The final fixture of the SAL 2015 season, in which BAC competed in Division 3 SW, took place at Kings Park on 15 August. The strongest team which BAC has fielded this year in this League resulted in a finish in 2nd position of the five competing teams, with 200 points, only 19 points short of the winning total. Congratulations to Patrick Sylla, who won the ‘Man of the Match’ award.  Altogether, 22 BAC athletes took part in this competition, and well done to every each and every one, all of whom contributed to the impressive points total, but it’s worth mentioning that Dan Brunsden, Matt Ridge, Danielle Broom and Janet Dickinson all competed in 3 or more events, either winning or finishing second in them all.  Also, we should mention Dave Flicos, who, once again, mounted up the points in no fewer than six events.  The following is a round-up of all BAC results at Kings Park:  (Men) Keelan Abley 100m A(string) 5(finishing position); 200m A 3: Vince Taylor 100m B 3: Dave Flicos 200m B 2; 800m B 3; 400mH A 5; PV B 2; LJ B 4; TJ B 4: Lewis Sainval 400m A 3: Glen Balfour 400m B 3; Karl Welch 800m A 1: Brandon Meredith 1500m A 3: Tony Hunt 5000m A 3: Cameron Hale HJ A 2; PV A 2: Alex Paul-Ajuwape HJ B 1; TJ A 2: Patrick Sylla LJ A 1: Dan Brunsden SP A 1; DT A 1; HT A 2; JT B 1: Andrew Brown JT A 1: Matt Ridge SP B 1; DT B 1; HT B 2:  (Women) Rachel Welch 100m A 3; LJ B 2: Jemma Bates 10mm B 2; 400m B 2: Megan Lucas 200m A 2: Verity Cowell 200m B 1; HJ A 3; LJ A 3: Danielle Marshall 400m A 2; 400mH A 2: Danielle Broom SP A 1; DT A 1; HT A 1: Angel Kerin SP B 1: Janet Dickinson DT B 1; HT B 1; JT A 1.  The Mens’ and Womens’ teams also ran in the relays, the Men winning the 4 x 100m, and finishing 3rd in the 4 x 400m, and the Women winning the 4 x 400m, and finishing 2nd in the 4 x 100m.  At the end of the season, BAC were 14th in the table, which consisted of 20 teams in all.