King’s Park Athletic Stadium Records

Bournemouth Athletic Centre Track Records as of start of season 2021

These are the fastest times, longest throws/jumps and highest jumps/vaults achieved on the track.

If you have updates contact: Janet Dickinson. Email:

Event Senior Men
Date Name Time
100m 05/07/1997 David Samuyiwa BAC 10.4s
200m 05/07/1997 David Samuyiwa BAC 21.2s
400m 20/06/1993 Paul Sanders T. Solent 47.3s
800m 07/05/1994 Anthony Whiteman GEC 1:49.2s
1500m 10/08/1986 Spencer Newport TON 3:46.0s
3000m 10/08/1986 Dave Reid Canada 8:02.7s
5000m 27/05/1985 Barry Knight Torbay 14:08.4s
10000m 01/10/1986 John Boyes BAC 29:48.7s
3000m SC 10/08/1986 Alain Boucher Canada 8:38.4s
Mile 11/08/1991 Tom Buckner Havant 4:03.4s
110m H 07/05/1994 Paul Stubbs City of Stoke 14.5s
02/05/2009 Richard Reeks, BAC 14.5s
400m H 04/06/2011 James Forman S’ton AC 51.68s
3000m W 31/08/1986 Chris Maddocks Devon 11:56.4s
10000m W 14/09/1975 W. Wright Southampton 52:16.2s
Long Jump 02/08/2014 Bradley Pickup, BAC 8.16m
Triple Jump 31/08/1986 Dennis Cosello, SCAA 15.21m
Pole Vault



Tim Foster, Australia

George Turner, Crawley



High Jump 04/04/1992 Geoff Parsons, London BC 2.16m
Shot 11/09/1977 Mike Winch, SCAA 19.17m
Discus 20/09/2020 Nicholas Percy, Shaftesbury Barnet 63.02m
Javelin 24/07/1994 Phillip Parry, O Gaytns 66.30m
Hammer 23/07/1960 Mike Ellis, AAA 62.42m
4x100m Relay 08/05/1993 Cardiff AC 41.7s
4x400m Relay 07/05/1994 Leeds City AC 3:17.5s
4x400m Relay mixed men and women




Event Senior Women
100m 06/06/1993 Bev Kinch, Hounslow 11.5s
200m 26/05/1990 Simone Jacobs, Reading 23.6s
400m 25/06/1991 Pat Devine, Edinburgh 54.8s
800m 25/08/1991 Tina Colebrook, Can & S 2:06.9s
1500m 19/06/1982 Regina Joyce, Crawley 4:24.4s
Mile 21/07/1993 Rebecca McKenna, Bmth 5:10.8s
3000m 18/08/1990 Catherine Newman, Exeter 9:33.7s
5000m tbc
10000m tbc
2000m SC tbc
100m H 19/06/1994 Jackie Agyepong, Shafts 13.2s
400m H 11/08/1991 Carol Dawkins, T Solent 60.4s
3000m W 14/05/1994 Claire Whitehouse, Bmth 16:15.5s
14/05/1994 Samantha Vine, Bmth 16:15.5s
Long Jump 09/08/2020 Rebecca Chapman, Cardiff/Exeter
Triple Jump 19/06/1994 Evette Finiken, Shaft 12.66m
Pole Vault TBC
High Jump 12/09/1981 Barbara Simmonds, Oxfd
Shot 21/06/1987 Judith Oakes 18.20m
Discus 31.03/2019 Phoebe Dowson 56.05m
Javelin 09/04/1994 Noelle Bradshaw, Ports 50.95m
Hammer 30/08/2020 Charlotte Payne, Reading 62.53m
4x100m Relay 18/08/1990 Basildon 47.4s
4x400m Relay 20/06/1993 T Solent 3:47.3s
4x400m mixed men and women TBC