Membership Information

Many thanks to all members who, following my March update have now completed a ‘Membership Renewal Extension’ online and (where appropriate) have paid their EA fee for the EA year from 1st April 2021.

I have now made two block payments to England Athletics in respect of all members who have paid their EA fee and their EA profiles have now been updated to show that their registrations are up to date. This means that they are now eligible to compete for BAC when competitions resume.

It is good to see that there are now plans for the resumption of competitions including some road races and various track and field leagues. The next stage of the Government’s Roadmap is for a further relaxation of restrictions on 17th May and if this goes to plan as is currently anticipated, then these competitions will proceed in accordance with whatever covid guidelines are in operation. There are still many members who have not yet completed a Membership Renewal Extension nor paid their EA fee. I would reiterate that the athlete registration fee of £15 does still have to be paid for athletes to retain their registration. In addition, most of the track and field leagues check that competing athletes’ registrations are up to date, therefore anyone wishing to represent BAC in competitions, will need to ensure their EA fee is paid.

There still remains a number of athletes who didn’t renew their membership in 2020. It is imperative that all those wishing to remain members of BAC and have the opportunity to compete for the club in 2021renew their membership as soon as possible.

I would just remind everyone that all ‘renewal extensions’ and membership renewals can be done online via the club website. Follow this link:

If anyone has any queries about their current membership and EA status, please email the club and I can clarify the position for them.

Dave Parsons

Membership Secretary

29th April 2021