The primary league that Bournemouth AC enters is the Dorset Road Running League which takes place throughout the whole year. In addition there are many other local, national and international races in which the members participate, including marathons.

To improve your fitness, train for a specific distance or set those PBs rolling, then training with the distance runners at Bournemouth AC could help you achieve those goals. We have a mixture of abilities, junior, senior and veteran runners to guide and encourage athletes along the way.

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Dorset Road Race League Information

Bournemouth AC take part in the Dorset Road Race League (RRL). There are 12 races per year over a variety of distances. Expect 6 shortish races (less than 10 miles), 5 races of 10 miles / half marathons and one long race.

Where possible the races are spread across the county and the whole year. The men and ladies compete as separate teams. 5 men make up a men's team 3 women make up a ladies team. The overall team scores at the end of the season are based on the best 7 out of 12 races.

There is also a league for individuals based on the same 12 races and again the final positions are based on the best 7 out of the possible 12 races.

Dorset Road Race Fixtues and Results 2013

DateLocation / DistanceWeb AddressReport (Where Available)
1st January 2013Junction Quarter Results and Report
3rd February 2013Blackmore Vale Half  (Also DCC)

Results and Report
17th February 2013Lytchett 10 Results and Report
10th March 2013Zoom March Hare 20 Results and Report
17th May 2013Purbeck 10K (Also DCC) Results and Report
16th June 2013Puddletown Plod 20K Results and Report
7th July 2013Portland 10 Results and Report
4th August 2013Sturminster Half Results and Report
15th September 2013Littledown 5 Results and Report
12th October 2013Weymouth 10 (Also DCC) Results and Report
3rd November 2013Gilly Hilly Results and Report
24th November 2013Boscombe 10K

Results and Report

County Marathon Championship 2013

DateLocation / DistanceWeb AddressReport (Where Available)
5th May 2013

North Dorset Village Marathon Report (lower down this page)

Other Results 2013

Received 28th December

Christmas Day Parkruns

The success of the Parkrun concept was proved at 9 am on Christmas Day, when (probably to the unspoken amazement of the organisers!) as many as 82 competed in the Bournemouth Parkrun, and an astonishing 235 competed at Poole. Jon Sharkey was the winner of the Poole Parkrun in Poole Park (unsurprisingly!), where Jud Kirk and Tim Hughes also ran. Although BAC can't claim a Christmas Day win at the Bournemouth event in Kings' Park, Steve Cox, Ian White, Janie Chapman and Will Price all competed. Well done to all, and also to the the volunteers at Bournemouth and Poole, without whom the runs could not have taken place. Incidentally, on 28 December, Jacek Cieluszecki won the Poole Parkrun, with Steve Way second, and, at the Bournemouth Parkrun that day, it was good to see one of our youngsters, Jack Barwick, taking part.

Round The Lakes 10k

The annual Boxing Day Round The Lakes race, over a new three lap course, was won by a margin of over two minutes in 31.27, but the race for second place was not won until the finish line. Rob McTaggart was outsprinted in the last few yards to finish third, 3 seconds behind the second-placed athlete, and just ten seconds in front of the third finisher. It must have been very exciting to watch! Other notable BAC runs came from Graeme Miller, finishing 15th (of a total of 316), and Janie Chapman, who was 2nd F45. Fortunately, on this occasion, BAC didn't forfeit a team prize on account of the fact that Rob wasn't wearing his club vest.

Results (BAC):
3. Rob McTaggart 33.36; 15. Graeme Miller 36.09; 56. Janie Chapman 41.29; 70. Corrie Norton 43.22; 73. Steve Cox 43.40; 164. Chris Chatfield 50.22; 182. Ian Graham 51.26; 230. Will Price.

Received 23rd December

One result missed earlier was Manol Dimitrov's win on 7 December. Manol describes it as "win at the Endurancelife CTS Dorset race in 4 hours 1 minute, 27.5 miles over the Jurassic coast with some steep climbs and descents totalling 5500 ft". On 21 December BAC again were first and second in the Bournemouth Parkrun in the form of David Long followed after 90 seconds by Billy McGreevy, himself nearly 30 seconds before the next finisher. The next day Andy Gillespie was 281st of 1163 finishers in the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon in a time of 3.48.57. Andy says: "I am happy with my effort, a little head start for VLM training". The course involved a fair amount of off-road running with a lot of mud in the windy and rainy conditions, which may explain the large drop-out, as 1601 started the race. It seems, however, that there was a good atmosphere, perhaps helped by the rum which was available at one of the drinks stations!

Received 20th December

There are yet more wins to report in the Parkruns from 14 December 2013. In Poole Park, Poole, Jacek Cieluszecki was the clear winner by over one minute (Steve Way was fourth), and in Kings Park, Bournemouth, Rob McTaggart won by a margin of nearly two minutes. The next day, further afield in Damiel, Spain, Antonio Ruiz was sporting his BAC vest (see photos below) in a 10k race in which he finished 55th of a total of 1300 in 37 minutes. He says conditions were a bit cold!! Antonio, who worked in Bournemouth for several months this year, joining and competing for BAC and helping with the Development Evening coaching, runs another 10k in Cordoba on New Years' Eve when he hopes to break 36 minutes. Let's hope it's a bit warmer for him!


Antonio passes the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento)


Preparing for the Damiel 10K

Received 11th December

Christchurch 10k - 8 December 2013

The Christchurch 10k race, held over a new course near Burton on Sunday 8 December, must have been one of the most successful of the year for BAC, with a win and several awards and PBs. Jacek Cieluszecki was the race winner, knocking almost a minute off his PB in the process, with Steve Way in second place. BAC won both the Veteran Men team race, and the Senior Men team race, and, of the two, the Veteran men were the winners! Jacek, Steve and Graeme Miller were BAC's winning vets, whereas the Senior Mens' team consisted of Peter Thompson, Robin Copestick and Andy Jennings, with Rob McTaggart losing out on this award as he was not wearing a club vest, but fortunately Andy's run was fast enough to ensure that this team prize didn't go elsewhere. Congratulations to Graeme on running a PB, and also to Billy McGreevy, Simon Hearn and Steve Cox on their PBs. Well done too to Janie Chapman and Helen Ambrosen for their awards, for 2nd FV 45 and 2nd FV 55 respectively.

Results (BAC):
1. Jacek Cieluszecki 31.37; 2. Steve Way 31.58; 4. Peter Thompson 32.59; 6. Robin Copestick 33.49; 9. Rob McTaggart 34.11; 19. Graeme Miller 35.40; 23. Billy McGreevy 36.21; 47. Andy Jennings 38.39; 60. Paul Consani 39.51; 61. Simon Hearn 39.52; 68. Janie Chapman 40.23; 95. Steve Cox 42.03; 98. Tony Chutter 42.22; 149. Helen Ambrosen 45.25; 236. Corrie Norton 49.52; 367. Will Price 56.07; 382. Ian Graham 56.42. There were 519 finishers.

Jon Sharkey - 50k time within selection criteria for selection for National 100k Team

Many congratulations to Jon Sharkey who achieved his aim of running a 50k race within 3 hours 22 minutes on Sunday 8 December at the Newcastle Racecourse Marathon, an event which incorporated the 50k distance along with a marathon and other distances. Jon ran an incredibly disciplined race to finish (and win!) in 3.19.21 on a 18 3/4 lap course, running splits for each lap which varied between 6.24 and 6.29, in other words he maintained a virtually even pace throughout the entire 50k. This achievement is even more noteworthy considering how he came to be running this race in the first place. After a well deserved rest following his debut Ironman in Austria in June, Jon needed another challenge. This came via Steve Way, who suggested Jon could aim for the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k in Gravesend on 3 May 2014, which doubles as the National 100k Championship race, and a 100k Home International. No problem there - plenty of time to train for a 100k event next May. But the real challenge would be to run beforehand a 50k time of 3.22 or less, the time required for consideration for the England Team in the International. Where's the problem with that, as Jon has a 2.31 marathon? Well, here's the problem - the only 50k available within the selection criteria period was the Newcastle race on 8 December, only 4 weeks after the challenge arose which, after weeks of 'relaxed' running, hardly gives enough time to train for such an enormous distance. So Jon decided to run the 50k in Newcastle anyway, to go for the 3.22 time, and if unsuccessful he could still run the 100k in May as it is an Open Race with no time limit to enter. And the rest is history. As Jon himself says, the uncertainty about his fitness may have been a blessing in disguise, as he concentrated on a cautious approach, whereas a 2.29 marathoner set off at a much faster pace and was soon out of sight, only to be caught by Jon at 23 miles and shortly afterwards to drop out. Jon went on to win the race by a huge margin of half an hour or so, and in doing so double-lapping the second finisher. Jon goes on to say: "It's no guarantee of England selection, but I am pleased to be in a position where I can put myself forward for consideration". Very well done to Jon, and how proud we'd be if the England team in May included two BAC athletes!

Bournemouth Parkrun - 7 December 2013

Just to report another 1, 2 in the Bournemouth Parkrun in King's Park on Saturday 6 December in the form Rob McTaggart and Billy McGreevy. There will be Parkruns in both Bournemouth and Poole on Christmas Day at 9 am.

Received 2nd December

David Long was the winner of the Bournemouth Parkrun on Saturday 30 November 2013, whereas, in the Poole Parkrun the same day, BAC's contribution was in the form of Jon Sharkey, who was the 'pacer' for those aiming for 18 minutes, and timed his run to perfection, finishing in 17.48. One result previously missed was Josh Cole's spectacular win at the Lordshill 10 (mile) on 3 November in 53.41, which propels him to the top of the current 10 mile Championship table.

Received 25th November

The Poole Parkrun is again worth mentioning, as BAC finished 1, 2 and 3 once more in the form of Jacek Cieluszecki, Steve Way and Jon Sharkey (who had run 17 miles leading into the Parkrun as preparation for a 50k race in Newcastle in a few weeks time!). In 6th place was Simon Way, and finishing 29th (of a total of 497) was BAC Legend and Supervet John Boyes, on a brief visit back to us from his home in France.

Received 19th November

Joe Arundel was the leader of the BAC squad competing in the Boscombe Pier 5k on Friday evening, 15 November, and was almost the leader of the entire field finishing, as he did, second in 16.53, and Joe was the first U20M. Well done! The rest of the squad consisted of Jud Kirk, 42nd in 19.51, Joe Price, 46th in 20.09, Steve Cox, 54th in 20.44 and Simon Hunt, 78th in 21.34. Altogether there were 185 finishers. A further four BAC athletes competed in the Wimborne 10 (mile) on Sunday 17 November, and of a total of 395 Graeme Miller was an impressive 7th in 1.00.23, and was also 2nd MV40. In 38th position, and 4th lady overall (2nd FV45) was Janie Chapman who completed the course in 1.06.46. The ladies' race was clearly an exciting event, as Janie was a mere 3 seconds behind the 3rd lady, and only 21 seconds behind the winner! Dave Parsons finished 136th (and 2nd V60) in 1.15.49 and Helen Ambrosen was 152nd in 1.16.52. At the same time, over the border in Hampshire, Ian Habgood was running outstandingly in the Gosport Half Marathon, to finish 2nd of a total of 1500, in a PB time of 1.09.35. Billy McGreevy also competed in this race, having just joined BAC, and Billy demonstrated that just being a member is good enough to destroy those PBs, as he finished 71st in 1.21.14, a PB of almost 4 minutes!

Received 7th November

Apart from the DRRL Gilly Hilly (see separate report) no other BAC road/cross country activity over the weekend 2/3 November 2013 has been spotted, except for the Parkruns, which again merit an exceptional mention here, as BAC seem to be claiming the local events as their own! On Saturday 2 November, at Poole Park, Poole, BAC again finished 1,2 and 3, this week in the form of Jacek Cieluszecki, Robin Copestick and Jon Sharkey. At Kings Park, Bournemouth, Rob McTaggart was the winner for the second week running, and Graeme Miller was 2nd. The Bournemouth Parkrun, now approaching its 10th week, is growing bit by bit, and the 2 November run saw over 200 competitors for the first time. Despite this, at Poole, there were well over 400 runners taking part, so it seems that the Bournemouth Parkrun is attracting its own clientel, and isn't drawing people away from Poole.

Received 31st October

Over the weekend BAC athletes were active over Europe and at home. In the Frankfurt Marathon on Sunday 27 October Ian Habgood ran impressively to finish 82nd (of 8871) in 2.32.01, and Manol Dimitrov achieved a "massive" PB finishing 182nd in 2.42.43. Well done to both! Meanwhile, the day before, John Boyes ran the Lac du Montrejeau Cross Country a distance of 2.99 miles in 20.35, a race which John describes as "the hardest race of the year". Much nearer to home, on 27 October, Jon Sharkey was the winner (again!) of the Milford and Keyhaven 10k in 35.39, and in 18th position was Simon Hearn who finished in 43.41. On the same day in Portsmouth Andy Gillespie completed the 10 mile Great South Run in 1.15.51, as did Caroline Rowley in 1.17.24 and Chris Chatfield in 1.24.03, and in Bristol at the British Athletics Cross Country Challenge of 29 competitors in the U15 Girls' race Bridget Dence was 10th in 15.38, and in the U13 Boys' race Jim Dence and Harrison Sheehan were 24th and 25th respectively in times of 12.11 and 13.03. (Hover here to see a report by Bridget.) It seems there was no BAC representative in The Stickler on Sunday 27 October. Although the Parkruns don't normally feature here it's worth mentioning that on Saturday 26 October at the Poole Parkrun BAC were 1,2 and 3 with Jacek Cieluszecki, Josh Cole and Simon Munro, and Rob McTaggart was the clear winner of the Bournemouth Parkrun followed in 4th place by last week's winner Billy McGreevy.

Apologies to Roy Long for not reporting earlier that on 15 September 2013 he ran the Philly Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon (that's Philadelphia USA) to finish 170th of a total of 18137 in 1.18.52, a PB "since running as a youngster".

Received 20th October

First of all, to add to the report of the Weymouth 10, run on 12 October, this was the County 10 Mile Championship race, so congratulations to Ian Habgood, who won the Gold Medal as the County Champion over 10 miles for 2013, to Robin Copestick, who won the Silver Medal, and to Janie Chapman (who was third lady overall in the race), who was the County Silver Medallist in two categories, 'Ladies' and 'Lady Masters'. The following Friday, 18 October, saw the first of the Winter Boscombe Pier 5k Time Trials, organised by Poole Runners, in which there were a number of BAC competitors, led by Peter Thompson, who was fourth (of 202 finishers) in 16.45, followed by Corrie Norton (40th and 2nd U20 in 19.51), Jud Kirk (48th in 20.13), Steve Cox (64th in 21.07), Chris Chatfield (111th in 23.11), Janet Dickinson (148th in 25.19) and Will Price (189th in 29.26). The Abingdon Marathon took place two days later, on Sunday 20 October. BAC were represented by Graeme Miller (who first broke 3 hours for the marathon at Abingdon in 2012), who ran 2.46.59 this year, a terrific PB, and Simon Way, who should also be proud of his time of 2.48.51 - not quite a PB but not far off it. Also on 20 October David Long finished 171st of 1597 runners in the Cabbage Patch 10 (miles) in a time of 1.06.37.

Received 16th October

On the day after the tenth Dorset Road Race League competition, the Weymouth 10, held on Saturday 12 October 2013, Karl Welch was fourth in the 12k off-road Studland Stampede in a time of 46.51. A run like this the day before might have secured BAC the winning League position! Also competing in the Studland Stampede were Jo Price (81st in 59.40) and Will Price (251st in 1.11.15). An astonishing 386 runners finished what has become a very popular event in its relatively short life.

Received 7th October

Quite a lot has been happening whilst we've been away, with some fantastic performances and wins to report.

On 29 September 2013, in the Berlin Marathon (in which Wilson Kipsang ran a new world best of 2.13.23) Peter Thompson was justifiably pleased with his superb time of 2.31.47 - a PB by about 5 minutes - and his 78th position (of 27,557 finishers). On the same day John Boyes and his dog Robbie were competing in the CaniCross, Toulouse and together they finished 7th overall, 2nd V2M (does Robbie's age count towards the category?). Look at his website for some pictures of this intriguing race.

The following weekend saw the inaugural Bournemouth Marathon Festival which by any standard was an amazing success, with thousands of runners, excellent organisation, incredible atmosphere and support everywhere but especially at Bournemouth Pier, helped of course by beautiful sunny weather. In amongst the various races at Bournemouth Pier on Saturday 5 October there were two BAC winners. Having only recently joined, and fresh from his excellent result a week earlier in the Wessex Cross Country League (U11 Boys), Thomas Farwell won the 1.5k race in 5.33. Not long afterwards Rob McTaggart was the winner of the 5k race which he completed in 17.22. Then came the 10k race in which, of 1266 finishers, Simon Hearn was 24th, and second in his age category, in a time of 41.25. The next day Manol Dimitrov was the clear winner of the Half Marathon, collecting the prize of £250. Manol is preparing for the Frankfurt Marathon, and was so far ahead of the second runner that he felt that there was no need to push the latter stages of the race, which he finished in 1.18.41. Also competing in the Half Marathon were Paul Consani, whose time was 1.33.44 (88th) - not bad considering Paul is returning from injury and Iain Muir who joined BAC only recently and is clearly benefitting from the training, as shown by his time of 1.35. The Marathon, which commenced two hours after the Half Marathon, saw Ian Habgood finishing 5th (and first Brit) in 2.31.14, with Jacek Cieluszecki not far behind in 7th position with a time of 2.33.14. Although both Ian and Jacek have PBs considerably quicker, their times are highly commendable, as by the time they finished the temperature was soaring. Ian won £150 in vouchers, and only just missed a time bonus. Jez Bragg succeeded in breaking three hours, finishing 19th in 2.52.10, and in just over three hours were 'supervet' Mark Hargreaves (48th in 3.06.28) and Duncan Wells (61st in 3.09.51). Gemma Bragg was BAC's Lady representative in the Marathon, finishing 825th (of thousands!) in 4.10.33.

On the same day as the Marathon, Robin Copestick recorded his third win in the lower key, but none the less important, Hoburne 5, in a time of 27.26. To acknowledge his hat-trick of wins Robin was awarded the Hoburne 5 Shield. Will Price also competed, finishing 74th (of a total of 118) in 42.21. Rumour has it that this was the last Hoburne 5 unless a new organiser can be found.

Received 24th September

BAC O50 team at Aldershot Relays 2013 Dave Parsons,
Andy Gillespie, Mike Farrell, Nick Kenchington and Team Manager Ian Graham
For the first time for many years, there was no BAC Senior Mens' Team at the Aldershot Relays, held this year on Sunday 22 September. However, BAC was represented by an O50 Team, consisting of Andy Gillespie (who completed the course in 25.56), Nick Kenchington (23.42), Mike Farrell (26.46) and Dave Parsons (28.41). The team managed to pull its way from 19th at the end of the first leg to 17th at the end of the relay, so finishing in the top 20. Perhaps it is only fair to point out, however, that at the end of the first leg, 20 teams were in the race, at the end of the second it was 19, at the end of the third, 18, and 17 at the end of the fourth and final leg. But we were there and, as we all know, it is the taking part which is important, not the winning. ("Really?")

As reported last week, Antonio Ruiz, who did so much for BAC during his short stay here, has now returned to Spain. Antonio also clearly benefitted from his relationship with BAC, as, on 22 September, he ran a PB in the Puertollani Half Marathon (in temperatures reaching 29'!). From 600 or so runners, Antonio's time of 1.18.11 brought him to the finish line in tenth position, and second in his category, which meant that, for the first time in his life. Antonio climbed the podium! Photographs showing Antonio finishing the race, proudly wearing his BAC vest, and receiving his trophy.

Antonio Ruiz finishes Puertllani HM, Spain, wearing his BAC vestAntonio Ruiz receives his trophy as 2nd in category at the Puertollani HM, Spain

On the same day, Peter Gaze, now well into his 70s, ran the New Forest Marathon in 4.45.47.

Received 17th September

Steve Way defended his title by winning the second Purbeck Marathon on Sunday 15 September 2013 in 3.06.08. Manol Dimitrov was 4th in 3.16.15. There were 223 finishers. On the same day Jacek Cieluszecki ran the Bristol Half Marathon in 1.11.42 to finish 20th in a race which has something like 11,000 entries. On the previous day, at Abingdon, BAC competed in the BAL promotion match and, by finishing second (of 6 teams), have secured promotion back into the BAL (National League) Division 4. Congratulations to Simon Munro, Jon Sharkey, Ian Habgood and Rob McTaggart for their contributions to this success. DON'T FORGET - there's now a ParkRun in Kings Park every Saturday at 9 am. Free to run but you must pre-register. See

Received 12th August

Upton Summer Series - 9 August 2013

The fifth of the six-series Time Trials at Upton House, organised by Poole Runners, took place on a balmy summer evening on Friday 9 August. Graeme Miller used the race (although he has been a regular competitor in the series) to test out an injury which caused him to miss last week's Stur Half Marathon, to enable him to decide whether to take part in the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1, scheduled for Sunday 11 August. It appeared that the injury had cleared up, as Graeme ran the course to finish fourth, in a time of 20.11, a PB for this event! Close on Graeme's heels was Duncan Wells, 5th in 20.17, and it is good to see how fit Duncan is keeping, as he isn't able to attend training too regularly. One person who is, however, and is clearly benefitting as a result, is Antonio Ruiz, who also ran a PB to finish 11th in 20.51. Completing the BAC contingent was Ian Graham, 41st of 98 finishers, in 25.06.

Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 - 11 August 2013

Further proof of Graeme Miller's recovery (see Upton Summer Series above) came in the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 event on Sunday 11 August, an event organised by Salisbury Fire Service, and so called because it consists of 50k, 42k, 30k, 21k and 10k races (with a 5k thrown in for good measure), all off-road. Although at the time of writing no results are available, some detail of Graeme's run is available on Facebook and the Garmin website, from which it appears that Graeme finished fifth in the 30k race, having earlier missed a turning and dropped from fifth to twelfth, a remarkable recovery from an error which turned an 18.6 mile distance into one of 20.2 miles, which was run in 2.17.30. A photo on Facebook shows that Manol Dimitrov also competed in the 30k race, but details of his run aren't known, and surely Andy Gillespie was there somewhere??!

Received 5th August

Steve Way - world's fastest 100k runner - WE SALUTE YOU!!

Quite simply, there are not words sufficient to emphasize enough Steve Way's achievement in the Stockholm 100k event on Sunday 4 August. Steve completed the race in an astonishing 6.40.14, the world's leading time, and he has run his way into Ultra Running history with a result which is the fifth fastest British ever. But it doesn't end there. Steve's aim (having never exceeded 80k) was to run 4 minutes per kilometre, and what was his average pace? Exactly 4 min/k! Even more astonishing are the split times split times, nearly all 3.59/4.01, and the very occasional variations, never more than 10 seconds, probably accounted for by the essential need in an Ultra race to take on some sustenance. The course consisted of one short lap of just under 5k, followed by 12 laps of just under 8k, and Steve lapped every other competitor. This was amazing, intelligent running by an athlete who is focussed and determined, and having set himself a target, works incredibly hard, and those of us who have seen Steve in training for this race know how dedicated he is, and what an example he is to us all. It's well worth having a look at the race website for more information, including an interview with Steve, and a shots of Steve finishing, wearing his BAC vest, and then hugging his wife Sarah, who, as ever, has provided invaluable support throughout the training and the race itself. Steve's own website is also well worth a visit, to see what Steve himself has to say. We congratulate you, Steve, on your outstanding achievement, following on from your World Championship 50k last year, and thank you for the inspiration you provide. Let's hope the 100k World Championship can be re-arranged (South Africa having dropped out) and that the rules can be applied so that you win your GB vest to compete - there's no doubt you deserve it!!

Received 3rd August

Durberville Dash - 28 July 2013

Two BAC athletes competed in the Durberville Dash, a 10k largely off-road race, now in its third year, organised by Egdon Heath Harriers. From 206 finishers, Caroline Rowley was second lady, 56th overall, completing the course in 46.36, only 21 seconds behind the first lady. Exactly half way down the fieId, in 103rd position, was Chris Chatfield (who seems to be an 'occasional' competitor these days!), in a time of 51.12.

Received 31st July

Two remarkable BAC performances to report on:

Moose Is Loose 10k, Edmonton, Canada - Steve Cox

This is a trail race run "along some of the most scenic trails in the Edmonton River valley" in which Steve competed on 21 July 2013 during a visit to Canada. For the first two kilometres or so, Steve was actually leading the race, and although he lost the lead on the steep up and down off road course, he still managed to finish a tremendous fifth from 187 finishers (the first four were local Edmonton athletes), a position achieved despite a calf injury Steve had picked up a few days before, in a time of 46.40. Steve is rightly proud of his Mum, who also competed in the race, despite her age category of 70+, finishing well ahead of two other competitors, many years her junior.

Frome Half Marathon - Ian Habgood

Well done to Ian who was the outright winner of the Frome half marathon, on 21 July 2013, in a time of 1.14.39. There were 273 finishers. Ian has an impressive list of wins so far this year, consisting of Purbeck 10k, Portland 10, Puddletown Plod, Saltash HM (5 May 2013 - 1.15.44) and one of the Poole Parkruns.

Received 12th July

North Face Cortina Trail Race (Italy) - 29 June 2013

This may not strictly be road running, but it's worth mentioning the adventures of Jez and Jemma Bragg, and Manol Dimitrov in the North Cortina Trail Race, in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy, on 29 June, a race of 46 kilometres (remember the marathon distance is 42 kilometres), with several peaks at over 2250 metres. Of 636 finishers, Jez was an amazing 17th in 4.38.15, Manol was 67th in 5.24.09 and Jemma was 140th in 5.55.34.

BAL Division 4 - Kings Park 6 July 2013

Also not road running, but after BAC's team performance at Kings Park on Saturday 6 July, it is now distinctly possible that BAC could retain its BAL status, provided we perform well in the next fixtures, and other results go our way. That this is so is due in no small measure to points scored by Ian Habgood, Simon Munro (both of whom went on to finish first and second respectively in the Portland 10 the next day) and Rob McTaggart. Rob was the most active, competing in the 800m (5th B string in 2.10.24), 1500m (5th A string in 4.16.09) and 5000m (3rd B string in 16.22.79). Ian competed in the 1500m (3rd B string in 4.20.44) and 5000m (3rd A string in 16.06.56). Simon continued his habit of running PBs in the steeplechase, in which he was 2nd overall, and 2nd A string, in 10.28.98.

Received 4th July

Ironman Austria - Klagenfurt, Austria, 30 June 2013

Well done to Jon Sharkey on completing his debut Ironman triathlon in Klagenfurt, Austria on Sunday 30 June in an admirable time of 10.07.30. This event is a popular and well-known triathlon (the 2014 race is already sold out!) which attracts around 3000 entries, including from amongst the top athletes. It consists of a 3.8k swim in the 'Worther See' lake, a two-lap bike ride of 180k, which has two steep climbs, each undertaken twice, and is described as having "Tour de France-like atmosphere", and a 42.195k run which is "completely flat". Jon completed the swim in 1.07.28, the bike in 5.35.24 and the run in 3.13.02, to finish 395th, just about in the top 10%. Looking at the finishing times very near to Jon's of some other Brits who have vastly more experience of triathlons than Jon, it is clear this was a truly impressive Ironman debut.

Received 1st July

Sydling Hill Race - 29 June 2013

Janie Chapman completed the Sydling Hill Race on Saturday 29 June in 7th position (out of 111 finishers) in 50.49. This is an event described as "a tough hilly race" in and around the Sydling Valley, between Cerne Abbas and Maiden Newton and Janie is to be congratulated on being the second lady.

Received 23rd June

Ian Habgood's Mystery Half Marathon

A bit more detail! This was part of the Bath Triathlon Endurance Event (hence the confusion with the Bath Half Marathon), organised by the Hot Chilli Triathlon Club (why can't athletic clubs come up with these colourful names?), comprising a swim and bike on the Saturday, and the run on Sunday 2 June. The run, in which Ian competed, was advertised as 21K (Ian isn't quite sure about the accuracy of the measurement), and he finished in 1.11.13, and, according to the results, was the fastest by a great margin. No surprise there, then!

Sway Carnival 5 - 23 June 2013

The only BAC representative in this race was Will Price, 82nd (out of 175 finishers) in 43.16.

Somerley 10k and Fun Run - 23 June 2013

BAC results in the Somerley 10k - 16th Simon Hearn 43.00; 27th Caroline Rowe 44.52 (1st lady - well done!); 28th Andy Gillespie 45.07. There were 199 finishers.

Received 17th June

Upton Time Trial - 7 June 2013

The third race in the Upton Time Trial series, organised by Poole Runners, took place on Friday evening, 7 June. In the Senior race, Graeme Miller completed the course in 20.14, to finish 5th, and, in 13th position, was Corrie Norton, the first in his U20 category. In the Junior race, Glenn Balfour continued to impress, finishing 3rd in 4.58. Glenn was 1st Boy 12.

South Downs Marathon - 8 June 2013

Andy Gillespie completed the South Downs Marathon on Saturday 8 June in a time of 4.13.20, a PB for this event (off-road, and up and down all the way), in which Andy has now competed seven times, by some five minutes. Andy was 136th of 499 finishers. This was Andy's 37th marathon, with five more entered this year!!

Littledown Marathon - 15 June 2013

Steve Way was the winner of the second annual Littledown Marathon, run round the Mile Loop at the Littledown Centre, Bournemouth on Saturday 15 June, in a time of 2.36.01, more than 25 minutes ahead of the second placed finisher. Steve totally failed in his intention of running 6.15 minute miles, in preparation for his 100k race in seven weeks time, as his slowest lap was the second, run in 6.03, and only five laps (none after lap 7) were run in 6 minutes or more!

Jez and Gemma Bragg

As followers of BAC Twitter will know, Jez and Gemma Bragg have been running, and running well, in events near and far. Jez won the Dorridge 8.2 mile 'fun run' in 48.48 on 16 June. Where is Dorridge? Well, it's in the West Midlands, near Solihull. Earlier, both Jez and Gemma had run in the Kingston Lacey Half Marathon, nearer to home, on 8 June, one of the seemingly numerous events organised by VOTWO. Of 238 finishers, Jez was 2nd in 1.21.40 and Gemma was 29th (4th lady) in 1.38.40.

Ian Habgood

Followers of Twitter will also know that there is some mystery about a Half Marathon won by Ian Habgood. Ian was thought to be competing in the Bath Half Marathon, but didn't appear in the results, and his entry on the Garmin website for that day showed a training run far away from Bath. So the win obviously wasn't at Bath and we are as confused as anyone! Any information? This was a win which might propel Ian to the top of the Championship table!

Received 5th June

Upton Time Trial - 24 May 2013

All three BAC competitors in the 2nd of the Time Trial Summer series at Upton House, organised by Poole Runners, on Friday evening, 24 May, won their age categories. The overall winner of the race was Peter Thompson, in 18.35, who, of course, also won the M20-39 category, and, finishing fourth in 20.20, Graeme Miller was the leading M40-44. In 33rd position (of 113 finishers), was Ian Graham, winner of the M65-69 category. In the Junior race, Glenn Balfour was also a category winner, finishing fourth overall (of 62 finishers), and first 12 year old Boy, and, in the same race, Josh Monks was 30th in a time of 6.40.

Egdon Easy - 25 May 2013

Of 208 runners, Chris Weeks was 11th in a time of 37.34 in the Egdon Easy 10k race held on Saturday 25 May. Although Chris hasn't been training with us regularly recently, he's obviously keeping himself fit!

Grand Shaftesbury Run - 26 May 2013

Two days after the Upton Time Trial, Peter Thompson was again a winner, this time in the Half Marathon which was one of the races forming part of the Grand Shaftesbury Run, on Sunday 26 May, the courses based on the park at St Giles House, "the historic home of the Earls of Shaftesbury", near to Wimborne St Giles. Of 108 finishers, Peter was first in 1.19.11, a clear four minutes ahead of the second places athlete.

BUPA 10000 Run - 27 May 2013

Four BAC athletes ran, and ran well, in the BUPA 10000 Run in London on Monday 27 May, a race won by Mo Farah in 29.13. The BAC results were - 50. Ian Habgood 32.22; 57. Rob McTaggart 32.40; 188. Robin Copestick 35.18; 200 Karl Welch 35.31. There were 1443 finishers.

Poole Festival of Running - 2 June 2013

There are BAC wins and PBs to report following the Poole Festival of Running, magnificently organised by Poole Runners on a sunny Sunday 2 June. In the 10k race Jacek Cieluszecki and Simon Munro both ran PBs to lead the BAC team, completed by Karl Welch and Roy Long, to victory in the open team competition. Janie Chapman, as the sole BAC lady, improved her season's 10k time to move one place up the Club Championship table, and Peter Gaze, at 74 years of age, managed to fit the Poole 10k in amongst the numerous other races (including the Veterans' marathon!) in which he's competing. In the 5k race Rob McTaggart was the overall winner. There were 866 finishers in the 10k and 218 finishers in the 5k race.

Results (BAC):
5. Jacek Cieluszecki 32.22; 8. Simon Munro 33.47; 13. Karl Welch 34.50; 22. Roy Long 35.52; 42. Graeme Miller 37.32; 81. Janie Chapman 40.02; 147. Steve Cox 42.38; 164. Ian Graham 43.25; 204. Dave Parsons 44.53; 501 Peter Gaze 54.05; 545. Will Price 55.51.


Braishfield 5 mile Beer Race - 2 June 2013

Mark Hargreaves went along to the Braishfield 5 mile Beer Race on Sunday 2 June "to watch" but "was persuaded to run", which he did, finishing 5th of 278 runners, in 29.17, 2nd Vet and 1st V50! Mind you, he was only just 1st V50, as he was followed within seconds by Mike Grist and Mike Bliss. That must have been the most exciting competition of the day!!

(Simon Hunt also ran a 10k somewhere on Sunday 2 June, but is keeping very quiet about it, so presumably his time wasn't fast enough to top the 10k Championship table!)

Received 24th May

Lymington 10k and Hook 10 mile - Janie Chapman

Janie has been flying the BAC flag in Hampshire in two races, in both of which she was second lady overall, and first veteran lady. On 12 May 2013, Janie ran the Lymington 10k, a part road and part trail event, the aim of which is to raise money for the RNLI, in a time of 39.49, finishing 34th of nearly 1,000 finishers. Janie was not the only competitor not to beat the first lady, no-one else did either, as the race was won by Ceri Mitchell, a Southampton AC senior lady, in an astonishing time of 34.38! A week later, on 19 May, Janie was again in action, this time running the Hook 10 mile race, which she completed in 1.05.56, again to finish as the winning lady veteran, and as second lady overall.

Received 8th May

Some catching up to do!

'Salty Sea Dog Duathlon' - 27 April 2013

Well done to Jo Arundel on finishing second (of 46) and first Junior in this event held at Boscombe Pier on Saturday 27 April, consisting of 5k run, 23.4k bike and 5k run. Jo was in third position after the bike, but pulled himself into second on the final run, to finish in 1.20.27 (winning time 1.19.18).

Greater Manchester Marathon - 28 April 2013

Like so many others, Manol Dimitrov has benefitted from Steve Way's marathon training over the winter, as demonstrated by a substantial PB run by Manol in the Greater Manchester Marathon on Sunday 28 April. Manol finished the race in 47th position (of 5015) in 2.49.18.

Southern Mens' Division 2W - Guildford - 4 May 2013

Not strictly road running, but some of BAC's road runners contributed significantly to what must have been the BAC 'B' T & F team's best result for years. Rob McTaggart scored full points winning the 'B' string 800m in 2.12.6 (in which event Josh King, non-scoring, ran 2.02.9 to win the race). Josh and Rob between them scored full points in the 1500m, Josh winning the 'A' string in 4.22.2, and Rob the 'B' string in 4.31.2. In the 5000m, Simon Munro won the 'A' string race in 16.31.0 - yet another PB for Simon, and, in the same race, Robin Copestick showed that, after some time away from training due to injury and work, he is returning to form by winning the 'B' string 5000m in 16.36.9.

North Dorset Village Marathon - 5 May 2013

Ian Graham completed the North Dorset Village Marathon on Sunday 5 May in 56th position (of 294) in a time of 3.31.37. Although a full 25 minutes slower than last year, on the day this was still sufficient to win the first V60 trophy. Unlike Manol, Ian didn't, this winter, follow Steve's marathon training throughout - could this explain the slower time?!!

Received 16th April

Virgin London Marathon - 21st April 2013

Photos from the London Marathon

After a cold, unpleasant winter and spring, the sun and warmth were welcome arrivals for the London Marathon on Sunday 21 April, both for competitors and spectators, who turned out in force despite (or perhaps because of) the atrocities at the Boston Marathon less than a week earlier, the victims of which were remembered in a silence observed immaculately by the thousands of runners before the race got under way.

For BAC the London Marathon meant both disappointment and triumph. Unfortunately, for Steve Way, a 'glu' injury had developed only days before the Marathon, and, despite treatment, did not clear up, with the result that Steve, although he tried it out, was forced into the inevitable and sensible decision to retire at 3 miles. More about Steve later on.

The first BAC athlete to complete the course was Jacek Cieluszecki, who achieved a PB - the first of six BAC athletes to do so. Jacek is gradually chipping away at his marathon time, and, considering the almost identical splits he ran (half way 1.14.48; finish 2.30.50), it is clear there is more to come. Indeed, footage on Sky News, in which Jacek could be seen running along Birdcage Walk within the last mile, showed that, at that stage, he looked every bit as strong as when witnessed at the 11 mile point.

Peter Thompson, the next BAC athlete, finishing just under six minutes after Jacek, also ran a PB, knocking an incredible eight minutes or so off his previous time, also after some very steady running producing no more than a slight negative split. Not so fortunate was Ian Habgood, running well until 20 miles or so, when he had the bad luck to be tripped up at a drinks station, resulting in an enforced 'little rest' (the last thing anyone needs at 20 miles into a marathon!) whilst his bleeding knee was attended to. Ian still managed to run a time to which many can only aspire, and was the third BAC athlete home, completing the BAC team.

Simon Way and Graeme Miller, fourth and fifth BAC, can also be proud of their runs, both achieving PBs. Simon (like Jacek) is unable to attend most of the BAC marathon training sessions due to his work, and the fact that he can train to the level he clearly does on his own is testament to his strength of character. Graeme, having at last conquered the 3 hour barrier last year, is now going from strength to strength, and a 2.45 marathon or quicker is well within reach. Anyone seeing the work Graeme puts into his training will know that his achievement is richly deserved.

For Jon Sharkey, the London Marathon was a training run! Jon is working towards an Ironman Triathlon, and his plan was to run the Marathon at a steady 3 hour pace. All went well until half way, reached at 1.28.36 (hmm...a little fast), but then caution went away with the wind, so that Jon finished well within his target. With a PB of 2.31.34 perhaps that wasn't too difficult!

Also knocking great chunks off their PBs were Richard Nelson and Caroline Rowley (10 and 9 minutes respectively). Both Richard and Caroline ran intelligent races, with Richard's splits only slightly negative, Caroline's almost even. Caroline's time, almost ten minutes within 2.30, meant that she was 63rd in her category - quite an achievement.

Andy Jennings, the ever-present Andy Gillespie, and Chris Chatfield also completed the London Marathon. Andy J's time was by anyone's standards respectable, but not his best, which is understandable as, due to Andy's long journeys to and from work, he is obliged to train at 5 am! Andy G says of his run that he did OK and is fairly happy. As he says, is anyone ever totally happy if it isn't a PB? But he says he felt he couldn't have run faster on the day, and had trained well, so he asks the question "am I getting old?"! We don't see Chris at training very often, so perhaps he isn't able to do all that much, and maybe he was happy just to complete the Marathon. For many people, this is their aim, and never let it be said that finishing a marathon, whatever the time, isn't a considerable achievement.

Completing the BAC contingent was Peter Gaze. 74 years of age and still going strong! What more can be said!! Peter was 40th in his category.

And so we return to Steve Way. His injury so close to the Marathon day was doubly unlucky, considering that Steve's winter training has gone exceptionally well, and he was probably in the form of his life. That being so, his decision to retire from the Marathon was absolutely the best possible, so that he can recover quickly, and go forward putting the winter training to good use. To have completed the Marathon, and exacerbated the injury, which would no doubt have put him out of action for months, to have to start again, would not have been sensible. The fact that there have been so many amazing BAC performances (and not only BAC - non BAC take full advantage of BAC training sessions, and are welcome to do so) is largely down to Steve Way (a World Champion athlete), and his careful planning, and, it has to be said, his inspirational presence and leadership. We at BAC are very proud and privileged to count Steve amongst our number.

Results (BAC):
30. Jacek Cieluszecki 2.30.50; 95. Peter Thompson 2.36.46; 306. Ian Habgood 2.44.22; 407. Simon Way 2.47.20; 449. Graeme Miller 2.48.16; 595. Jon Sharkey 2.51.14; 1725. Richard Nelson 3.05.03; 2455. Andy Jennings; 3357. Caroline Rowley 3.20.20; 5844. Andy Gillespie 3.37.05; 9708. Chris Chatfield 3.55.30; 20520. Peter Gaze 4.42.05.

Received 16th April

Eastleigh 10k - 24 March 2013 further information

How could we have forgotten to mention Roy Long in our report on the Eastleigh 10k which took place on Sunday 24 March? Unforgiveable, particularly as Roy ran a PB to finish 54th overall, and 1st V45, in a time of 34.51, which consolidates his position at the top of the 10k Championship table. Well done (and apologies)!

Received 15th April

Eastleigh 10k - 24 March 2013

Perhaps a little late in reporting the BAC participation in the Eastleigh 10k on Sunday 24 March, but that in no way detracts from the magnificient PBs achieved by two of our members. Of 2084 finishers, in 21st position was David Long, in a time of 33.23, which knocks a full 2 1/2 minutes off his previous PB. Following in 73rd place was Corrie Norton, whose time of 35.41 was well over a minute quicker than his previous best. These performances are all the more remarkable considering that David's category is U20, and Corrie's is U17. In between David and Corrie, finishing 49th in 34.42, was Rob McTaggart, who is now regaining his fitness after injury.

Received 8th April

Taunton Marathon - 7 April 2013

Congratulations to Gemma Bragg on a PB of 3.27.01 in the Taunton Marathon on Sunday 7 April. Gemma was 63rd of 198 finishers, and was 7th lady overall, and 3rd Senior Lady. Well done - an impressive achievement!

Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon - 7 April 2013

Yet another remarkable win by Steve Way in the Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon, starting and finishing at Bournemouth Pier, indicates solid progress in his training for the London Marathon in less than two weeks time. Despite cold and windy conditions, Steve's time was 1.07.54 (no doubt a pre-planned pace and finishing time!), a full eight minutes before second-placed Peter Thompson, whose time of 1.15.56 was also as a result of an excellent run in the conditions. Running well, too, were Manol Dimitrov, 22nd in 1.23.43, and Janie Chapman, 47th overall (but 2nd FV45) in 1.27.09. Also competing was Antonio Ruiz, a visitor from Spain who trains regularly with us, and also helps at the Junior Development Evenings each Wednesday, who is obviously benefitting from the training, as he ran a time of 1.24.30, finishing 47th. There were 1341 finishers.

Bournemouth Bay 10k - 7 April 2013

Another element of the Bay Run held on Sunday 7 April was the Bournemouth Bay 10k, in common with the Half Marathon starting and finishing at Bournemouth Pier. Rob McTaggart was 6th in the 10k, in a time of 35.21 - other BAC results were: 69. Caroline Rowley 43.08; 72. Steve Cox 43.11; 90. Andy Gillespie 43.54; 138. Michael Halpenny 46.03. There were 1151 finishers.

NB - the Bay Run results do not, in most cases, state the competitors' clubs, which makes it difficult to identify all BAC finishers. If you ran the HM or 10k, and are not mentioned above, please email the club at, particularly to ensure that the Club Championship is accurate.

Received 6th April

Rotary Quarter Marathon - 30 March 2013

BAC can celebrate two winners in the annual Rotary Quarter, held each Easter Saturday from Boscombe Pier. The outright winner of the race was David Long, in a time of 35.45, and, in 21st position (from 202 finishers), was Janie Chapman, winner of the Ladies' race, in 42.17. Considering that neither David nor Janie are in the 'Senior' category (David is U20 and Janie is FV45), these wins are all the more impressive. In 38th place, in a time of 45.47, was Caroline Rowley, proving once again, with regular competition, what a valuable signing for BAC Caroline has been.

Guernsey Easter Running Festival

BAC Veterans Ian Graham and Dave Parsons both travelled to Guernsey for the Annual Easter Festival which comprises 4 races in 4 days. As regular visitors to the event, they know just how taxing the event can be, however, they could not have anticipated just how strong and bitingly cold the wind would be and how tough it would make the four races.

As the top ranked over 65 in the country for 20 miles, Ian was understandably one of the favourites for the Over 60 age group despite having to pit himself against athletes up to 5 or 6 years younger. In the end, he needn’t have had any concerns as he totally outshone his rivals and won his category in all four races and was a very deserving overall winner. Indeed he showed a clean pair of heels to many much younger runners and finished 28th overall.

Dave was also very pleased to finish 2nd overall in the O60 group getting the better of old friend and rival, Geoff Scott of Poole Runners who, in turn, finished 3rd overall.

The first event on Good Friday was the 10k Road Race on the usual flat out and back course along the Northern Coastline. The strong winds held times back, particularly over the first half of the course. Ian put in a very fine and strong performance to cross the line in 60th place (178 finishers) in 42 mins 4 secs. Dave was the second O60 to finish in 83rd place in 45 mins 21 secs, his fastest 10k for 3 years.

The next event on the Saturday was the Cross Country race held over the traditional ‘Full Course’ and although the very strong winds (again during the first half) affected times, the underfoot conditions were very firm and dry which did help somewhat. Ian stormed home in 46th place (109 finishers) in 34:17 with Dave finishing 53rd in 36:44, just behind Geoff Scott.

The Sunday saw the traditional Cross Country Relay event over a slightly changed course (a little longer than recent years). Ian, Dave and Geoff were joined by Dorothea Russell of Poole Runners to form the team somewhat strangely named ‘Seriously’ (don’t ask why?) which meant that there was no place for International runner Steph Twell who had sportingly been part of their team last year. She was left to make up the GB team along with team mates Lennie Waite, Emily Pidgeon and Hannah England!! The disappointment clearly didn’t affect her performance as she ran the fastest female leg of the day (11:21) and they were first ladies team (5th overall!!). In the meantime, Ian led our team off and a strong leg of 14:27 put us in 16th place. Dave always finds this race hard (about 8 miles too short!) and his leg of 16:09 dropped them to 21st. Dorothy ran well (16:49) and Geoff (15:25) helped bring us back up to 19th team, exactly half way through the field of 37 teams.

The final event on Easter Monday was the Half Marathon which proved to be the windiest and coldest day of the weekend. Times were, inevitably slower than 2012, particularly as the first few miles were into a ferocious wind and, again, on the way back to the finish in St Peter Port, there were long stretches of headwind. Perhaps the final insult was the drenching that the runners got in the last couple of miles from the waves which were breaking over the sea wall onto the runners as they went past. Ian had a terrific run despite the conditions finishing 46th (146 finishers!) in an extremely creditable time of 1:36:03 to ensure a clean sweep of the O60 category. Dave was also pleased to complete the course in 76th place in 1:45:56.

As always, it was a very enjoyable running and social weekend giving the opportunity to catch up with many familiar faces and Ian and Dave would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys running. They certainly intend to be there again next year, health and fitness permitting.

Dave Parsons, Geoff Scott, Dorothea Russell (both Poole Runners) and Ian Graham, the 'Seriously' relay team Guernsey 2013

Ian Graham finishes the 10k Guernsey 2013

Ian Graham and Dave Parsons in the Half Marathon Guernsey 2013

Dave Parsons finishes the 10k Guernsey 2013

Received 25th March

Yeovil Half Marathon - 24 March 2013

BAC's sole representative in the Yeovil Half Marathon on Sunday 24 March was Club Captain Simon Munro, whose time of 75.44 ensured a finish in fifth place, of a total of 811 finishers. Although this a couple of minutes or so off Simon's PB, this is clearly not an easy course, as there is a 'King of the Hill' award, won in 2012 in 2 minutes 20 seconds, indicating that, early on, competitors have to cope with a substantial climb. So, not a bad result at all!

Finchley 20 - 17 March 2013

Both Steve Way's and Jacek Cieluszecki's London Marathon training appears to be on course judging by their runs in the Finchley 20 mile race on Sunday, 17 March. Of 502 finishers, Steve was third in 1.46.01, and Jacek was fifth in 1.58.03. The Finchley 20 claims to be the longest-running 20 mile road race in the country, having been staged continuously since 1933.

Ferndown 10k - 17 March 2013

Also running impressively on Sunday 17 March were Janie Chapman and Caroline Rowley, competing in the Ferndown Rotary 10k, a race which is largely off-road. Janie was the winning lady (sixth overall), in 42.23, holding off the second lady by two seconds, with Caroline only four places behind, 10th overall and third lady, in 45.28.

Received 11th March

Boscombe Pier Winter Series

Apologies to Stuart Summerell, who was omitted from the last report on the Boscombe Pier Winter Series, despite the fact that Stuart was the overall winner of the series of 5k races, which concluded on Friday evening, 1 March 2013. The results of the 1 March race are now available, and show that Stuart was 4th in a time of 17.39, and also competing were Joe Price, 48th in 20.25, and Will Price, 108th in 25.28. There are two tables showing the various winners and runners-up of the series, which are difficult to reconcile with each other, and with the information previously available, but, in addition to Stuart's win, they show Joe as the runner-up 20-39, and Will as runner-up 55-59. So congratulations to all the BAC winners, particularly Stuart, and including Janet Dickinson and Simon Hunt, mentioned in the previous report.

Received 5th March

Boscombe Pier Winter Series - 1 March 2013

There seems to be some difficulty in accessing the results of the final 5k race of the series, from Boscombe Pier on the evening of Friday 1 March, but we can report that, of the series overall, Janet Dickinson was the runner-up in the F40-44 category, and Simon Hunt was the runner-up in the M55-59 category - well done to both!

Bath Half Marathon - 3 March 2013

There was a good BAC team effort (BAC was the second team overall) at the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 3 March, and a handful of PBs as well. Of a total just over 2000, Steve Way finished a remarkable 9th, seconds outside his PB, consolidating his position at the top of the HM Club Championship Table. PBs were recorded by Peter Thompson, Graeme Miller and Janie Chapman, and Simon Way, like Steve, was within seconds. It is good to see Rob Hardyman returning to competition, and that Ian Habgood is returning to form, and hopefully Ian, too, will soon be approaching, or improving on, his PBs.

Results (BAC):
9. Steve Way 1.06.39; 34. Peter Thompson 1.11.30; 78. Ian Habgood 1.15.11; 107. Graeme Miller 1.17.39; 117. Rob Hardyman 1.18.02; 126. Simon Way 1.18.31; 348. Janie Chapman 1.26.05.

Paris Half Marathon - 3 March 2013

Yet another BAC HM PB! Congratulations to Jacek Cieluszecki, who ran a superb Paris Half Marathon on Sunday 3 March, to finish 24th of over 30,000 competitors, in a PB time of 1.10.08.

Silverstone Half Marathon - 3 March 2013

On a busy day for BAC athletes, Andy Gillespie was running the Silverstone Half Marathon on Sunday 3 March. Andy ran his fastest HM time for two years, finishing 486th of 6,000 or so finishers. Andy describes this as a confidence boost, particularly as recently he has had to fit his training in around his work, and "spot on" in his aim to run sub 3.30 in the London Marathon.

Southbourne Fast & Flat - 3 March 2013

This event consists of two races, a 10k and a 5k, and, in the 5k, two superb runs were recorded by Josh King, who won the race outright, and, in third place overall (and, of course, first female), was Bridget Dence, and we are very proud of our two youngsters for their domination of a field of 107 runners. Another familiar name amongst the 5k finishers was Paula Kirk (Mrs Jud Kirk) who finished 17th in 24.20. In the 10k race, it is pleasing to see a returning to form Duncan Wells so high amongst a field of 395, and also well placed were Jud himself and Simon Hearn, and also Caroline Rowley, who was third lady overall.

Results (BAC):
10k race:
15. Duncan Wells 39.34; 37. Jud Kirk 41.17; 39. Simon Hearn 41.31; 71. Caroline Rowley 44.22.

5k race:
1. Josh King 17.41; 3. Bridget Dence 20.33.

Received 21st February

Chichester 10k - 3 February 2013

In this year's Chichester 10k, held on Sunday 3 February, BAC was, unusually, represented by only one athlete, namely Roy Long, who completed the course in 76th position (out of 1688), in a time of 35.10, which consolidates his place at the top of the 10k Club Championship table. The winner of the Ladies' race was a friend of BAC, AFD's Steph Twell, who ran the course in 33.43, and it is very pleasing to see Steph back competing so well after her horrific injury.

'Salty Sea Dog' Duathlon - Jo Arundel

Congratulations to Jo on finishing 3rd (of 47), and first Junior, in the Salty Sea Dog Duathlon on Saturday 16 February 2013, an event organised by VO2, starting and finishing at Boscombe Pier. The race was the first of a series of three, and comprised a 5k run, a 23.4k bike ride, followed by a repeat 5k run. Jo ran the first 5k in 17.59, rode the bike ride in 43.27 and ran the second 5k in 19.04, and his total time of 1.21.32 compared with the winning time of 1.18.29, so this was indeed an impressive achievement for Jo, perhaps to be repeated at the next two races on 16 March and 27 April?

Bramley 20 - 17 February 2013

Preparations for the London Marathon appear to be going well for Graeme Miller, who was 45th (of 780) in the Bramley 20 mile race on Sunday 17 February, in a time of 2.08.05. Also preparing for London is Adam Eason, who was 351st in 2.41.31 at Bramley. With more than two months to go, and plenty of BAC training to pack in, Adam is surely on course to achieve his target of running sub 3 hours in London.

Received 18th February 2013

Endurance Events - Manol Dimitrov and Andy Gillespie

Both Manol and Andy demonstrated their stamina over the course of a weekend in what were clearly gruelling endurance events.

On Saturday 9 February, Manol was an incredible 3rd in the South Devon Coastal Trail Series race, which he describes as 29 miles with 4000 feet of ascent. The results of this year's race are not yet available, but in 2012 there were 114 finishers (the winning time in 2012 was 3.38.32), so Manol must have run an amazing race to finish third - congratulations!

The next day Andy was braving the elements in the Meon Valley Plod, a cross-country event of some 21 miles, tough in the kindest of weather, which it certainly was not as some BAC members who were training over the Purbecks can testify! Andy says of his race "90% of the time it was either mud or rivers. I managed to get a couple of miles of running in in the last 4 or 5 miles or so and finished feeling really strong, but the rest of the time was just sliding about. At times I could not feel my feet or fingers. A very, very wet and cold day. I was 3.57 which sounds bad, but I was higher in the results than in past years as everyone was slow. I saw more pull out this year than ever before. I do love that race though!" Andy's exact time was 3.57.44 and he was 128th of 252 finishers - not bad at all!

Received 7th February 2013

Boscombe Pier Winter Series - 1 February 2013

Congratulations to BAC new signing Joshua Cole, who won the penultimate of the 5k Winter Series from Boscombe Pier, organised by Poole Runners, on Friday evening, 1 February, in a time of 16.23. Stuart Summerell had another impressive run, finishing third in 17.39. Joshua and Stuart were joined by Joe Price, 28th in 20.55, and Joe's Dad, Will Price, 89th in 26.27. There were 112 finishers.

Teararoa Trail, New Zealand - Jez Bragg

Congratulations to Jez Bragg, who has now completed the 3,054 km Teararoa Trail, from the north of the North Island to the south of the South Island of New Zealand in 53 days, 9 hours and 1 minute. Many of us have been following Jez's progress with great interest on Twitter, and a photo of Jez at the finishing point can be seen below. Well done - a remarkable achievement!

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