Not only did Phoebe get a club record but it was also a Championship Best Performance for the Hampshire Championships and would have been awarded the field performance of the match were it not for British Record holder Freya Jones throwing in the Javelin.

Name Event Age Position Performance
Gary Jones Discus U17 1 43.79 [SB]
Jamie Fenton Discus U17 3 31.19 [SB]
Gary Jones Hammer U17 2 53.15 [PB]
Phoebe Dowson Discus U17 1 41.32 [Club Record]

Bournemouth AC results that I know of. If I have missed anything or gotten anything wrong then e-mail

[SB], [PB] and [Club Record] annotations accurate to the best of my knowledge when this page was generated (14/6/2010)