First of all - congratulations to the team on avoiding relegation - although, as the results (click here) show, it was a close run affair!

We now know we have at least two more guaranteed years of competition in the National League, but, of course, the aim will be to build on this season's success, and proceed up the table to security and even promotion. There were seven points in it between BAC and Medway & Maidstone AC and, as can be seen from the final League standings, had it been the other way round, Medway & Maidstone would have been staying up, not BAC.

Interestingly, the two teams promoted into Division 3, and the two teams relegated, are all relatively local, and we have already been asked if we are prepared to host a fixture next year (which of course we are), so hopefully there won't be too much travelling next season. On a sad note, we say goodbye to Richard Reeks, who has decided to concentrate his efforts with Crawley AC, which is more local to him. Richard's contribution to the campaign has been crucial (as can be seen from the results), and we are very grateful to him for all he has done, and wish him every success with his new club.

It may also be appropriate to mention another 'travelling' member of the team, Nigel Hayman, who competed for us under the 'Higher Claim' status, and, again as can be seen from the results, without the points earned by Nigel, we would now be facing relegation. However, that is not to detract one little bit from the contribution made by every single member of the team, throughout the entire season, each of which was necessary to achieve the final result. Congratulations and thanks also to the Team Manager, Tim Hughes, and also to Brian Camp, who, in Tim's absence that day on business, managed the team at the deciding last fixture at Derby.