The first day of the Run Bournemouth event presented junior runners with a chance to take centre stage and enjoy their moment in the spotlight. With such an effective junior development program at the club, it was to be expected that there would be some Bournemouth AC youngsters stepping up to the plate and showcasing their talent.

The event began with a Kids’ Kilometre which was for children aged 3 to 6. Then after that it was the Junior 1.5k which was for 6 to 8 year olds. Then it was the Junior 2k which was for 9 to 12 year olds. Youngsters aged 11 to 18 were allowed to compete in the Junior 5k.

Edward Davies in the Run Bournemouth Junior 1.5k

Edward Davies won the Junior 1.5k by 16 seconds

It was in the Junior 1.5k and the 2k races that Bournemouth AC members really stole the show. First it was Edward Davies who won the 1.5k in a magnificent time of 5 minutes and 54 seconds. Out of all the kids in that race, he was the one who really stood out and looked like a proper runner, even at such an early stage in his development.

Edward Davies after winning the Run Bournemouth Junior 1.5k

Edward tops the podium for the Junior 1.5k

Then, in the 2k race, a sensational new talent emerged in the shape of Seni Purnell. Completing the course in 7 minutes 13 seconds, she finished 2nd overall, beating every single boy in the race other than Daniel Street of Epsom who won it.

Seni Purnell in the Run Bournemouth Junior 2k

Seni Purnell was too quick for virtually everyone in the 2k race

It was a remarkable performance from Seni and showed that she has real potential to be a top runner in the future. The next girl to finish was Cerys-Ann Stewart who clocked a time of 8 minutes 1 second so she was quite a way behind Seni.

Seni Purnell racing round in the Run Bournemouth Junior 2k

Seni comes in for a 2nd place finish and first female

Seni Purnell was 1st Female in the Run Bournemouth Junior 2k

It was a proud moment for Seni as she stood on top of the podium

Finley Hurst Atkins was in that race as well and he got round in 7 minutes 23 seconds which put him in 5th place overall. Solly Abu-Ghaba was the next BAC member over the line, finishing 12th in 7 minutes 49 seconds.

Finley Hurst Atkins in the Run Bournemouth Junior 2k

Finley Hurst Atkins scopes out the opposition

Bournemouth AC juniors occupied 24th, 25th 26th positions in the race, with Ted Fewings taking 24th in 8:15. Benjamin Trimby was 25th in 8:14, with Aiden Blagden taking 26th in 8:22.

Finley Hurst Atkins in the Run Bournemouth Junior 2k

Finley battles it out for a top five finish in the Junior 2k

Jessica Long was 4th girl and 31st in the overall standings, crossing the line in 8 minutes 35 seconds. Isabella Crawford was 17th female and 31st overall in 9:43 and Jessica Seymour was 23rd girl and 94th overall taking 10 minutes exactly.

Finley Hurst Atkins after the Run Bournemouth Junior 2k

Finley completed the 2k in 7 minutes 23 seconds

Jude Austin was the next BAC member in, finishing in 105th place in 10 minutes 11 seconds. Then it was Phoebe Clark in 124th position and 33rd female in 10:43. The fact Bournemouth AC had such a large number of entrants in the race suggests they are thriving, at least in that age bracket.

Esmee Hurst Atkins and Isabel Cherrett in the Run Bournemouth Junior 5k

The Junior 5k race featured Esmee Hurst Atkins (right) and Isabel Cherrett (white vest)

In the Junior 5k race, Oliver Canovan finished in 4th place, clocking a very quick time of 18:19. Then, not too far behind, the next BAC member, Harry Butcher arrived to take 6th place in 18:49.

Harry Butcher in the Run Bournemouth Junior 5k

Harry Butcher finished 6th in the Junior 5k

Isabel Cherrett sealed a spot on the podium with her time of 19:18 putting her 2nd fastest female and 7th overall. It was an excellent run from Isabel and she was the quickest under 16 girl in the race.

Isabel Cherrett at the Run Bournemouth Junior 5k

Isabel Cherrett was raising money for the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation

Isabel Cherrett in the Run Bournemouth Junior 5k

Isabel races along the prom toward a 19:18 finish

On top of that, she also managed to raise over £200 for the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation, so for her, it was big success on two fronts.

Isabel Cherrett was 2nd Female in the Run Bournemouth Junior 5k

Isabel stands on the 2nd step of the podium after an excellent run in the Junior 5k

Also delivering a solid performance was Esmee Hurst Atkins and she was 4th female in and 13th overall with a time of 20:49. Then about half a minute later Matilde Blagden arrived to secure 5th female spot and 16th overall in a time of 21:21.

Esmee Hurst Atkins in the Run Bournemouth Junior 5k

Esmee Hurst Atkins was 4th female in the Junior 5k

Adam Abu-Ghaba got round in 23:31 which put him in 31st place in the overall standings. His brother Solly took advantage of the age overlap by running both the 2k and the 5k. In the 5k, he got round the course in 24:49 which put him in 39th place.

Adam Abu-Ghaba in the Run Bournemouth Junior 5k

Adam Abu-Ghaba came 31st in the Junior 5k

There was also an opportunity for the adults to get involved on that first day as the Supernova 5k took place at 7pm. By that time it’s started to get dark and participants are encouraged to wear high viz or glow in the dark lights.

Impressing in training over recent weeks, Matthew Dicks has come down from Milton Keynes and is studying at the university here. He’s been attending the Tuesday night sessions and has looked very sharp and quick since arriving on the south coast.

He claimed victory in the Supernova 5k, whipping round the seafront course in a lightening quick time of 16:04. The closest contender to that was Samuel Brooks who represents Fareham and has featured in the last couple of Hampshire Road Race League fixtures. He got round in 17:04.

Another familiar face from the Bournemouth AC ranks was Oscar Even Matthews and he sealed 3rd place in a time of 17:22.

Matthew Dicks won the Run Bournemouth Supernova 5k

Matthew Dicks, who has been training with BAC, won the Supernova 5k, with Oscar Even Matthews coming 3rd

Jonah Shepherd was 13th, completing the course in 18:48 and Emily Coltman sealed 3rd female spot in 20:38.

That was a good run from Emily and put her 24th in the pecking order overall. Having just turned 16, Emily can now participate in adult races and she went straight in at the deep end the following weekend by taking on the Great South Run.

Emily Coltman was 3rd Female in the Run Bournemouth Supernova 5k

Emily Coltman was 3rd lady in the Supernova 5k

Jacob Green was also in the mix and he completed the night time 5k route in 22:25, putting him in 51st place overall.

With five podium place finishes and many other strong performances amongst them, the Bournemouth AC junior division is certainly thriving at the moment and the Run Bournemouth event provided a great outlet for them to show the town and the tourists what they’re made of.

Finley and Esmee Hurst Atkins at Run Bournemouth

Brother and sister Finley and Esmee Hurst Atkins both performed well