Team Winners after a successful day at Portsmouth, SAL


Portsmouth, 19 August 2017, was another SAL classic.
Three great teams battling it out against BAC were Winchester, Chichester and Havant.

BAC dug in as usual and scored our highest ever win.  Giving us promotion next year and a league division win to add a cherry to the top.

A huge thanks to every athlete, official, coach, Mum and Dad who gave their support to the club.

There were strong wins across track and field. The breadth and depth has been our best asset this year.

When people were tired they ran
When people were hurt they threw
When they had done 5 events they did another

Thanks to every single person this year who competed. There are a lot of you.

If you did not get a chance this year join in next.  If you’re not a member, then join the fun.  What a blast it has been.


Andrew Sheerin