Please do follow the Government guidelines when doing the sessions which is currently you can train in groups of six outside but you must maintain the 2 metre distance at all times (unless they’re from the same household).

This weeks session is devised by Mandy Adams who holds the Coaching Licence with England Athletics, and is our Co- ordinator for the Junior Development Group.

This week’s session is for Wednesday 17th June 2020.  There are two sessions here, each to be done on separate days. Remember to warm up and cool down for each.


Warm up – run 600 metres slow consistent pace – really important to prepare for session and prevent injuries

Drills –  over 10 metres then walk back- do each drill 3 times (15 minutes)

Hamstring sweep, lunges, sumo squats, walking high knees, heel flicks, andy pandys, rat – a – tats. 

Speed bounce for 60 seconds for agility repeat after 1 minute rest (you can use an item of clothing to jump over)


Session one: Maximum velocity training- Flying 30s (15 minutes)

Measure out 30 metres and mark distance (about 30 adult large paces)

Use 3 point start or standing start

  • Sprint 30 metres- walk back slowly to start and wait until breathing has fully recovered. Repeat five times.
  • Concentrate on one technical point each run.
  • Do not cross arms across body.
  • Plant foot on ball of foot.
  • Shoulders low and relaxed.
  • Tall posture and high hips.
  • Knees high, toe up. 


Session 2. Endurance Session

Ask a parent or friend to blow whistle or use alternative (15 minutes)

  • Run continually for 5 minutes, accelerate on 1 whistle, slow down on 2 whistles (at the whistle blower’s choice)
  • 2 minutes recovery then repeat 
  • Concentrate on relaxed shoulders and keeping arms close to body


Warm Down – really important to prevent injury (10 minutes)

Run 600 metres slow consistent pace

Static stretching of shoulders, triceps, torso, legs then alternate windmills for co ordination and balance on each leg either tree pose or legs front or back, close eyes to make more difficult

Best wishes we hope you are all keeping well,

From all of the Coaches at Junior Development