Dear athletes,

Please find the latest  of the weekly planned sessions which have been designed by our very own coaches. Please do follow the Government guidelines when doing the sessions. 

This week’s session is devised by Harriet Slade who holds the Assistant Coaching Licence with England Athletics and is awaiting to complete her level 2 Coaching Licence. Harriet is our group leader for Group Six for the Junior Development Group and is a competing athlete for BAC.


Cardio class energy booster

Format: 3 exercises, 4 rounds. 

2 mins skip.

20 times burpees. 

40 times mountain climber. 


Conditioning exercise class

Format: 3 reps of:

2 frog jumps. 

20 mountain climbers. 

4 frog jumps. 

40 mountain climbers. 

6 frog jumps. 

20 mountain climbers. 

8 frog jumps. 

20 mountain climbers. 

10 frog jumps. 

1 minute recovery.


15 minute HIIT training. (Strength and conditioning)

Format: 3 circuits (5 mins for each) 

Round 1 

Bear crawl. Forward moving and then reverse it back…..This can be done in the hallway, corridor, driveway or even garden. keep the knees just off the ground

2x star jumps. 

Bear crawl 

4x star jumps.

Bear crawl

6x star jumps. 

Bear crawls 

8x star jumps

Bear crawls

10x star jumps

All sessions:


Best Wishes from Junior Development coaches              

 Best wishes we hope you are all keeping well,

From all of the Coaches at Junior Development