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BAC members grace the big stage at Manchester International

Amelia Verney and Oliver James at Manchester International
Several Bournemouth AC members were on duty for their country at Manchester International, including Amelia Verney who represented England and Oliver James who ran for Wales

It’s always a proud moment for an athlete when they get to pull on their national vest and represent their country. That’s an extraordinary achievement that not many out there will ever get to experience.

In a true testament to the coaching structure and the up and coming talent the club possesses, Bournemouth AC had three first claim members competing for their countries at Manchester International.

After finishing 3rd in the England Athletics Senior Championships in Bedford in July, Phoebe Dowson was in action for England the Senior Discus Throw.

It’s been a good season for Phoebe thus far and she also finished 5th in the British Championships and 2nd in the South of England Championships. On top of that she’d won a couple of National Athletics League matches and a Southern Athletics League match.

One Bournemouth AC athlete who’s really caught the eye in recent months is sprint sensation Amelia Verney. She was a finalist in the England Athletics Under 20 Championships 100 metres and despite being only 17, made it to the semi-final of the senior British Championships where she squared off against Dina Asher-Smith.

At the South of England Championships she really shone, coming 2nd in the 200 metres in a time of 24.07 and 3rd in the 100 metres in 12:09. She also produced a phenomenal sub-12-second run in the heats.

At the South West Championships she won both the 100 and the 200 metres and also picked up a gold medal at the English Schools Championships in the 200 metres.

Amelia Verney lines up for the Junior Women's100m atManchester International
Amelia Verney lined up for the Junior Women’s 100 metres at Manchester International

Another BAC member showing huge potential of late is Oliver James. He won the 2000 metre steeple chase at the Welsh Junior Championships in a time of 6:23.04 and was 5th in the 3000 metre flat in an amazing time of 8:55.38.

He also won the 2000 metre steeple chase at the Dorset County Championships and both the 1500 metres and 2000 metre steeple chase at the Dorset Schools Championships.

The Manchester International fixture pits a team from England against sides from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, along with a National Athletics League squad and a GB Junior team.

Each event features a Junior race, which is for the Under 20 athletes, and a Senior race. The points from both races count towards the overall team score and the team with the most points once all the events have been completed is declared the winner.

The format ensures that the Junior races hold equal importance to the Senior ones. Every race, every throw and every jump matters and could prove crucial to the overall outcome.

No pressure then for Amelia Verney, who was part of the England squad for the Junior 4 x 100 metre relay. She was also competing in the 100 metre race, although she wasn’t the designated England scorer for that event.

Amelia Verney in the Junior 4 x100m Relay at Manchester International
Amelia was part of England’s Junior Women’s 4 x 100 metre relay team

Representing Wales, Oliver James was competing in the Junior 3000 metre steeple chase. In that race the Juniors and Seniors were combined together so he was going to be up against some of the top distance runners in the UK. They would still be divided into Juniors and Seniors for the race results though.

Oliver James lines up for the 3000m Steeple Chase at Manchester International
Oliver James lines up for his 3000 metre race, donning a Wales vest for the first time

There was also another athlete with Bournemouth AC connections in action that day in the 400 metre hurdles and that was Adam Booth. Adam is a hire claim member and he was competing for the GB Juniors in the Senior Men’s race.

Adam is an incredible talent and he’s really found his way this season since focusing on the 400 metre hurdles. He won the England Under 20 Championships, producing a magnificent time of 51.47.

He also finished 5th in the British Championships, which was a senior race, and also emerged victorious in the South of England Under 20 Championships.

In fact his talent has even taken his beyond the national stage as he competed in the European Under 20 Championships in Tallinn, Estonia, where he made it through to the semi-finals. In that race he recorded a new PB of 51.38 to finish in 4th place.

Amelia Verney in the Junior 100m at Manchester International
Amelia Verney (left) had worked had to earn her opportunity to pull on the England vest
Amelia Verney about to start the Junior 100m at Manchester International
She faced some stiff opposition in the shape of Joy Eze who was running for GB Juniors

In the Junior 100 metre race, Amelia Verney was up against the super-quick Joy Eze, who was running for GB Juniors.

Finishing 4th in the race, Amelia clocked a time of 12.26. Joy Eze looked extremely impressive as she cruised to victory in a time of 11.71 and her future prospects look bright at only 17 years of age.

So do Amelia’s though and to be competing at the level she is now at such a young age demonstrates the huge potential she has to become a big star.

Amelia Verney lining up for the Junior 100m at Manchester International
It was a real honor for Amelia to be representing England at just 17 years of age
Amelia Verney in the Junior 100m at Manchester International
Amelia powers down the straight giving it everything she’s got

In his 3000 metre steeple chase race, Oliver James ran well to secure a bronze medal, crossing the line in an impressive time of 9:44.70.

In stark contrast to his 2000 metre steeple chase run in the Welsh Junior Championships where he ran on his own, this time he was surrounded by top level talent.

Oliver James in the 3000m Steeple Chase at Manchester International
The 3000 metre steeple chase gets underway
Ollie James jumps a barrier in the 3000m steeple chase
Ollie jumps the first barrier

William Battershill put in one of the most impressive performances of the entire program to win the race in a time of 8:32.92. Chris Perry, also of England, was 2nd in a time of 8:40.88, with Adam Kirk-Smith of Northern Ireland taking 3rd in 8:49.74.

Oliver James finishes the 3000m Steeple Chase at Manchester International
Oliver crosses the line in a time of 9:44.70

Southampton based athlete Alex Tueten finished 5th overall in a time of 9:10.85. Out of the Juniors, Yehonatan Haim was the quickest, getting round in 8:56.60 but he was a non-scorer.

That meant Peter Bradshaw secured the gold medal for Scotland in a time of 9:20.27, with Thomas Bridger of England taking silver in 9:41.70. Then it was Ollie, proudly claiming bronze for Wales.

Oliver James after the 3000m Steeple Chase at Manchester International
It was a good performance from Ollie up against some high class opposition
Oliver James after completing his race
Ollie showed he was not afraid to be in the limelight and competing on the big stage

In the Women’s Senior Discus, Phoebe Dowson‘s throw of 50.70 saw her secure a superb silver medal. Only Shadine Duquemin of the National Athletics League could top that, laying down a marker no one else could live up to with her enormous throw of 54.44.

It was another terrific accolade to add to resume for Phoebe though as she continues to go from strength to strength this season.

In the Senior Men’s 400 metre hurdles, Adam Booth claimed a silver medal for GB Juniors, clocking a time of 51.55. The gold went to Chris McAllister of England in a time of 49.65. Josh Fields was the only other man to go quicker than Adam and he finished 2nd in 51.27 but was a non-scorer.

It was another fantastic result to add to the list for Adam in what has been a glittering year so far, especially since he was competing in the Senior race.

Adam also competed for England in the Junior 4 x 400 metre relay, helping them on to a resounding victory. The England quartet completed the race in a time of 3:15.31, which saw them come in four seconds ahead of their nearest rivals.

Adam took the 2nd leg, running a time of exactly 49 seconds. That was a gold medal to add to the silver he’d already collected so not a bad day’s work for Adam, all things considered.

Amelia Verney prepares for the Junior 4 x100m Relay
Amelia has the baton in hand, ready to kick things off for the team
Amelia Verney in the first leg of the Junior 4 x100m Relay
It would be up to Amelia to ensure England got off to a good start

In one of the final events of the day, Amelia Verney lined up for the Junior Women’s 4 x 100 metres where they took an Under 20 team from Scotland.

Tasked with getting the team off to good start, Amelia went in the first leg and looked to have given England the upper hand before passing the baton over to Millie King for the second leg.

Amelia Verney before the Junior 4 x100m Relay
Amelia looks focused and in the zone
Amelia Verney in her blocks
With Scotland the only opponents, a medal was a sure thing for Amelia but there was only one colour she wanted

Mollie then extended England’s advantage before runs from Abigail Pawlett and Mallory Cluley saw out the victory in a time of 46.97. Freya Cowan was chasing Mallory down in the final leg but couldn’t make up enough ground, forcing the Scots to settle for the silver medal, clocking a time of 47.30.

That meant Amelia would return from Manchester with a gold medal round her neck and no doubt a beaming smile upon her face. It was a reward she thoroughly deserved after all the hard work and dedication she’s shown this season.

Amelia Verney in action in the Junior 4 x100m Relay
Amelia eats up the ground between her and Layla Zuill who was on the first leg for Scotland
Amelia passes the baton on in the Junior 4 x 100m Relay
Amelia passes the baton on to Mollie King who took up the second leg

She’d also helped England on to secure the overall win in the final team results, with the squad securing a total of 395 points. That saw them finish comfortably ahead of the GB Juniors who took 2nd place with 305 points.

With Oliver’s contribution included, Wales took 3rd place in the final standings, scoring a total of 213.5 points.

Oliver James on the podium for the 3000m Steeple Chase at Manchester International
Oliver proudly steps on the podium to claim his bronze medal for the Junior 3000 metre steeple chase

It was a fantastically entertaining day of athletics with all the British athletes playing their part to make it a highly competitive showdown.

It was great to see some Bournemouth AC members shining on the international stage as well, doing themselves, their club and their countries proud.




Oliver James on fire at Welsh Junior Championships

Oliver James in action at the Welsh Junior Championships
Competing in both the 2000 metre steeplechase and the 3000 metres flat, it was a big weekend for Oliver James at the Welsh Junior Championships

This year has seen many Bournemouth AC athletes making huge progress in their respective events but none more so than Oliver James.

The way he’s been improving of late has been nothing short of miraculous and his upturn in speed saw him qualify to compete in two events at the Welsh Junior Championships at Newport Stadium.

Set for action in the 2000 metre steeplechase on the Saturday, Oliver then went on to compete in the 3000 metres flat the following day.

The event was for the Under 13, Under 17 and Under 20 age groups for each discipline and Oliver was in the Under 20 category.

Only three people had entered the 2000 metre steeplechase, including Oliver and the other two athletes must have heard that ‘the’ Oliver James of Bournemouth AC was going to be there as they didn’t even show up.

That left Oliver going round solo. The good thing was though, he knew that if he managed to complete the distance, he would win it.

He could easily have coasted round but that isn’t Oliver’s style. One of the most impressive things about him, besides his obvious talent, is his tremendous work rate. He puts everything into it when he runs, even in training, and this occasion was going to be no different.

Even though he was running on his own, Oliver still managed to record a brilliant new 2000 metre steeplechase PB of 6:23.04. That was around 1.5 seconds quicker than his previous best, which he set at the Dorset County Championships in June.

Oliver James on the podium at the Welsh Junior Championships
Oliver takes his place on the podium after winning the 2000 metre steeplechase

That wasn’t enough for Oliver though and he was hungry for more. The following day he lined up for the 3000 metres flat and that was a very different prospect with 19 other athletes competing for honors.

Despite his exertions in the steeple chase the previous day, Oliver started the race well, posting a 2:55 split for the first kilometre. He tried to stay strong over the middle part of the race, clocking a 3:03 for his second kilometre.

Then he finished quickly in the final kilometre, overtaking two of his rivals to end with a 2:57. It was another stunning display from Oliver and another PB as well, registering a time of 8:55.38.

That easily eclipsed his previous best of 9:44.53 which he set in Yeovil last September. His average mile pace for the run was a very impressive 4:47 which gives a good indication of how quickly he was actually going.

That secured a 5th place finish in the race for Oliver, which was quite some achievement considering he was up against the best Under 20’s and the best Under 17’s that Wales has to offer.

Dafydd Jones of Carmarthen & District Harriers was the winner, clocking a time of 8:29.11. Then it was Adam Barber of Harborough taking 2nd in 8:32.04. Lloyd Sheppard of Cardiff was 3rd in 8:32.41, with Bryn Woodall of Colwyn Bay taking 4th in 8:46.94.

They were certainly both performances to be proud of for Oliver and after his victory in the 2000 metre steeplechase he will now be competing at Manchester International on Wednesday 18th August.

At the Manchester International event, Under 20 athletes from England, Scotland and Wales will be competing in teams against each other and Oliver will be representing Wales.

It will be a proud moment for Oliver but it will be one that he richly deserves after working so hard in training and showing a tremendous degree of enthusiasm and dedication to his running.

He also possesses a steely determination to be the best that he can be, so the English and Scottish representatives at Manchester International had better watch out!!

Oliver James in the Welsh Junior Championships 3000m
Oliver recorded fantastic new PBs in both races and got the ultimate reward of qualifying to run for Wales


BAC golden girl Amelia Verney victorious in English Schools 200m

Amelia Verney at the English Schools Championships in Manchester
The English Schools Championships provided another opportunity to shine for Amelia Verney and it was one she was determined to make the most of

After a terrific performance at the British Championships which saw her square off against Dina Asher-Smith in the semi-final of the 100 metres, Bournemouth AC sprint superstar Amelia Verney returned to Manchester for the ESAA New Balance English Schools Championships.

This time she was in action in the Under 20 Women’s 200 metres. Looking in fantastic form, she won her heat in a lightening quick time of 24:47 which was a new PB for her without wind assistance.

It was enough to give her a 0.06 second margin of victory over Mary John of Woodford Green Essex Ladies who was 2nd in 24:53. The other heat was won by Madeleine Whapples of Solihull & Small Heath and she recorded a time of 24:68, so not quite as quick as Amelia.

The question was, could Amelia deliver again though in the final? And the answer to that question was an emphatic yes!! Sure enough, she produced another incredible display to land the gold medal and even managed to eclipse her previous time by finishing in 24:45.

Madeleine Whapples took the silver medal in what, for her, was a PB time of 24:66, with Mary John taking home bronze in 24:67.

It was a truly stunning performance from Amelia and the way she’s going, an international vest surely beckons. It can only now be a matter of time.

Next up for Amelia it is the South West Championships at Exeter Arena and in the form that she’s in, you certainly wouldn’t bet against another successful outing for her in that one.

Amelia Verney with her gold medal at the English Schools Championships
Amelia with her well deserved gold medal after a spectacular showing


BAC stars blossom in British Championships

Amelia Verney in the British Championships 100m semi-final
Bournemouth AC’s 17-year-old sprint sensation Amelia Verney lined up against Dina Asher-Smith in the British Championships 100m semi-final

As far as the domestic club athletics scene goes, there aren’t too many bigger stages than the British Championships, and at that event, only the real cream of the crop get to compete.

To have any involvement, athletes need to be among the best in the country in their field, so it’s quite an accolade just to be competing there.

Considering that, it was impressive to see several Bournemouth AC representatives in action over the course of the three day weekend in Manchester. They were vying for national titles and places in the team for the Tokyo Olympics.

Two BAC girls qualified for the Women’s 100 metres with Amelia Verney and Brooke Ironside both taking centre stage. It was also the first time in the club’s history that two junior athletes had made it through to the British Champs, with Amelia at just 17 years of age and Brooke being 18.

Amelia Verney at the British Championships
Amelia was one of two Bournemouth AC juniors racing in the senior 100m heats

For them to be mixing it with the top British senior women was a tremendous achievement in itself. Brooke finished 7th in her heat in a time of 12:82 but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to see her progress to the semi-final.

Crossing the line in 6th place in her heat, Amelia‘s time of 12:28 was quick enough to see her through to the semi-final. That meant a showdown with the nation’s top sprinter Dina Asher-Smith.

It was a great moment for Amelia to be lining up against an athlete of such high acclaim and she managed to up her game for the occasion.

Clocking a superb time of 12:01, Amelia finished 8th in her semi-final but didn’t quite make the final unfortunately. It was still a mightily impressive performance from her though.

Amelia Verney at the British Championships in Manchester
Amelia finished 8th in her semi-final recording a time of 12:01

There was also Bournemouth AC involvement in the Long Jump where James Lelliott was right in the tick of the action. With a huge leap of 7.69 metres, he was leading until the final round of jumps.

Then Alex Farquharson of Coventry snatched the gold medal with his last attempt, jumping the same distance. That meant James had to be content with a silver medal but it still a fantastic achievement from him, proving that he’s up there with the very best on the national scene.

James Lelliott in the Long Jump at the British Championships
James Lelliott takes a leap of faith that would see him secure a silver medal

In the Women’s Discus, Phoebe Dowson was flying the yellow and blue flag and she recorded a huge throw of 52.42 to finish in 5th place.

The Men’s Discus also featured a BAC star in the shape of Adam Phillips and he threw 49 metres to take 9th place in the standings.

Phoebe Dowson in the Discus at the British Championships
Phobe Dowson threw well to seal 5th place in the Women’s Discus

Second claim BAC member Adam Booth finished 2nd in his 400 metre Hurdles heat in a time of 51:84 which saw him progress to the final. He then ran a time of 52:17 to take 5th place in the final.

Another second claim Bournemouth AC member Piers Copeland was in action in the 1500 metres and he qualified for the final by finishing 2nd in his heat in a time of 3:45.66. He then produced a time of 3:45.51 in the final which saw him get over the line in 10th place.

Adam Phillips in the Discus at the British Championships
Adam Phillips threw 49 metres to finish 9th in the Men’s Discus

It was great to see so many athletes with Bournemouth AC connections flourishing on the national stage and putting the club on the map in such an impressive way.

And with Amelia and Brooke already reaching that level at such a tender age, their future prospects look very bright going forward. It’s a testament, not just to the athletes themselves but also to the coaches who have helped develop and nurture these special talents.

James Lelliott leaps long for the silver medal
James proved he’s one of Bournemouth AC’s highest standard competitors on a national level








Double medal delight for sprint sensation Amelia at Southern AA Champs

Amelia Verney at South of England AA Champs
The South of England AA Champs gave Amelia Verney the chance to test herself against high quality opposition in the 100 metre and 200 metre sprints

Currently making a real name for herself on the track in recent races, Bournemouth AC‘s very own Amelia Verney has been excelling over 100 metre and 200 metre distances.

Recording an 11.82 for the 100m and 24.97 for the 200m at a South of England Track & Field Academy Sports Pro Event in May, Amelia had every reason to be confident going into the South of England Athletic Association Championships.

Competing in the Under 20 category, Amelia did not disappoint, running a time of 24:42 in her 200m to heat to qualify for the final in 2nd place. Then, in the final, she improved on that performance to cross the line in a magnificent time of 24:07. That was enough to see her secure a silver medal.

Amelia Verney takes another medal at the South of England AA Champs
Demonstrating that she can mix it with the best of them, Amelia came away with medals to show for it

The next day she followed up those heroics with a lightening quick 11.99 in her heat to qualify for the 100m final in 2nd place. Then in the final she clocked a time of 12:09 to seal a bronze medal.

The 11.99 time she ran was legitimate as well, with no wind assistance, and it was only Allanah Fashanu of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers who managed a faster time that day. She recorded an 11.93 in that same heat.

Breaking 12 seconds is a remarkable achievement for Amelia. She will now be seeking an England vest, which is a real possibility for her given the huge potential she is showing.

Amelia Verney wins medal at South of England AA Champs
With the talent she possesses, an England call-up could well be in the pipeline for Amelia

Next up Amelia will be returning to Bedford to compete in the England U20 Championships this coming weekend and she’s also been invited to the British Championships in Manchester the following weekend.

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how Amelia gets on when facing off against the very best in the country. The way she’s running at the moment though, another impressive display will likely be on the cards.



Track and Field Championships 2021

Entries are open for the County Track and Field Championships for U17s, Juniors, Seniors and Masters which is taking place on Saturday 26th June 2021 at Kings Park. 
Once entered and paid please check back to ensure that your entry and event(s) is registered. 

Entries are open for the County Track and Field Championships for U13s and U15s which is taking place on Saturday 3rd July 2021 at Kings Park.

Further information is in the prospectus found here

Enter online at:

Once entered and paid please check back to ensure that your entry and event(s) is registered. 

4 Weeks to go until the first NAL Match

BAC National Athletics League 2021

Hi all – We are close to just four weeks to go now for the first NAL match of the season for our Senior and U20 athletes…. Sunday 6th June at Tonbridge.

Amy Spencer and I have over the past couple of weeks ‘messaged’ many of you who we consider would be looking to compete – if you have received such a message then please do reply to us with your availability and preferences for the season. It is important we understand what your wishes are in order to help our team selection. There are a number of you out there still to reply…. Please Do  Also, if you have not received a message from us and were hopeful of competing in the NAL this year then please also contact myself or Amy.

Soon we will be selecting the team for the first match and we are looking forward to a different, but exciting season of competition culminating in two home matches at our brand new athletics facilities.

I am now able to share with you the new NAL Website which has officially been launched today. Please do have a look at this for quite a source of information about the fixtures forthcoming and past. Of particular interest this year is the NAL Rules of Competition for 2021 which explains how this season’s matches will operate. That can be found under the ‘Competition’ Tab.

Amy and I are looking forward to seeing many of you soon, hopefully in competitive action. We wish you well with your preparation and all the best for a successful season.


Tim and Amy.

2021 NAL Fixtures Dates and Locations Update (29-Dec-2020)

I am able to now confirm the dates and locations of the National Athletics League (NAL) matches for 2021.  The NAL is for Senior and U20 Men and Women. 

The four fixtures are now:

Sun 16-May   SportCity, Manchester
Sun 6-Jun        Chelmsford
Sat 3-Jul           Chelmsford
Sun 8-Aug        Bedford

2021 NAL Structure and Venues V2.1

This is a “Plan A” approach to the NAL where the Covid-19 situation allows this “normal” shape of competition to go ahead. There is also a “Plan B” (smaller meetings, more local travel) and even a “Plan C” to attempt to cater for alternative situations.

Myself and Amy Spencer will be managing the Bournemouth AC NAL team and we look forward to seeing some new faces as well as many familiar ones in the team for 2021 as we aim to go out there and “smash it” in our usual BAC way.

Any queries about the league – please contact me.

Stay Safe and Train Hard,

Tim Hughes.

NAL Update 2021

NAL Update 2021

A brief update about the National Athletics League (NAL) as things stand heading to 2021.  The NAL is the national level track and field competition for Senior and U20 men and women and Bournemouth AC are in the 2nd Tier of this known as the “Championship” division.

The NAL committee is planning both for a Plan A (where things can go ahead as normal in 2021) and a Plan B, where things are more restrictive still and thus would involve a competition structure with less travelling.  We all hope for Plan A and I can let you have some details of that now…

The NAL Committee has listened to the wishes of the clubs and athletes and most fixtures now are on Saturdays.  The fixtures for Bournemouth AC are PROVISIONALLY as follows…

Sat 15-May SportCity, Manchester

Sat 5-Jun King’s Park, Bournemouth

Sat 3-Jul Chelmsford

Sun 8-Aug Bedford


The overall structure along with the teams at each match is here…

I shall once again be taking the lead in managing the NAL in 2021 along with Amy Spencer who will help particularly on the ladies side.  We have an opportunity to once again look to boost the team as we head into 2021 and work is progressing on that ☺.  With a year’s gap from league competition and some club athletes now progressing well and moving up into the U20 age group, we hope to see some fresh faces in the team in 2021.  I’m sure that Bournemouth AC will continue to show that it’s an extremely enthusiastic team.



Tim Hughes.


Jazmin Cooke Wins High Jump at Yeovil Open with an Outstanding PB Performance.

Yeovil Olympiads Athletics Club played host to their first athletics meeting of 2020 at the Bill Whistlecroft Arena on Saturday 29 August.

As the Yeovil Games 2020 cannot take place under the current restrictions, the club have scheduled two mini-opens with this Field Open Meeting being the first. The second is scheduled for Saturday 5 September which includes track events up to 800m.

BAC’s Jazmin Cooke entered the High Jump, her top event and she meant business.

The day started with an apprehensive drive with Jazmin’s support crew in tow (AKA Claire Cooke and Peter Lock). Although the journey was shrouded with nerves, this provided a good base for Jazmin’s adrenaline and passion for success. When they arrived at Yeovil track, it was a very calm atmosphere and the nerves soon settled.

This was the first HJ competition of the season and Jazmin was able to watch the men’s HJ first, a brilliant event before heading over to the waiting area for her own event.
The athletes were taken over in accordance with Covid guidance. The athletes were able to position their run ups and practise jumping prior to the start of the competition. Jazmin put the bar to 1.50m and felt good so she decided to start at 1.56m. She waited in anticipation for the other athletes to commence their jumps.

Jazmin Cooke Focused

It was vital for Jazmin to keep her muscles warm as the wind and clouds had dulled the skies by that point. As she limbered up to take on her first jump, the sunshine made a welcome appearance and Jaz flew over the first jump at 1.56m!

Jaz Clears the Bar Convincingly

Jaz waited patiently as the last few competitors made their final attempts at clearing the bar. The other athletes were unable to stay in the competition and Jaz was then the last girl standing. It was clear she was the winner at that stage.

The next height Jaz attempted was 1.61m and yet again she flew over, clearing it by a good margin. The bar was raised to 1.65m and Jaz convincingly cleared it on her first attempt. As mentioned earlier, Jaz meant business that day and she had a strong belief in herself. She was hungry for success and knew she was could beat last season’s PB of 1.67m. She went for 1.68m and absolutely nailed it in one jump!

Not satisfied with that Jaz asked to raise the bar to 1.70m which was her ultimate goal! She attacked that 1.70m with such determination and drive – she cleared it!!!!

The crowd nearby were cheering passionately and it was no surprise to hear that mum, Claire Cooke was close to tears, what an achievement! To end the day on no less than a high, Jaz attempted 1.72m. However; the exhaustion and realisation had kicked in and she couldn’t quite get the energy she needed to clear it. Regardless, she is over the moon with her results and what an outstanding performance.

Well done Jaz! We’re looking forward to seeing you in action again.