (out of 145 finishers) by Tony Chutter, who completed this hilly off-road course in 42.23.

Although not strictly speaking road running, it's worth mentioning that earlier in the day, at the Southern Mens Track & Field fixture in Portsmouth, Ian Habgood achieved a PB of 15.41.1 to win the 5000. What we won't mention is the disqualification in the 4 x 100!

The following day there was another PB, this time from Simon Way, who completed the New Forest 10 in 1:02:53 (although Simon has run a faster 10 mile split in the Bath Half Marathon). Simon was part of a BAC team, consisting also of Jon Sharkey, Andy Jennings and Chris Birch, which convincingly won the team prize. Chris now lies third in the National rankings for his age group over ten miles. Results: 2. Jon Sharkey 57:21; 9. Andy Jennings 1:01:17; 16. Chris Birch 1:02:43 (1st O60); 17. Simon Way 1:02:53 (1st O40); 79 Steph Slade 1:11:04. There were 857 finishers.

Received 7th July

In the Sway 5 on 4 July, BAC was represented by the Price family - results: 27. Joe Price 34.32; 94. Will Price 40.58; 114. James Price 42.37.

The recent Round the Rock 10k, at Portland, was won by Simon Munro in a time of 35.41, and 9th was Jud Kirk in 78.52.

Received 29th June

Steve Way recorded yet another win on 27 June crossing the line first in the "hot and hilly" Lordshill 10k in a time of 32.08, almost a minute ahead of the next finisher. Defending champion Mark Hargreaves retained the title of first veteran, finishing fifth overall in a time of 34.25. There were 201 finishers.

On 23 June, Jon Sharkey's first attempt at the Bournemouth Beach Aquathon (supposedly 500m swim in the sea, followed by 3k run) took him to the podium, as third finisher overall, thanks to the run, rather than the swim! Having emerged from the sea in 21st position (out of 29), Jon then ran easily the fastest time of all the competitors, some 40 seconds quicker than the next fastest runner (the winner overall), and more than two minutes quicker than the rest.

At the Blandford Bridges 10k on 27 June, a 'blast from the past' emerged, as in 141st place with a time of 54.09 was ex-BAC legend John 'Charlie' Hole, obviously now more interested in running for pleasure than chasing PBs!

Received 25th June

Simon Munro continues to achieve PBs, this time in the Upton House Time Trial, in which, on 18 June, he was second in 19.31. In fifth place was Simon Way in a time of 20.48. In the Summer Solstice 8k the same evening Janie Chapman was second lady (15th overall) in a time of 34.52. Other BAC results in this race were Joe Price 34.15 (11th), Michael Halpenny 36.28 (19th) and Will Price 42.22 (74th). There were 251 finishers.