Helen Ambrosen in Bad Cow Half Marathon

Helen Ambrosen went over to the Purbeck to take part in the Bad Cow Half Marathon

Continuing her foray into the unknown, for her next new adventure, Helen Ambrosen found herself out in the idyllic Purbeck countryside for Bad Cow, an event put on by White Star Running.

As per usual with White Star Running events, it was very well organised and the set up was good. The race HQ was at Burnbake Campsite in Rempstone, which is near Corfe Castle.

There event consisted of three different races; a Marathon and a Half Marathon on the Sunday and a Frolic on the Saturday, where you could run as many laps of the 4.4 mile loop as you wanted within a 12 hour time-frame.

Helen opted for the Half Marathon. The course contained swathes of very deep mud and included crossing fields and gravel trails. Having run quite a lot in the area, Helen found it was nice to learn some new routes.

Some sections of the course were very wet and at times she had to walk for fear of the mud pulling her in. On the whole though, it was great fun and she really enjoyed the course. In fact, it was the longest run she’s done for quite a while so it was good get the distance under her belt.

Completing the course in 2 hours 19 minutes  and 59 seconds, Helen finished in 87th place out of 230 people. Helen took 1st place in the F60 category, so all-in-all, a very enjoyable race and a great result to boot.

Helen Ambrosen in Bad Cow Half Marathon

Helen was 1st in the F60 category finishing in a time of 2:19:59