Name Event Age Position Performance
Bill LeggShotM70110.93 [PB]
Andrew TurnerShotM45112.56 [SB]
Andrew TurnerWeightM45311.59 [PB]
Andrew TurnerDiscusM45337.22
Yvonne MilesShotW6544.96 [SB]
Yvonne MilesHammerW65218.67 [SB]
Jean Fail80m HW60114.46 [SB]
Jean FailLong JumpW6013.84
Krisztina BlackShotW3558.26
Krisztina BlackHammerW35136.67
Krisztina BlackWeightW35210.98 [PB]

Bournemouth AC results that I know of. If I have missed anything or gotten anything wrong then e-mail

[SB], [PB] and [Club Record] annotations accurate to the best of my knowledge when this page was generated (16/7/2010)