Last Saturday, BAC was proud to host the third fixture of this season at Kings Park. The sun shone, the day went smoothly, and hopefully our visitors from as far away as Derby were impressed with the facilities we have here.

Click here for the BAC results, and final club positions - as can be seen BAC ended the day 5th out of 8 teams. The full results and league table can be found at, and a glance at this shows that we are also fifth in the league after two matches, with two to go. We have 6 points, as do the following two teams, Medway & Maidstone AC and Team Southampton, and the difference between us is the match point totals, namely 510 for us, as against 501 and 493 for the two next teams. This really does emphasize the importance of filling ALL the slots in the team sheet, to ensure that we do not waste a single point, so it is essential that all the athletes who are able to do so compete in the next two fixtures, at Crawley on 1st August, and Derby on 22nd August.

However, a look at the tables and results for Divisions 2 and 4 puts into perspective how we are doing in the National League. Remember, it was an outstanding team performance in the promotion match at Abingdon last year which put us in Division 3, rather than Division 4. If we had been in Division 4 this season, it is clear from their results that we would have doing very well indeed in that Division. On the other hand, many of the results in Division 2 are not all that far removed from our own, and, should we avoid relegation, which must be our aim, it is clear that the teams relegated from Division 2 are going to find competing with BAC not at all an easy task. From this, it is clear that, whereas there is no room for complacency, our newly promoted team is very much holding its own in the National League. So congratulations are due to the team members, their coaches, and Tim Hughes, the Team Manager!