Report by William Kearsey
Phoebe Dowson in her last year at English Schools has won Gold in Senior Girls Discus for Hampshire Schools at Gateshead. This was her 3rd gold medal in the last 3 years.
In the 6 years she has been available to compete at English Schools for Discus in Junior, Intermediate & Senior Girls she has finished 15th,4th,3rd,1st,1st & 1st.
A wonderful record.

Name Event Age Position Performance
Alex Cox High Jump U20 4 1.94
Matthew Aldridge High Jump U17 5 1.90 [=SB]
Patrick Sylla Long Jump U15 9 5.78
Sarah Kearsey 400m H Heat 1 U20 4 64.0 [PB]
Tom Peters Discus U15 16 28.09
Sarah Kearsey 400m H Final U20 8 64.59
Phoebe Dowson Discus U20 1 44.71

Bournemouth AC results that I know of. If I have missed anything or gotten anything wrong then e-mail

[SB], [PB] and [Club Record] annotations apply to outdoor performances only and are accurate to the best of my knowledge when this page was generated (18/7/2012)