UKDL - Upper - Match 3 : Bournemouth - 30th June 2013

Match Report by William Kearsey

The third round of the new format Youth Development League (U17/U20) made a timely arrival to Kings Park last Sunday under near cloudless skies and in warm temperatures.

BAC in the Upper Division (U17/uU0) forms part of a composite team with Poole Runners and, making a welcome addition, New Forest Juniors. The team compete in League South 1 (below 2 Premier Leagues for the South of England).

Under 17s are only allowed one representative per event while under 20's have A & B string. U17s can, and sometimes have to compete in an U20 event in order to gain points and prevent relegation or gain promotion. However, an U17 can't compete in both age groups for the same event though. Many athletes competed in the maximum of 4 events if they were U17 or 5 if U20. Many competed in events not of their 4th or 5th choice for the good of the team, accepting that you can't always compete in events of your choice all the time.

The composite team came last in the second match due to lack of numbers, many needing to revise for A levels or GCSE exams or still being away at university or chosing to run in a local race. A much better turn out was made for this 3rd match to take advantage of a "home" fixture.

The 100m U20 A was won by Muiris Egan, someone other than Harvey Darby (who wasn't there but was down on the results) came 3rd in B string. Ben Arnold coming 5th in U17. 200m saw a hatrick of wins, with Kevin Hodgson 1st in 200 U20 A, Ben Arnold 1st in B and Muiris Egan in U17, all 3 ran close to their pb's. The women's sprints were dominated by Ashleigh Clarke of Croydon who was runner up in last year's junior girls 200m at English Schools. The composite team were left chasing the minor places and points in the women's 100 & 200m.

Lack of athletes and the number of events they could compete in meant 300m/400m were thinly represented by BAC/PR/NF and no top places were achieved.

Anya Kay achieved a PB in the women's 100m hurdles as a guest. Nishan Brooks was the clear winner of the 100m hurdles in the U17 men's category. Michelle Bigg (NF) won the women's 80m hurdles, Holly Aldridge (PR) was 2nd in the U20 women's 100m hurdles. Daniel Martin (PR) won the 110m hurdles. Sarah Kearsey started her 5 races with a win in W 400m hurdles A & Holly Aldridge was 2nd in B string. .

Declan Toth (PR)-BAC old boy- came 2nd in 800 u20A. Jamie Grose was 1st 3000m B string. Most of other runners in the team in middle distance were from PR or NF. Jamie also ran (to cool down at the water jump) in 2000m steeplechase to come 1st in B string. Declan came 3rd in A string. Having been suitably refreshed in the water jump, Jamie then ran in the 4x400m relay.

The BAC/PR/NF team were represented in 6 out of the 8 relays. In the 4x100s they were 3rd in U20 men, 2nd in U17 men to a very good Croydon team & 5th in U20 women, in the U17 women they came first in a very close race. In the men's 4x400 they came 2nd in U20 again to a good Croydon team. In U20 women they came third after pulling back a large deficit in the last 600 metres and nearly catching Bracknell & Camberley. Many of the relays were made up of scratch teams from all 3 clubs, running together for the first time.

Taking full advantage of the warm conditions, Jamie Williamson defied gravity to improve his PB 3 times by reaching 1.91m to win U17 high jump. This puts him over the English Schools qualifying height but he is too late as the Hampshire team were selected some weeks for English Schools. There are many other competitions and heights for him to aim for though before the end of the season. Michelle Bigg (NF) won womens U17.

Bradley Pickup defied the age limit of 20 to jump as a guest to reach a PB of 7.81m in the long jump. Evidently Bradley also no-jumped by 1cm or less to jump just over 8m. The legal jump places him 7th in UK rankings so far this year, the "no jump" would have ranked him about 4th if it were legal. Daniel Martin was 3rd in U20 A & Jamie Williamson 3rd in U17.

Calla Bennett won the U20 women's long jump20 with a PB of 4.93. Lucy Church (NF) was 2nd in B string and Rachel Welch 1st in W U17 with a jump just off her PB.

Triple Jump saw victories for Tawande Murape in U20 A & Jay Collins in B string & Angel Kerin in women's U17.

Shot U20 A was won by Tom Peters with Daniel Shannon (PR) 1st in B, Matthew Ridge was 2nd in u17. Valuable points were gained by Rosie Wootten, Calla Bennett & Katrina White in women's shot, not their favoured event.

Ages were swapped in Discus, with Matthew Ridge coming 2nd in U20 A with a PB. Tom Peters won U17 with 40.49m, just off his PB. Pheobe Dowson, making a welcome return from illness and the University of South Alabama, dominated the women's U20 to win with 45.71m, Katrina White coming 2nd in B string.

Hammer saw another victory for Tom Peters in U17 with a PB of 38.78m. Pheobe Dowson coming 2nd in women's U20 A.

Matthew Ridge came 3rd with a PB of 44.67m in Javelin U20 A, Daniel Shannon being 2nd in B string and Ben Brierley (NF) was 1st in U17.

BAC/PR/NF total score was 456 placing them 4th, gaining 3 league points for the day. My "O" level maths calculations after 3 of the 4 matches make Croydon 1st with 1,701.5 points and 18 league points, Brighton/Hove 2nd with 1,440 and 13 league points, AFD 3rd with 1,411 and 11 league points, Bracknell/Camberley 4th with 1,242.5 and 10 league ponts, BAC/PR/NF 5th with 1,176 and 7 league points, leaving Team Dorset in 6th place with 892 and 4 league points.

Hopefully the points gained thus far will be sufficient to keep BAC in the current league and almost certain if a good number of athletes make the trip to Croydon on Sunday 28th July from BAC/PR/NF."