13 BAC athletes competed in the SAL Round 4 at Kingston on 4 July, resulting in a 3rd place out of 5 teams on the day.  Taking earlier results into account, when less strong teams have been fielded, BAC now lies, overall, in 16th position of the 20 teams in Division 3SW.  All of our athletes pulled their weight, competing in a number of events, in some cases of completely different disciplines.  Particular congratulations to our winners at Kingston,  namely Jamie Williamson, Cameron Hale, Madeleine Smith, Josh Nevin, Rob McTaggart, Danielle Marshall and Sarah Kearsey, but that is not in any way to take away from the 100% contribution of, and the valuable points earned by, each and every athlete.  Full results can be found at www.southernathletics.org.uk/assets/files/results/2015/15sal3sw4Kingston.htm, but here are more details of the events covered by BAC’s athletes:  Jamie Williamson HJ A string (1st – ‘Man of the Match’ award); TJ A  (4): Cameron Hale HJ B (1); DT B (3); JT B (3): Madeleine Smith HJ A (4); LJ A (3); TJ A (1): David Flicos PV A (5); LJ B (4); TJ B (4); SP B (3); HT B (4); 100m B (5): Peter Briant  SP A (3); DT A (3); HT A (3); JT A (5):  Anya Kay SP A (3); DT B (2); 100m A (3): Janet Dickinson SP B (2); DT A (2); HT A (3); JT A (2): Sarah Kearsey JT B (3); 200m A (3); 400mH A (1 – ‘Man of the Match’ award): Dan Gaymor 100m A (3); 200m A (3): Glenn Balfour 200m B (4): Josh Nevin 800m A (1); 1500m A (1): Rob McTaggart 800m B (1); 1500m B (1): Danielle Marshall 100m B (2); 200m B (1); 400m A (3); 400mH B (1).  

The YDL (Lower) fixture, in which BAC competes as a composite team in South/West 1 with Poole Runners and New Forest, was moved on Saturday 18 July to Perrivale as a result of problems with the throwing cage at Hammersmith.   Results are now available at www.ukydl.org.uk – please see below (after the Portsmouth results) for more information.  The results from the previous round at Portsmouth on 21 June are also available, and show that the composite team, at the end of that fixture, lay in 8th position of the 8 teams in the division. Remember – it’s the taking part which matters, not the winning!!The BAC athletes who competed at Portsmouth were: Harry Grubb U15B 300m A string (7th); 800m A (8); 4 x 100m (3): Jim Dence U15B 80mH A (8); LJ B (5); HJ A (8); 4 x 100m (3); Fraser Spall U15B DT A (2); HT A (7); JT B (4):Tom Farwell U13B 1500m A (4); SP B (5); 4 x 100m (8): Oliver Hassan U13B 75mH A (5); HJ B (4): Connor Leclerq U13B 800m B (5); Lewis Leclerq U13B 1500m B (5): Laureen Sheerin U15G 200m B (8); SP A (8); 4 x 100m (5); 4 x 300m (7): Gemma Kennard U15G 100m A (2); HJ A (3): Isabelle Franklin  U13G 150m B (8); JT B (3); LJ B (3); 4 x 100m (4): Louise Galloway U13G JT A (4); SP B (2): Yasmin Bridet 75m A (4); 70mH A (2); SP A (4); 4 x 100m (4): Poly Yule U13G 70mH B (3); LJ A (4); HJ A (2); 4 x 100 (4): Holly Lowther U13G 4 x 100m (4).  Returning to the fixture at Perrivale, on 18 July the BAC athletes who competed as part of the composite team were: U15B – Fraser Spall DT B (3); HT A (6); JT B (2): U15G – Gemma Kenard 100m A (3): Izzy Wedderburn 100m B (3); LJ B (2); 4x100m (5):  Rebecca Hannibal 200m B (5); SP B (6); 4x100m (5): Holly Lowther 75mH A (1); 4x100m (5): Lauren Sheerin 4x100m (5); 4x300m – according to results Lauren ran legs 1 AND 4 (6): U13G – Poly Yule 70mH A (1); LJ A (3); HJ A (3).  In the match, the composite team was 8th of 8 teams, and, at the end of the season, lies in 8th and last position of the Division.  But it doesn’t matter!!  Hopefully, those young athletes, from BAC and the other clubs enjoyed the competition, which is the main aim, and, as already mentioned, it’s the taking part which counts!

Similarly, the results for the Wessex Young Athletes League fixture at Aldershot on Sunday 19 July are now available at www.wessexleaguetandf.co.uk – please see below, after the Portsmouth results, for more details.  The results for the fixture at Portsmouth on 28 June are available, and particular congratulations to Yasmin Bridet, whose 11.3s 70mH equals the League U13G Record – very well done!  There were many wins, from some athletes in a number of events, particularly at the lower age groups, which is very encouraging.  The BAC athletes who competed at Portsmouth on 28 June were: U13 Girls – Yasmin Bridet 100m A string (1st); 70mH A (1 = league record); 4 x 100m (1); SP A (2): Ellie Ward 100m B (1); 200m A (1); 4 x 100 (1); JT B (3): Katie Fry 200m B (2); 4 x 100m (1):  Ruby Bowden 70mH B (1):  Polly Yule 70mH B (1); LJ A (1); HJ A (1): Isabelle Franklin 4 x 100m (1); LJ B (1); HJ B (2); SP B (1); JT A (4): Ria Hartigan DT A (2): Hannah Saunders DT B (2): U15 Girls – Rebecca Hannibal 100m A (1); 200m A (2); 4 x 100m (1); Holly Lowther 100m B (2); 75mH A (1); 4 x 100m (1): Abi Richardson 300m A (2); 800m A (2); HJ A (2); Maeve Bailey 300m A (1); 800m B (1): Laureen Sheerin 4 x 100m (1); LJ B (1); SP A (4); JT B (3): Stephanie Batcheller 4 x 100m (1): Charlotte Quantick LJ A (3): Matilda Simpson SP B (4); DT A (4); JT A (3): U17 Women – Chloe Burrows 100m A (2); 200m A (1): Charlie Sidaway 100m B (1); 200m B (1); 80mH A (1): U13 Boys – Louis Buron 100m A (5); 200m A (5); 4 x 100m (5): Oliver Hassan 100m B (3); 75mH A (2); hjA (3); 4 x 100m (5):  Tom Farwell 1500m A (2): Gil Rees 75mH B (2); 4 x 100m (5); LJ A (5): Tyler Pastecchia 4 x 100m (5); LJ B (6): U15 Boys – Joe Haywood 100m A (4); 4 x 100m (3); LJ B (1): Johannes Elie 100m B (2); 200m A (5); 4 x 100m (3): Jim Dence 300m A (6); 80mH A (3); 4 x 100m (3); HJ A (4): James Newell 800m A (2): Charlie Castro 800m B (1); 4 x 100m (3); LJ A (2); JT B (2): Cameron Cooke SP A (1); DT A (3): Fraser Spall DT B (1); JT A (4): U17 Men – Andrew Speers 100m A (2); 200m A (2): Sebastian Hearn 1500m A (1); Brandon Meredith 1500m B (1). Returning the the fixture at Aldershot, on 19 July, there seem to be difficulties in opening the results from the WYAL website, but they are available on Power of 10, and, from there, the following BAC athletes appear to have competed: U13B – Louis Buron 100m A (5); 200m A (3); LJ A (6): Oliver Hassan 100m B (5); 75mH A (3); HJ A (3): Tom Farwell 100m n/s; 1500m A (4): Conor Charlwood 1500m B (4); SP A (5); JT A (4): there was also 4x100m U13B Relay Team, which finished 5th, but the team members are not specified on Power of 10: U15B – James Newell 300m A (3); LJ A (4): Fraser Spall DT A (4); JT A (1): U17M – Keelan Abley 200m A (5): Brandon Meredith 1500m A (3): Sebastian Hearn 1500m B (1): Jim Dence 80mH A (2); HJ A (3); LJ B (2): U17WCharlotte Sidaway 100m A (2); 200m A (2); 80mH A (1).  It appears from Power of 10 that Samuel Rappoport (U11B) ran three non-scoring events, namely 75mH, in which Samuel was 14th of 45 in a season’s best, 600m (40/45 and PB) and LJ (19/43).  Apologies to Samuel if these were part of the competition and scored points!  The League tables are accessible, and show that BAC, probably fielding its weakest team if the season, finished 5th of 5 teams, but the final League positions are much more encouraging.  Overall, BAC finished 14th of 24 teams, and the age group positions were: U17M 16th of 24, U17W 7/24, U15B 17/24, U15G 11/24,  U13B  21/24, U13G 15/24, U11B 21/24, U11G 24/24.  There were also QuadKids competitions taking place alongside the League, but the results are very difficult to interpret.  However, the final League position of BAC‘s Quadkids was 24/24.  As mentioned before – it’s the taking part which counts!  Well done, particularly, to the U17W and U15G teams for their excellent final League positions, but the main point is that hopefully all our athletes enjoyed participating in the WYAL this summer.