Bournemouth Athletics Club hosted one of the first Athletics Open meetings of the year on 27 March 2022. After what seems like a very long winter, the sunshine finally made a welcome appearance.

Numerous athletes from clubs far and wide, entered the competition and entries filled in a relatively short space of time. This shows how keen the athletes were to get back into competition as things are set to go back to a full year of competition – an exciting prospect for so many.





It was evident that the athletes welcomed the opportunity to compete in a full timetable of track and field events. They also relished the added bonus of a newly resurfaced track at Kings Park stadium, home to BAC.

It was a joy to see so many BAC yellow and blue vests as well as many athletes from other clubs, some of which are friends, old and new. Also the Quadkids were able to shine through as they competed in numerous events across the track and field. It’s so great to see the younger athletes in action, showing off their talent after the hard grind of winter training. These are the athletes we need to encourage as the future of club athletics, not just at Bournemouth.

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Bournemouth AC aims to run Track & Field Open events each Spring and Autumn. Usually on Sundays in late March and early September.
A comprehensive programme is run for all ages from Quadkids to Veterans. A wide range of track and field events is offered including five throws (including Heavy Weight) and a Quadkids competition.
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If you’re interested in competing in future events the Fixtures list can be downloaded here.