Boys Quad Kids Team with Nick

The Boys Quad Kids Team were amongst the many athletes celebrated at the Bournemouth AC presentation evening

The Balfour Suite at AFC Bournemouth Football Club was a fitting venue to stage the long awaited and eagerly anticipated presentation evening where athletes, coaches and staff were celebrated for their achievements and sacrifices, all in the name of Bournemouth AC.

With club president Ian White unable to make it due to family reasons, hosting duties fell to chairman Robin James who, despite trying to convince others it was their role to give the speed over the years, delivered the president’s review with gravitas.

For those who missed it, here is a full rundown of Robin’s speech, incorporating Ian White’s President’s Review…

“Good evening, for those who don’t know me, I’m Robin James, chair of Bournemouth Athletic Club.

I’ve been chair of the club for a number of years now.

One of my key achievements has been to convince the president of the club that it was their role to give the speech at the presentation evening and not mine. Over the years I’ve managed to convince Ian Graham, Janet Dickinson and indeed Ian White of this.

However, unfortunately, due to family reasons, Ian White is unable to be with us this evening. His father-in-law is very unwell and my thoughts and those of many friends are with the family this evening.

Ian had written his review of the year and it falls to me to present it to you. This does mean I can say nice things about him whilst having to delete the many nice things he said about me!

So here goes… Good evening all – It’s good to be back – Our first presentation evening for 3 years although we’ll focus mostly on 2022 tonight!

There was unprecedented demand for tickets for this evening – we thank you for squeezing together so we could fit as many people in as possible.

A quick thank you to AFC Bournemouth for looking after us tonight and to those who have donated raffle prizes.

Prizes include a signed AFC Bournemouth shirt, a £100 voucher towards the cost of membership and season ticket for one athlete, two £25 vouchers from X-Miles, the Wimborne based endurance sports and a sports rucksack Star Sportswear.

– – – – –

As Ian started to think about what he could say tonight. He realised that there has been so much going on – that he was not going to have time to say everything, and so my and his apologies if we’ve missed something or someone deserving public recognition.

Ian asked our team managers and coach representatives for their thoughts on the season. A general theme came through, which was the same as when Ian was competing. This was how many athletes contribute to the success of BAC, whether it is by claiming points for the club by filling events, training together to push yourself, and your friends, team mates and indeed rivals, to personal bests – or crossing the line first and winning a trophy.

– – – – –

A lot has happened during and since the pandemic, including the council spending nearly half a million pounds on the new track, which was opened with our fun event and barbecue in the summer of 2021.

Agreeing, the specifications of the track – and adding the specific BAC request for additional horizontal jump runways and pits  – took a lot of time and required a lot of volunteer help. Tim Ward and Tim Hughes are but 2 of the key people involved who worked closely with the council on the specification for the track.

The legacy that Mark Annis left BAC enabled the club to make a significant contribution to the cost of the new jumps area. His legacy is remembered on a plaque on the nearby bench and his family were present at the track relaunch event and watched a long jump event from that bench.

Whether it’s organising the reopening of the track or coordinating open events or league matches, it’s really difficult to list all the people involved as so many contribute. This includes officials, those who help gather lunches, prepare results, return the javelins during competition and administer first aid. Not that there should be a connexion between returning javelin’s and first aid!

At the autumn open at least 46 different people were involved supporting over 400 competitors.

– – – – –

So many jobs to do but all carefully managed – and our special thanks to Hazel and Juliet who carry a significant burden – beavering away largely behind the scenes to ensure that we achieve the success that we do.

– – – – –

I can go on… people booking coaches for away matches, managing the safety of the gym and its equipment, team managers making tough selection decisions and trying to involve all available athletes, and the coaches, helping everyone be the best they can be. This, all overseen by the committee who put in a significant amount of time to ensure our club makes a real difference.

There are more roles to, which I don’t have time to mention, but, without all of you, we wouldn’t have the successful club that we have here at BAC – so a BIG thank you to you from me, the committee and all the athletes you look after too.

Please keep it going and thanks to all the club volunteers.

Perhaps now is a good time to plug for the need for additional helpers at the Spring Open on Sunday 26th March – Speak to Juliet if you can help!

– – – – –

We’re very much an inclusive club, with varying levels of talent, but BAC also has a history of amazing athletes.

It’s hard to believe that after more than 110 years club records can still be broken, but they are, and we have some new ‘all time’ records this year.

Well done to Brooke Ironside, not able to be here tonight, but an U20 & S Woman who has achieved club records in the 100m, 200m and the Long Jump.

And another club record in 2022 was achieved by Seni Purnell (U13G) in the 1,200m.

As it is a special achievement to get on the ‘all time’ board, other new entrants during the covid years were, in 2020 Amelia Verney in the U17 women’s 100m and in 2021, Adam Phillips – SM – in the Discus.

Very well done to you all.

– – – – –

Great people, great athletes inspire others, as many in this room have done and will continue to do.

Just over 20 years ago Ian was inspired to join BAC by his friend John Boyes.

Sadly, John, who was a very good athlete and full of confidence, took his own life last year.

Of course, all of us at BAC send our thoughts and best wishes to all our bereaved friends and families.

But a suicide is very sad and I’d like to take a moment to remind us all, that as athletes, we are good at building resilience, we challenge ourselves to beat the barriers, be the best we can be, but sometimes we need to talk, and if you get to that moment, please do protect yourself first, and talk to someone.

I want to remind us that talking about our issues is very much ok!

– – – – –

I’d like to draw out one or two other people …

It’s great grabbing a coffee and reading about how your teammates have done in recent events and so a special thanks to Richard Brawn for the many road racing and cross country reports he’s provided on the website for a fair few years now.

Richard spends time catching up with runners, messaging all of those that have competed and then provides reports detailing how everyone has done.

I know the reports are very much appreciated – everyone is interested in how others have done, so thank you and I look forward to reading many more.

– – – – –

Getting recognised outside of the club is very special and in 2021 Ian Graham was awarded the Popplewell trophy by the Hampshire XC league.

This recognised his contribution with over 30+ years of club membership, organising home cross country events, co-ordinating transport to the Hampshire League XC venues and entering athletes in all age groups into regional and national events to ensure we have representation.

Thank you, Ian.

– – – – –

Another man to note, Rob McTaggart, who was at the club when Ian joined over 20 years ago, and who is still putting in hard work, setting and improving PB’s.

Rob is member of the National League squad, and a road runner, who this year achieved a 14 minute 55 track 5k. And who in London, in October, found himself knocking on the door of the top 10 of the BAC All time marathon list with a 2h24m marathon.

Over 20 years of training – a good reminder to never give up.

Well done Rob for your commitment to training over that period, and I note you’re still young enough to get in front of that Mark Hargreaves chap, currently 10th on that marathon list!

– – – – –

2022 also saw the X-Miles CEO, Anthony Clarke take on the challenge of the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. That’s around 55 miles so its an ultra-marathon event. Ant finished within 6 hours, to finish 20th overall and 1st European, in a very talented field of runners.

– – – – –

Turning to international honours. Both Brooke Ironside and Caitlin Peers competed internationally in 2022.

Brooke’s year included competing for Team GB in Germany coming second in the U20W 100m. She also competed as part of the GB relay team, also coming second.

Caitlin’s year saw her competing in the World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships in Montreal in June in the 25-29 age group, where she came 6th.

Well done to all our current and former international athletes.

– – – – –

Whilst we justifiably celebrate international success but we also embrace grassroots athletics.

The Wednesday night development evening continues its record of success. Regularly seeing over 100 young athletes on site. Many thanks to Mandy Adams and Dave Parsons and their team who make this possible.

Our involvement in sports hall athletics has also resumed following the pandemic. The recent county championships saw under 11 and under 13 athletes winning events.

This is reflected in the selection of a number of athletes, including Sienna Pope, Gabriella Pitman, Amy Betts, Jasmine Munden and Sienna Munden for the Dorset team for the SW event. Thanks to Mandy and her team of team managers.

– – – – –

So moving on to the track and field leagues:

Well done to all the many athletes who took part in the YDL Lower league and especially to those who stepped out of their comfort zone and competed in events which weren’t their first choice , or indeed last choice, which really helped the team get points.

You got the best reward, as this team won 3 out of 4 of the matches and finished 1st overall which is a great achievement and means we are now promoted to Division 2.

The YDL Upper is one of our most challenging leagues, as our team members rightly focus on school exams. But by everyone giving their best when they could, we managed a mid-table finish to remain in Division 1.

In the Wessex League we accrued an impressive 18 points over the four matches, putting us in joint 5th place out of a total of 24 clubs. With many points in each match earned through athletes willingness to help cover extra events.

Well done to you all. And this is also a chance to say a thank you to the parents who ensure the athletes get to the tracks for events and training.

– – – – –

As can see we have had some excellent results. So well done to the catalysts, our team managers!

And another round of applause please!

One of I would say managers, Nick Marshall, gave me an update on the Wessex League quad kids.

Now Nick’s lucky number is 32, and when he was looking at the Quad Kid squad he wasn’t surprised to see 32 team members. These super young athletes helped us come 3rd in the Quadkids section of the Wessex League. A feat I don’t think we have ever achieved as a Club before.

The final fixture of the season saw us take record numbers in all age groups and indeed two 53 seat coaches to Abingdon. We hit the heights by beating all the other clubs that day – an achievement that was made even more special, as we had travelled the furthest.

Nick says that when he started as a Coach at BAC we would be lucky to have a handful of Athletes at a Wessex League Event in the U11s age group, even at home fixtures other Clubs would bring far more Athletes, This was something that really bothered him and he set out to make a change.  Now due to our success we could fill two teams of 20 in this group.

Nick says, that he had no experience before he started Coaching and he used to watch from the stands or cafe. He says that the great Tom Cochrane got him involved and the fulfilment he gets in seeing our younger athletes thrive and develop is second to none.

He also said, please, after tonight, email Dave Parsons or Juliet Dobson at BAC, for more info as it’s so important we get more people involved in our great club.

Well said Nick. Thank you for your enthusiasm, which without doubt is part of the large team that have helped our younger athletes thrive.

– – – – –

Turning now to road running.

The 2021/22 season was a challenging yet rewarding one, emerging from another year of disruption at the hands of the pandemic it was a real battle to get quality teams together when competition resumed.

The club pooled their resources well though to battle it out on all fronts, with cross country racing back on the agenda as well as the Dorset Road Race League. 

The Senior Men finished 6th out of 10 teams in the Hampshire Cross Country League and the women 16th out of 23.

The BAC men relinquished their crown in the Dorset Road Race League, being forced to settle for second place by a very strong Egdon Heath Harriers squad.

The BAC ladies finished 4th, spurred on by Sam Jackson, Debbie Lennon, Heather Koshnevis and Helen Ambrosen all winning their age group categories. Well done all.

For the first time in the 2022/23 season, the club enrolled in the Hampshire Road Race League. We made an explosive start to our campaign with the men’s team currently top of their division, and the ladies’ team in 8th place.

We look forward to seeing how our first season in this league finishes.

For the first time in many years, the club also managed to get a team together for the SEAA Road Relays where they were successful in qualifying for the Nationals. That led to a road trip to Sutton Coldfield where the 12-man team did well to come in 43rd out of 64 teams.

It is great to see the club being put back on the map in these illustrious events, mixing it with the very best of the road running realm. The club now looks forward to all impending competitions with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm for the new season.

Meanwhile, in the Wessex Cross Country League the ladies and men’s teams both won their respective divisions, and we also retained top division status in the Hampshire League, with many strong individual performances.

We have seen lots of fantastic performances across the U13 to U17 age groups. Too many to mention them all but well done to Harry Butcher, Emily Coltman and Seni Purnell for winning Dorset Championship events.

Many people encourage each other to get to the events but this is another team that really appreciates the work that their team manager, in this case Richard Nelson, puts in.

– – – – –

Back on the track, the Southern Athletics League teams struggled, having recently been promoted to division 1. Unfortunately we were relegated, but well done to all those that contributed and managed the team during a tough season – a chance to get promoted again next year though!

And then we had our first proper season of competition in the National Athletics League. This is a new league, bringing together both Men’s and Women’s teams into a single team.

Our team finished 9th at the end of the season seeing them in a secure position in the Championship Division.  That was a solid start and with Tim Hughes managing we know the team will be looking to climb up the divisional structure in 2023.

Tim has stressed how all BAC athletes showed great enthusiasm and had the passion to fill as many spaces in the team as possible, seeking out every point possible.  Tim also wants to specifically thank Amy Spencer for her management support, he looks forward to working with Suzi Shepherd next year.

Apparently, this team thinks they are the most noisy and supportive team at events, with people knowing when BAC are in town!  A challenge I’m sure all BAC teams will take on next year!

So, overall¸ some excellent results, and as I’ve mentioned, great contributions from many – so well done all.

– – – – –

Talking of great contributions …….

…To finish Ian’s few words, I get the honour of selecting someone for the President’s Shield – this really could go to a lot of individuals in the club.

And in a deviation to Ian’s speech can I take this opportunity to thank Ian White for his huge contribution to the club over the past year and indeed previous years. He is a really effective treasurer, open entry coordinator and recorder. He effectively carries out a number of relatively unpopular jobs.

Indeed – but for the fact that he is President – he would be a strong candidate for the president’s award!

However, not as strong a candidate as the person who has been nominated for the president’s award this year.

Going back to the text of Ian’s review…

I’ve worked with a number of exceptional people in my 20 years here, and this person is always there when I look around – involved in so many areas, including the committee, the open events, coaching evenings as well as having competed for BAC at cross country, road and track events.

This person was, actually I think that should be is, not only a really good athlete, representing BAC in many different types of event, but is also very personable, an approachable, friendly face to many, and has a passion to do the right thing, not only for the athletic club, but it’s members too.

This person has an agenda which looks to make the whole club as inclusive as possible and to get as many athletes competing as possible.

You need a calculator to work out how many years this person has been involved with the club. He has covered roles within the committee since Ian joined the club, including the chair. He has dealt with every single member of the club, for around 10 years, dealing with many last-minute England Athletic registrations for athletes who remember they want to compete at the upcoming weekend!

During his time as membership secretary he has also been fully involved with the Junior Development evenings on a Wednesday night.

I genuinely don’t think the club would be what it is today without the contributions that this person has made over the past 5 decades, AND of course, definitely noting the support of his long standing / suffering wife Sue, so thank you Sue, and it is my honour to say Thank You to, and award the President’s Shield to, Dave Parsons.”

It was then time to move onto the athlete awards for the evening, starting off with the Quadkids Awards. They were as follows…

Boys Qaud Kids Team with Nick and Leon

Boys Quad Kids Team with coach Nick Marshall and Leon Atkins

Boys BAC Quad Kids Team

  • Finley Hurst-Atkins
  • Sebastian Wallis
  • Harry Selwood
  • Ted Fewings
  • Leo Smith
  • Samson Gent
  • Hudson Emery
  • Reuben Holleran
  • Benjamin Trimby
  • Aiden Blagden
  • Adam Lasek
  • Timo Green
  • Rory Dixon
  • Jake Ryan
  • Seb Somers
  • Charlie Green
  • Reuben Gates
  • Jude Austin
Boys Quad Kids Team with Nick and Leon

The Boys Quad Kids Team with Nick and Leon

Girls Quad Kids Team with Nick and Leon

The Girls Quad Kids Team with Nick and Leon

Girls BAC Quad Kids Team

  • Imogen Pope
  • Jasmine Peters
  • Emmie Hawkins
  • Sienna Munden
  • Georgia Miller
  • Layla Shearing
  • Isabella Crawford
  • Phoebe Clark
  • Layla Gardner
  • Ava Richmond
  • Isabella Baptist
  • Robyn Woolley
  • Cara Gulliver
  • Erin Ryan
Girls Quad Kids Team

The Girls Quad Kids Team

Nick Marshall with Ted Fewings

Ted Fewings with Nick

6 of our u11 athletes did all 4 events, they were:

  • Seb Wallis
  • Leo Smith
  • Imogen Pope
  • Jasmine Peters
  • Georgia Miller
  • Isabella Crawford
Phoebe Clark, Jasmine Peters, Imogen Pope, Sienna Munden and Finley Hurst Atkins

Phoebe Clark, Jasmine Peters, Imogen Pope, Sienna Munden and Finley Hurst Atkins

The Overall Winner for the Boys was a Boy that gave his all from start to finish, a great athlete who’s led the Team from start to finish our Overall Boys Winner – Seb Wallis

And the Overall Winner for the Girls is a strong competitor mentally and physically in all 4 disciplines, who always leads by example, and has huge potential, the Overall Girls Winner – Sienna Munden

On to the Girls Coaches award an athlete who’s had a great Athletics Season and is one of the most gifted U11s middle distances runners Nick’s seen since he’s been at the Club. The Coaches Award for the Girls goes to Imogen Pope.

Imogen Pope, Sienna Munden, Seb Wallis and Finley Hurst Atkins

Imogen Pope, Sienna Munden, Seb Wallis and Finley Hurst Atkins

Finally, a boy that just keeps on and on improving and just doesn’t know when to give up. He may only be small but he is a powerhouse of a runner and thrower.  The Coaches Award for the Boys goes to Finley Hurst Atkins.

Ted Fewings and Finley Hurst Atkins

Ted Fewings and Finley Hurst Atkins

Next up it was the awards for all the other age groups and disciplines and the trophy winners were as follows:


Gabriella Pitman – 100m, High Jump
Amy Betts – 200m
Seni Purnell – 800m, 1500m, 70mH
Jasmine Munden – Long Jump, Shot Putt
Grace Launder – Discus
Sienna Pope – Javelin, YDL Points

Imogen Pope and Sienna Munden

Imogen Pope and Sienna Munden with Nick


Andrew Szewcyzk – 100m, 200m
Edward Ryan – Javelin
Solly Abu-Ghaba – YDL Points
Connor Grocott – 800m, 1500m, 75mH, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put

Connor Grocott clasping his trophies

Connor Grocott picked up so many trophies he could barely hold them


Sapphire Bruni – 100m, Long Jump, Javelin
Isabel Cherrett – 1500m, U13 Cross-Country
Megan Jones – 75mH, Discus
Matilde Blagden – Shot


Will Launder – 100m, 200m, 300m, Long Jump
Ewan Brown – 800m
Sam Coltman – 80mH
Adam Abu-Ghaba – Discus, Hammer, YDL Points

Sam Coltman picks up his trophy for Under 15 Boys 80m Hurdles

Sam Coltman picks up his trophy for Under 15 Boys 80m Hurdles

Mariah Marshall collects her trophies

Mariah Marshall picked up multiple trophies

Ida Waring shows off her silverware

Ida Waring won trophies for the Under 17 Women’s 300m, 800m and Long Jump


Amy Tonkyn 100m, 200m, High Jump
Ida Waring 300m, 800m, Long Jump
Emily Coltman 1500m, 3000m, U15 Cross-Country
Mariah Marshall – Hammer, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, YDL Points

Mariah Marshall with trophies

Mariah won trophies for all the throwing events plus the YDL points

Emily Coltman

Emily Coltman picked up trophies for 1500m, 3000m and Cross Country

Ida Waring and Mariah Marshall

It was a lucrative night for Ida and Mariah


Christian Baptist 100m
Amil Ismail 200m
Sam Brewer 400m, 800m
Dante Thompson 100mH, Long Jump
George Ingram Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hammer
Nathan Mearns U15 Cross-Country U20M

Christian Baptist collects his trophy for Under 17 Men's 100m

Christian Baptist collects his trophy for Under 17 Men’s 100m

Dante Thompson

Dante Thompson won trophies for the Under 17 Men’s 100m Hurdles and Long Jump

George Ingram

George Ingram won trophies for all the throwing events in the Under 17 Men’s division


Theo Weaver 800m, 1500m, 400mH, High Jump

Theo Weaver collects one of his trophies

Theo Weaver picks up one of the four trophies he went on to win

Senior Women

Heather Khoshnevis – Marathon
Sophie Bareham – Long Jump, Triple Jump
Danielle Broom – Hammer, Javelin, SAL Points

Heather Khoshnevis collects her trophy for best marathon time

Heather Khoshnevis won the Marathon trophy

Senior Men

Rob McTaggart – 800m, 1500m, 5000m, Steeplechase
Steve Cox Pole Vault
Simon Armstrong – Hammer, Shot, Discus
Darius Perkins – NAL/SAL Loyalty

Rob McTaggart picks up some more silverware

Rob McTaggart won trophies for 800m, 1500m, Steeplechase and 5000m

Road Running

These are age graded trophies…
Heather Khoshnevis – 10k
Debbie Lennon – 10 mile

Heather Khoshnevis picks up the trophy for best 10k

Heather Khoshnevis also won the prize for best age graded 10k

Debbie Lennon collects her trophy for best age graded 10 miler

Debbie Lennon claimed the prize for best age graded 10 Mile performance

Men’s Road Runner of the Year – Adrian James
Women’s Road Runner of the Year – Jola Dewerenda

Jola Dewerenda won the prize for Women's Road Runner of the Year

Jola Dewerenda won the prize for Women’s Road Runner of the Year

The BAC Road Runner trophy winners

The trophy winners from the Road Runners group

Special Trophies

John Rumbold Trophy for the Best Field Performance by a BAC Athlete at the BAC Spring Open – Danielle Broom who achieved a Grade 1 Discus and Hammer throw and a Grade 2 Shot Put.

Dawn Johnson Trophy for the Best Track Performance by a BAC Athlete at the Autumn Open – Connor Grocott who achieved Grade 2 1500m.

Nick Marshall and Connor Grocott

The Dawn Johnson Trophy for best track performance went to Connor Grocott for his Grade 2 1500m

U13/U15 Club Athlete of the year – This athlete embodies all that athletics is – training, perseverance and commitment to improvement. He turns out in all weathers to train and he also competes regularly for the club – willingly turning his hand to any event for the team. Currently, he is looking at a lengthy break from sport due to injury, but he hasn’t let this break him. A true athlete and he is giving as much to his rehabilitation as he gives to a competition. Truly well deserved. Jacob Green.

Outstanding U18 – Will Launder. Will won gold in the Long Jump at ESAA Championships last July. He also won South West Schools, South West Intercounties and is ranked 2nd U15B Long Jumper in the country.

Will Launder collects his outstanding achievement trophy

Will Launder won a well deserved shield for his outstanding achievements

Mayor’s Marathon Trophy – Rob McTaggart. He completed the London Marathon last October in 2hr 24 min 48 sec in 16th place.

Rob McTaggart holds his trophies aloft

Rob McTaggart picks up the Mayor’s Marathon trophy

President’s Trophy 2022 – Robin James.

Robin has been an active member of BAC for many years since the time his daughter was an athlete in the club. He has performed a number of roles on the club’s Executive Committee, starting off as Transport Officer negotiating with the bus companies for all of our club travel – a role which he still does.  He will, however, probably be best known for his role as Chairman of the club since the year 2015.

Robin does a huge amount of work in organisation of league and opening meetings at King’s Park and is often seen there as the chief field referee.

Robin has played a large role in drafting a number of the club policies for example Track Mark, our Welfare Policy, England athletics 360 club review and the club’s Covid-19 protocol.  He also spends much time in liaising with BCP council in order to help keep our Athletics facilities in shape.

Robin’s voluntary input to BAC is very big, taking up vast amounts of his time.  The club is very lucky to have such an enthusiastic, helpful person on the team.  Robin is therefore very deserving of this special reward.

Once the the awards had been handed out and the raffle done and dusted, there was an opportunity for those not committing to any races the following day to enjoy some further refreshment. As they did they were treated to some unforgettable entertainment courtesy of a live band, rounding off a truly magnificent evening of reflection and celebration.

The trophy winners from the junior divisions

The trophy winners from various age groups in the junior divisions