High Jumper Jaz Cooke is getting back to her best after a tough year.

After more than a year of injury Jaz Cooke is showing great form. In the Winchester SAL on 19th August Jaz made her first competition outing in more than 12 months, coming away with an excellent 1.68m (4cm off PB).  

Coach James Hind adds “if you know Jaz she has extremely high expectations of herself, and she felt disappointed. I think this was a great result with everything she’s been through over the last 12 months. I’m incredibly proud of her resilience, never say die attitude and love for the event. Rehab and rest is not an easy thing for Jaz to maintain but she’s now learned the importance of it first hand”.

Let’s fast forward to the Bournemouth Open on 10th September and the Cooke clan were out in force to support Jaz in her second competition of 2023. Facing some strong competition and adverse weather, Jaz didn’t disappoint. Her competitive nature was in full effect, clearing all heights cleanly, up to and including 1.70m (2cm short of her PB). In true Jaz spirit she wanted a PB and following the 1.70m clearance elected to go for 1.73m. On first attempt, it was so close, the supporters all thought Jaz had gone clear as did Jaz, only for the bar to drop with the slightest of glances. The second attempt was driven more by sheer desire than technique. Jaz regained her composure and replicated her first attempt with another great jump that had the spectators wondering how the bar did not stay up – it was that close.

Great performance and well done!

Jaz was pleased to be jumping again and explained her journey back as a tough one, evidently filled with determination and grit; “After over a year of rehab and trial and error I finally got to jump this season. Thank you to my coach and high jump buddies for pulling me through a tough season.  Now for winter training and plenty more to come!” Jaz.

Now with winter training on the doorstep, the 2023-2024 season is looking very positive for Jaz. We wish her all the very best this winter and look forward to seeing more of this great talent.