Originally slated as a 2 day event the second day had to be cancelled due to bad weather.

Name Event Age Position Performance
James Lelliott 100m Pentathlon U20 1 11.79 [SB]
James Lelliott 400m Pentathlon U20 1 52.68 [SB]
James Lelliott High Jump Pentathlon U20 3 1.75 [SB]
James Lelliott Long Jump Pentathlon U20 1 6.98 [SB]
James Lelliott Shot Pentathlon U20 1 12.35 [SB]
James Lelliott Pentathlon Pentathlon U20 1 3410 [PB]
Jordan Harding 100m Quadrathlon U13 1 15.03
Glenn Balfour 100m Quadrathlon U13 14 15.91
Glenn Balfour 800m Quadrathlon U13 1 2:31.75
Jordan Harding 800m Quadrathlon U13 8 2:48.48 [PB]
Jordan Harding Long Jump Quadrathlon U13 1 4.13
Glenn Balfour Long Jump Quadrathlon U13 3 4.01
Glenn Balfour Shot Quadrathlon U13 13 5.26 [PB]
Jordan Harding Shot Quadrathlon U13 8 5.96 [PB]
Glenn Balfour Quadrathlon Quadrathlon U13 1 612 [PB]
Jordan Harding Quadrathlon Quadrathlon U13 3 588 [PB]

Bournemouth AC results that I know of. If I have missed anything or gotten anything wrong then e-mail darryn@bournemouthac.co.uk.

[SB], [PB] and [Club Record] annotations apply to outdoor performances only and are accurate to the best of my knowledge when this page was generated (4/5/2012)