Name Event Age Position Performance
Peter Mitchell 60m Round 2, Race 19 SM 1 7.61i
Rhys Bennett 60m Round 2, Race 13 SM 3 7.33i
Paul Dickson 60m Round 2, Race 18 SM 3 7.54i
Paul Dickson 60m Round 1, Race 20 SM 4 7.55i
Rhys Bennett 60m Round 1, Race 16 SM 5 7.31i
Peter Mitchell 60m Round 1, Race 11 SM 7 7.73i

Bournemouth AC results that I know of. If I have missed anything or gotten anything wrong then e-mail

[SB], [PB] and [Club Record] annotations accurate to the best of my knowledge when this page was generated (31/1/2011)