Session 29-07-2020


Please find the link below to access weekly planned sessions which have been designed by our very own coaches. Please do follow the Government guidelines when doing the sessions which is currently not training in groups of more than 6 and keeping 1 metre distance apart.

This weeks session is devised by Dave Pain who holds the Coaching Licence with England athletics, and is Group eight leader for our Junior Development Group and a sprints coach for the wider club.

This weeks session for Wednesday 29th July 2020 – half quantity of reps for groups 1-4



High knees, kick backs, walking lunges, bounding, speed drills (rat- a- tats), run throughs at 80% over 30 metres.

Session One – fitness challenge ( 100 reps in total);

  • Press ups- 25 reps

  • Sit ups- 25 reps

  • Squats- 25 reps

  • 2 minute active recovery, walk for about 200metres

Try to complete 4 sets to complete 100 reps for each exercise


Session Two- speed session:

Fast sprints over 60metres, do 4 runs, x 2 sets ( 8 in total).

Cool down; Jog on grass for 400m, followed by gentle stretching


Circuits (at home):

Press ups- 20 reps, sit ups- 20 reps, squats- 20 reps, skipping or running on the spot for 30 secs 

Press ups- 20 reps, sit ups- 20 reps, squats- 20 reps.

Keep safe and well everyone

Best Wishes from Junior Development coaches