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Parkrun and Chichester 10k

This was a busy weekend which may explain why no BAC athlete was amongst the 445 who ran the Poole Parkrun, but there plenty at the Bournemouth Parkrun in Kings Park on Saturday 18 February, which was won (again!) by Billy McGreevy, with Roy Long in second place. Also competing were Ian White (7), Jud Kirk (8), Steve Cox (17), Caroline Rowley (20), Joe Price (22), Ian Graham (31 – 1st V65), Paula Kirk (33) and Will Price (89). Altogether 149 finished. The next day saw Peter Thompson crossing the line at the Chichester Priory 10k in 32.59, 21st of a total of 1637, closely followed by Rob McTaggart, 23rd in 33.08.

Blackmore Vale Half Marathon – and Parkruns

With an overall 1,2 and 3 and League wins for both men and women and the overall team prize, BAC can certainly count the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon, run on 2 February 2014, as a success! For the second year in succession course record holder Steve Way was the overall winner, followed closely in second place by Jacek Cieluszecki. The pattern then altered slightly as this year it was Jon Sharkey, in third place, ensuring a clean sweep for the team prize. Jez Bragg also had an excellent run to finish 7th, and well done to Paul Consani, whose contribution was invaluable in ensuring BAC fielded a complete Dorset Road Race League team. Having achieved promotion to Division 1 of the Ladies’ Road Race League this year particular congratulations are due to Gemma Bragg, Nikki Sandell and Caroline Rowley for winning the League race – had it not been for the fact that Nikki’s ‘change of club’ has not yet been cleared by EA BAC would also have won the ‘open’ team race – well done! Gemma is also to be congratulated on her trophy as second lady U35.
Results (BAC): 1. Steve Way 1.11.17;  2. Jacek Cieluszecki 1.15.03; 3. Jon Sharkey 1.17.06; 7. Jez Bragg 1.18.38;  57. Gemma Bragg 1.31.08;  68. Nikki Sandell 1.32.33;  81. Paul Consani 1.34.15; 138. Caroline Rowley 1.40.14.  There were 428 finishers.

BAC were also winners at the Parkruns the day before. Rob McTaggart was the outright winner of the Poole Parkrun (with Simon Munro third) and at the Bournemouth Parkrun Emma Dews again won the ladies’ race (2nd overall). The Bournemouth race was something of a family affair for the Kirks, with Jud and Pauline Kirk joined by their offspring Katie and Matt, and also running in Bournemouth were Roy Long, Ian White, Steve Cox, Joe Price (returning from injury) and Joe’s Dad Will Price.

Bournemouth and Poole Parkruns 25 January

The Parkrun movement locally goes from strength to strength, with the regular numbers competing in Kings Park, Bournemouth creeping towards 200 with 196 finishing the course on 25 January, whereas in Poole Park, Poole there were 609 finishers, a record so far. There were BAC winners in both events, with Billy McGreevy winning at Bournemouth, with Emma Dews again finishing second overall and first lady. Also running in Kings Park were Ian White, Jud Kirk, Steve Cox, Caroline Rowley, Ian Graham (1st O65), Dave Parsons (1st O60) and Will Price. In Poole Park Jacek Cieluszecki was again the winner with Simon Munro finishing 8th, showing an encouraging recovery from injury. Also competing were Mike Cowham (yet to transfer back from Elmridge!) and Cherry Sheffrin (who has made the transfer!).

Broadstone Quarter Marathon – 1 January 2014

Let’s hope, weather-wise, 2014 didn’t start as it means to go on!  In appalling conditions 246 athletes completed the annual New Year’s Day Broadstone Quarter Marathon, organised by Poole Runners, in doing so battling against driving rain and a strong wind on a course which can’t be described as easy.  The race was the first of the Dorset Road Race League for 2014, and the noteable feature for BAC was the strength of the Ladies’ Team consisting of Gemma Bragg, Janie Chapman and Cherry Sheffrin.  Poole AC were the clear winners of the Ladies’ League race but, subject to confirmation, it may well be that the BAC Ladies were the second League team – and of course we are now talking about Division 1.  What a start – well done!  Turning to the men, congratulations to Jon Sharkey on winning the race outright, and also to Jez Bragg who ran strongly to finish fifth.  Graeme Miller in 14th position and Simon Munro (who is contending with a knee injury) in 18th gave the Mens’ Team a solid foundation and although we could have done with a fifth scorer in the top 20, Steve Cox ensured that we finished with a League position from which we can progress.

Results (BAC):

1. Jon Sharkey 37.28;  5. Jez Bragg 38.14;  14. Graeme Miller 40.23;  18. Simon Munro 41.37;  54. Gemma Bragg 45.37;  58. Janie Chapman 45.56;  63. Cherry Sheffrin 46.44;  67. Steve Cox 47.19;  87. Caroline Rowley 48.45;  115. Helen Ambrosen 50.55;  150. Ian Graham 55.25.



Road Running Updates 28 December 2013

Christmas Day Parkruns

The success of the Parkrun concept was proved at 9 am on Christmas Day, when (probably to the unspoken amazement of the organisers!) as many as 82 competed in the Bournemouth Parkrun, and an astonishing 235 competed at Poole.  Jon Sharkey was the winner of the Poole Parkrun in Poole Park (unsurprisingly!), where Jud Kirk and Tim Hughes also ran.  Although BAC can’t claim a Christmas Day win at the Bournemouth event in Kings’ Park, Steve Cox, Ian White, Janie Chapman and Will Price all competed.  Well done to all, and also to the the volunteers at Bournemouth and Poole, without whom the runs could not have taken place.  Incidentally, on 28 December, Jacek Cieluszecki won the Poole Parkrun, with Steve Way second, and, at the Bournemouth Parkrun that day, it was good to see one of our youngsters, Jack Barwick, taking part.

Round The Lakes 10k

The annual Boxing Day Round The Lakes race, over a new three lap course, was won by a margin of over two minutes in 31.27, but the race for second place was not won until the finish line.  Rob McTaggart was outsprinted in the last few yards to finish third, 3 seconds behind the second-placed athlete, and just ten seconds in front of the third finisher.  It must have been very exciting to watch!  Other notable BAC runs came from Graeme Miller, finishing 15th (of a total of 316), and Janie Chapman, who was 2nd F45.  Fortunately, on this occasion, BAC didn’t forfeit a team prize on account of the fact that Rob wasn’t wearing his club vest.

Results (BAC):

3. Rob McTaggart 33.36;  15. Graeme Miller 36.09;  56. Janie Chapman 41.29;  70. Corrie Norton 43.22;  73. Steve Cox 43.40;  164. Chris Chatfield 50.22;  182. Ian Graham 51.26;  230. Will Price.