Brief details of BAC performances at the following fixtures…..

Southern Athletics League, Braunton, 25 April 2015
BAC are in Div 3 SW, and at the end of the 1st League fixture lie 12th of 20 competing clubs, having come third in their own fixture at Braunton. These are the BAC athletes who took part:
Muiris Egan: 100m SM A(string) 2nd 11.5 (PB); 200m SM A 1st 23.1.  Danielle Marshall: 100m SW A 4th 14.9; 200m SW A 4th 30.9; 400m SW A 4 71.9; 400mH SW A 3rd 76.9; DT 1k SW B 3rd 14.04.  Robin Copestick: 5000m SM A 1st 17.32.  Rosie Wootten: HJ SW A 2nd 1.55; LJ SW A 2nd 4.49; SP 4k SW B 1st 7.92.  Jemma Bates: 100m SW B 3rd 14.8 (PB); 200m SW B 3rd 30.4; HT 4k 3rd 7.62 (PB); JT 800 3rd 8.64.  Peter Briant: HJ SM A 3rd 1.30; LJ SM A 4th 4.43; TJ SM A 2nd 8.83; SP 7.26k SM A 1st 11.45; DT 2k SM A 1st 35.81; HT 7.26k SM A 2nd 21.86; JT 800 SM A 2nd 32.85. Anya Kay: SP 4k SW A 1st 9.62; DT 1k SW A 2nd 15.03; HT 4k SW A 4th 20.89; JT 600 SW A 4th 8.09.   Congratulations to such a small team on achieving such a result.  Full results available at

Wessex Young Athletes League, Bournemouth, 26 April 2015     This was a composite team consisting of BAC, Poole Runners and New Forest Juniors.  Here are the results of the composite team (some of these are NFJ, not BAC): U15 LJ G(Girls); A(string) 1. Izzy Wedderburn 4.53, B 1. Gemma Kennard 4.43U15 HJ G; A 1. Gemma Kennard 1.45, B 1. Abi Richardson 1.40. U15 SP G A 6. Laurin Sheerin 5.86, B 4. Rebecca Hannibal  5.34. U17 W 100m A 1. Charlie Sidaway 29.00, B 1. Megan Lucas 29.10. U17 W 800m A 1. Bridget Dence  2.24.50. U17 W 1500m 1. Bridget Dence 4.58.10. U17 W 80m 2. Charlie Sidaway 13.00. U17 W 4x400m relay 1. (Composite Team) Danielle Broom, Megan Lucas, Charlie Sidaway, Bridget Dence. U17 W LJ A 1. Sam Cash 4.77, B 1. Megan Lucas 4.76. U17 W Shot A 1. Danielle Broom  11.83. U17 W DT  A 1. Danielle Broom 37.52.  U13 B 100m A 5. Oliver Hassan 16.30, B 2. Louis Baron 15.20. U13 B 200m  A 5. Gil Rees 34.50, B 2. Louis Baron  31.60. U13 B 1500m  A 1. Tom Farwell  5.24.30, B 1. Conor Charlwood 5.48.20. U13 B 75mH  A 2. Oliver Hassan 16.70. U13 B 4x100m relay 3. (Composite Team) Oliver Hassan, Gil Rees, Louis Baron, Conor Charlwood. U13 B LJ A 4. Oliver Hassan 3.62, B 2. Gil Rees 3.34. U13 B SP  A 3. Conor Charlwood 5.27.  U13 B JT A 5. Conor Charlwood  11.11. U15 B 200m A 4. Jim Dence 31.20. U15 B 800m  A 3. Charlie Castro 2.38.70, B Jim Dence 2.43.50. U15 B LJ A 3. Charlie Castro 4.49, B 1. Joe Haywood 4.18. U15 B HJ A 5. Jim Dence  1.35. U15 B SP A 2. Fraser Spall 6.38. U15 B JT A 4. Fraser Spall 21.14, B 1. Charlie Castro 18.39. U17 M 100m A 4. Glen Balfour  14.60. U17 M 200m A 2. Keelan Abley 26.60. U17 M 800m A 1. Lewis Sainval 2.11.60, B 1. Glen Balfour 2.27.90. U17 M 1500m A 1. Lewis Sainval 4.30.90, B 1. Brandon Meredith 4.55.20. U17 M LJ A 1. Patrick Sylla 6.94, B 1. Glen Balfour  4.81. U17 M Shot A 1. Jack Howlett 15.16. U17 M DT A 1. Jack Howlett 42.30.  From six competing teams, the Composite Team’s position in each of the age categories is U13G – 4th; U13B – 3rd; U15G – 2nd; U15B – 3rd; U17W – 1st (well done!); U17M – 2nd, and the team lies 3rd overall.    Full results are available at  These include the results of the Quad Kids competition which took place on the same day, but these are unfortunately incomprehensible to your scribe.

Youth Development League (Lower Age), Hillingdon, 2 May 2015    This is also a composite team consisting of BAC, Poole Runners and New Forest Juniors, competing in Division South West 1.  At this fixture, the following BAC athletes competed: Poly YuleU13G HJ A(string) 2nd 1.35; U13JT A 4th 16.28; U13G 70mH B 2nd 12.8. Louise GallowayU13G LJ B 3.61; U13G Shot 2nd 6.55: U13G 70mH A 1st 11.9; Gemma KenardU15G HJ B 4th= 1.40; U15G LJ A 2nd 4.63; U15G 100m B 4th 13.4. Rebecca HannibalU15G LJ B 5th 3.88; U15G 200m A 7th 29.8: U15G 100m B 6th 14.4. Amelia DobsonU15G Shot A 6th 7.22; U15G JT A 5th 25.84; U15G 75m A 7th 13.2. Laurin SheerinU15G Shot B 7th 5.49; U15G 300m A 7th 50.0. Also Amelia Dobson, Laurin Sheerin, Rebecca Hannibal, Gemma Kennard 4th in 4×11 relay in 4.54.7. Tom FarwellU13B HJ B 7th 1.10; U13B Shot B 3rd 4.60; U13 B 1500m A 4th 5.16.2. Jim DenceU15B HT A 7th 1.30; U15B JT B 7th 8.66; U15B 800m A 7th 2.43.5. Fraser SpallU15B Shot A 8th 5.66; U15B JT A 7th 21.68; U15B HT A 5th 13.85.  The Composite Team are placed 3rd in their Division of eight teams, so this was a very creditable performance by all our young athletes.  Full results available at