Dear athletes,

Please find the latest  of the weekly planned sessions which have been designed by our very own coaches. Please do follow the Government guidelines when doing the sessions which is currently not training in groups and a maximum number of two which must be from the same household. 

This week’s session is devised by Harriet Slade who holds the Assistant Coaching Licence with England athletics, and is Group Six leader for our Junior Development Group. She is awaiting to do the full coaching course as soon as the coronavirus pandemic lockdown allows. Harriet is also the athletics and running coach at a local primary school focusing on the fundamental skills enabling the individuals to excel in all areas, and she often takes PE lessons for the children at the school from years reception – year 6. 

Harriet has recently developed an online coaching programme for adults and children called which aims to help people work on their development by looking into their current sessions and diet to improve their race times. 


Athletic achievements. 

Harriet is a competing athlete for Bournemouth Athletics Club and currently competes for the Southern Athletic League, National Athletic League and County Championships. Harriet’s main discipline is Middle Distance where she demonstrates good all round ability and regularly competes in cross country, 3000 metres and steeplechase. She has also been known to compete for the roadrunners team, completing her first 10 mile road race earlier this year in a spectacular time of 72 minutes. 


Harriet is ranked 5th for steeplechase in the Power of 10 within the South region, and holds the BAC club record for steeplechase  2000 metres, with a PB of 7.32 mins. 

Harriet also came 1st in the Dorset County Cross Country Championships this year and qualified and competed in the British Cross Country Championships this year at Loughborough. 


Please ensure all athletes warm up using ways they’ve learned throughout their time in PE.

This could be running on the spot followed by static  stretching and walk through drills using the surrounding space they are in.



Section one- 20 minutes

Shuttle runs for 1 mile (approx mins if done properly) Please relate to video clip!

(improvise if you have no cones)


Section two- 20 minutes (view video demo) 

Quick feet ball taps x10 followed by burpees and then controlled fast feet through ladder- see if your child can find different ways in which they can use the ladder

Repeat for 15 minutes

(improvise with equipment  if you’ve no mat or ladder, sticks can replace ladder sections and towels can replace mats)    


Section three -15 minutes

3x 15 leg raises (view video demo)

2x 45s raised planks

3x 20 sit ups

1x minutes spider mans

1x minute mountain climbers

3x 20 Russian twists

3x 20 push ups


5 minutes stretch and cool down 

All sessions:


Best Wishes from Junior Development coaches              

 Best wishes we hope you are all keeping well,

From all of the Coaches at Junior Development