Stadium Use Reminder


Following complaints from the Council, we need to urgently remind all members, including season ticket holders, that when the Athletics Stadium is hired out to a third party (e.g. School Sports Days), all BAC Members, including season ticket holders, are not allowed to be on site and using the facilities including the gym!

Notices of all such bookings are prominently displayed in the gym, the window of the officials’ area and the window of the office. It is incumbent on all our athletes and coaches to check these dates to ensure that the Club adheres to our Agreement with the Council.

The Council have advised that persistent offenders run the risk of being banned from using the site unless it’s an official BAC activity.

We would remind season ticket holders that if they are using the facilities outside of normal BAC Club training times, they should have their season ticket with them to show to council staff on request.

We would ask everyone to co-operate with these Terms and Conditions.

The Committee

22nd June 2017